ONE BRAND MAKEUP TUTORIAL: BYS 45- Minute Halloween Looks (Gore and Lisa Frank- Inspired) + Facebook Video

Got no time or skills for awesome halloween makeup? You're reading the right post then. In this one makeup tutorial series, I'll share with you two looks that you can cop in 45 minutes flat; 0 pro makeup skills required!


STEP 1: Grab a thin sheet of round cotton pad and BYS SFX Liquid Latex. Cover one eye.

TIP: Liquid Latex adheres best on dry skin. Don't apply liquid late directly on eye area or hair strands

STEP 2: Apply liquid latex around cotton pad. Tear a sheet of tissue paper into small strips and stick around the cotton pad. This will add layers and texture to the wound effect.

STEP 3: Grab BYS SFX Scar Wax and apply on edges to add more texture and to seal the tissue pieces.

 STEP 4: Blow dry everything for faster drying.

STEP 5: Grab one of BYS SFX's color wheels; I used Burns color wheel here. Take one part dark red and one part black; these shades mimic the look of severely burned skin.

 STEP 6: Using a foundation brush, cover the cotton pad and tissue pieces completely.

 This is what it should look like.

STEP 7: Take a spatula and scoop some BYS SFX Thick Clotted Blood and apply all over cotton pad for a realistic look.

 STEP 8: Apply blood drippings on cotton pad using BYS SFX Fine Stipple sponge.

STEP 9: Using BYS SFX Fine Stipple Sponge, spread out the liquid blood drippings around the cotton pad.

 Final look.


1. BYS Liquid Latex
2. BYS SFX Scar Wax
3. BYS SFX Color Wheel (Burns)
4. BYS SFX Thick Clotted Blood
5. BYS SFX Liquid Blood
6. BYS SFX Fine Stipple Sponge


STEP 1: Create and eyeshadow look using any eyeshadow. Add glitters for dimension. I used BYS Cosmic Eyeshadow Palette and Glitter Kit.

STEP 2: Apply foundation on skin. I used a combination of BYS Creme Foundation and BYS SFX White Liquid Foundation.

 STEP 3: Using BYS SFX color wheels, highlight the center of the face. I used Bruises wheel.

 STEP 4: Create gradation all over face using BYS SFX Color Wheel. I used Fantasy color wheel.

STEP 5: Using a black eye liner, draw Leopard prints on the forehead and shade your nose. I used BYS Auto Gel Pencil in Black.


1. BYS Cosmic Eyeshadow Palette
2. BYS Glitter Kit (Rose Gold)
3. BYS Auto Gel Pencil (Black)
4. BYS HD Microfinish Powder
5. BYS SFX White Liquid Foundation
6. BYS SFX Color Wheels (Fantasy and Bruises)
7. Make Up For Ever False Eyelashes
8. BYS SFX Lipstick (Blue)

Now watch the video tutorial on these looks:

Hope you liked these looks! ;)

Which look are you going to sport for Halloween?

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  1. Astig nice talaga pag may SFX syempre talent din.

  2. I think this is one of the best halloween makeup tutorial I've seen #definitelyWillRecreate this

  3. I love both of these looks! Been looking out for tutorials on how to do that gore eye look and yours is the best one I've found so far. You are truly amazing, Ms. Martha! I love how you mixed and matched the colors for the Lisa Frank inspired make-up too! Thanks for sharing this, Ms. Martha!

  4. holy shite that first picture got me hahaha i practically jumped out of my seat lol

  5. I really really like the Halloween Gore! 😍 I think its step #8 should mention the Liquid Blood but instead got typed into the Stipple Sponge? 😊

  6. looks so real ung una madam!! galing mo naman po dyan! super galing po ng kamay mo d lang pala sa makeups hehe, pang art tlga! amazing! Happy Halloween po!

  7. Ang GALING!! I haven't been to a halloween party just in case there is one I will definitely try any of this looks.

  8. In fairness to BYS, they're making a name in the make-up industry ha. To be honest, I heard about it from your blog and now I got to try two items from them - the brow powder and the matte cream foundation. Love them both :)


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