Cleansing Super Heroes: Creer Cleansing Oil in Water and Cleansing Water

Here's a review on Creer Cleansing Water in Oil and Cleansing Water.

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Meet my two new super heroes: they're gentle, fast, effective, and give my skin TLC.


There are two variants: Cleansing Water in Oil and Cleansing Water; the former contains mineral oil and the latter contains spring water. Both products are paraben- free, non- alcohol, fragrance- free, and sting- free.


I use Cleansing Water in Mineral Oil for heavy duty makeup and waterproof mascara; waterproof mascara comes off quickly with this product and dissolves hard- wearing makeup in a snap as well; a little goes a long way and the product does not evaporate quickly from the pad; I don't have to use a separate makeup remover for my eyes and face anymore when I'm using this product.

I understand that some may have reservations with Mineral Oil; I am okay with this ingredient because for one, it is one of the most stable ingredients in skin care; second, it is not proven that it causes cancer; third, while Mineral Oil is a byproduct of crude oil, the same source of petroleum, formulation is entirely different because cosmetic grade Mineral Oil is highly refined to omit carcinogens and a majority of toxic substances, making it safe for skin use and has been used in skin care for the last 100 years; but then again, these are another topic for discussion; whether you'll try this product or not depends on how open or afraid you are of Mineral Oil.

If you're iffy about Mineral Oil, try Cleansing Water; it contains Onsen Spring Water that is known for its hydrating and moisturizing factors. I use this makeup remover if I'm just wearing light makeup because it provides light cleansing needed for that moment. I like that this makeup remover leaves my skin refreshed, clean (but not the squeaky kind), and dewy.

How are these my super heroes? Well, they're very effective, provides the right cleansing I need at any moment, and best of all, I don't have to tug or rub my skin raw to remove makeup! Creer is my current favorite cleansing hero!


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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. bongga ingredients po ah! anti-cancer and the Mineral oil that it has is to omit carcinogens and a toxic substances ah that which has been using naman na sa mga skin care products for 100 years?! wow! proven na maganda nga yan! Sana makagamit ako nyan hehe

  2. Ganda din ng packaging! So clean and neat and super effective nya. Saan ba may beauty bar ate martha? Online store ba yun? I dont know it.

  3. That’s nice that they have cleansing oil and water. Oil for heavey make up and water for light make up. It looks sulit naman kasi mukha naman malaki yung bottle.

  4. Good thing there's a nearby Beauty Bar here! Can't wait to try them out! Thank you for this, Ms. Martha!

  5. I like how they kept their packaging simple. I noticed that the Spa Water variant has Face Mask printed on the bottle. Does it mean we can use it for our DIY face mask sheet? 😱 Sulit if yes! 😊

  6. Hi po Ms Martha ilang ml po sya at available na po kaya sa Watson yan


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