3 Good Things that Happen when you don't take a bath for 3 months (and 3 bad things too)

At a tipsy gathering with friends, I mentioned that I did the Caveman Skin Care Approach years ago and result was pretty good. One of my friends then challenged me to do the Caveman Bath Approach and that is to not take a bath at all. Laughter ensued.

On my way home, the challenge lingered in my mind and while I did not ever think of doing it (sorry guys, can't stand the day without taking a bath. I'm just a really sweaty girl!), I thought of researching and writing about it!

So what will happen if you don't take a bath for three months? Let's look at the good and bad.

First, let's start with the good.


- It is no secret that soap, no matter how gentle it is, can strip skin of moisture even if it's just a small amount. This can lead to dryness, irritation, dullness, and roughness; for some, skin sensitivity. Skipping bathing can help your skin heal itself and replenish its lost moisture.


- Our scalp produces natural oils. It may not smell nice, but it's VERY GOOD for the hair and scalp health. The composition of natural body oil is right for the hair, which will provide the exact nourishment and shine. Result? Your hair will shine bright like a diamond (enter Rihanna's song).


- There are some articles I read saying that you can contract diseases if you don't clean your skin regularly. However, this is not true. Man has survived in the wild for thousands of years with minimal to no bathing which engineered one of the best mechanisms in the world today: the human body. The human body has the capacity to heal, regenerate, and cure itself so not touching the shower for a while won't kill you, really.

Now here's the downside:


- Skipping bathing is ideal if you don't go out in the world to work in order to put food on the table; BREAKING NEWS: WE ALL HAVE TO.

The outside world is ridden with dirt, pollution, airborne diseases, bacteria, and fungi that can attach to your skin and incur damage and multiply, if not reduced or eradicated with the help of soap and water. End result is sickness.


- The skin heals and cleans itself, yes, but not all skins are the same; there are skins that are vulnerable and weak (e.g. sensitive), and will need the help of exfoliants and suds to aid in the healing and cleaning process. Vulnerable, weak skin may regenerate slower than average and will need physical cleansing to normalize the process to reduce breakouts, therefore happy skin!

P.S. Bacteria is what gives you bad odor too!


- Funny as it sounds, but yes, Dermatitis Neglecta is an actual condition caused by hygiene neglect. Our skin is naturally oily, salty, and a living, breathing organ that attracts bacteria and fungi; if neglected, zits, inflammation, and rashes will occur.

Ok lang ba 1 week di maligo?

Now you know! :D

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18 Lovely Thoughts

  1. When I had chickenpox last year, almost 2 weeks ako di naligo. Punas punas lang. (Tho I still washed my face and genitalia haha) Worst feeling EVER.
    Sa sobrang oily nang buhok ko pwede na siguro gamitin sa frying pan para pagprituhan! :P

    1. Me toooo. That's why I can't go on without bathing for 2 days. :/ My scalp is really oily! :D

  2. 4th bad thing: you will get super cranky. in this weather ba naman. hahaha.

  3. Hi ate Martha! I just wanna share my experiences not taking a bath. Hahaha lol naranasan nman na nating lahat na may time talagang nasskip maligo. Minsan kaso nasa bahay lang ako and nakakatamad talaga kumilos lalo kapag nakaaircon sa bahay. Aasa kana lang talaga sa lamig ng bahay niyo hahah. Yes napansin ko na everytime na wala akong ligo nag ooil up face ko pati hair ko super shiny. But the bad thing is nangangasim ako. Haha don't know why di naman ako masyado nagkikilos pero sguro dahil natutuyuan ng pawis? Minsan a day or two lang ako nagsskip kasi pag pang 3rd day na may bad smell na sya. Amoy pawis but not amoy baktol. So yun may good and bad pala talaga sa lahat ng bagay. Balance lang kailangan ;)

    1. Based sa natutunan ko sa work, isang factor kung bakit may ibang amoy (not necessarily B.O.) ang tao ay dahil sa fragrances ng lotion at perfume na ginagamit niya frequently. May iba't ibang notes ang fragrances na pinababagayan.
      Possible na yung fragrance ng sabon mo hindi compatible sa fragrance ng lotion. Kahit di ka masyado pagpawisan, amoy nangangasim ka pa rin.
      Kaya meron ibang lalaki kahit pinagpawisan na, di pa rin amoy baktol dahil di sila masyado gumagamit ng fragrant products. LOL

    2. Ako din nagsskip ako ng ligo minsan. Pero one day skip lang kasi kinakantyawan na ko sa bahay agad. Kung hindi lang ako napipikon, baka na-try ko mag-1 week hahaha! Kaya unang napansin ko agad yung 2-3 days na namention mo 😂

    3. That's true. Perfumes and lotions can leave residue behind even if you take a bath and when the preservatives wear off or the fragrant ingredients have evaporated, you're left with odor, not scent anymore. The food we eat also has a big factor too. :)

  4. Di ko lang talaga kaya ng hindi maliligo hahahahha walang skip ng pagligo kahit pa may sakit ako hahahahaha kasi gusto ko lagi akong fresh! 😂

  5. Half bath po siguro pwede pa! hehe minsan nkkpg skip din ako ng shampoo sa gabi kasi hirap mgpatuyo ng hair at lalo na pg maginaw ang panahon haha! tutbrush,hilamos at hugas kay fem nlang muna pg dina tlga keri at pagod. lol! 😄

    1. Ako nga I don't take a bath pag gabi na hahaha. Tamadeus Cavite! :D

  6. I hate it! kapag d ako naliligo! cause lang naman tlga na late nako naliligo kasi Nanay na nga ako pero NO! maliligo pa rin ako no matter what time it is na and no matter how kapagod I am! auko na malagkit at dry bosdy ko! huhu!

  7. Parang lahat naman na experience na hindi maligo. hehehe. Ganun pala yun. Thanks Ms. Martha for sharing the Good and Bad side of not taking a bath. 😉

  8. Despite the good benefits, I don't think I can go through even just a day without taking a bath! I simply can't! HAHAHAHA tho it's good to know there are benefits when one does not take a bath. Thanks for this, Ms. Martha!

  9. Haha.. isang araw nga Lang na Hindi makaligo Ang sama na sa feeling how much more if 3 months. Ewww.. grabe naman Yun.. haha ang lagkit nun. 😂😂😂


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