Eye of Horus BIO Goddess Lipstick: Cruelty- free, plant- based, vegan lipsticks

As the search for innovations in beauty continues, more brands have been finding ways to create kinder cosmetics too. One of which is Eye of Horus. Early this year, they have released BIO, a new cosmetic series that have natural, plant- based, cruelty- free formula. Before the year ends, another product joins the BIO range. 

Hint: it's our most favorite makeup item.

Oh hi there, defocused photo

Left to right: Nude, Plum, Rose, Peach, Pink, Honey

BIO Goddess satin lipstick range features plant- based ingredients and a cruelty- free formula that is safe for sensitive skin and pregnant women, and can be used by vegans. It contains Castor Oil, Vitamin E, and Sunflower to promote moisture and hydration, and a marine botanical that promotes nourishment and repair. There are 6 shades in the range.

I got a chance to talk with the founders who have graced the Manila launch. In a short conversation, they mentioned that the lipsticks feature Beeswax, a highly emollient ingredient. What's so special about it, Martha, since Beeswax is not new and have been around in cosmetics? Well, with Eye of Horus, the Beeswax used in Bio Goddess lipstick is being ethically sourced from Honey farmers instead of Beeswax producers. The former only gets whatever Beeswax is produced from the manufacturing of Honey by the colony, therefore making it ethical and sustainable while some Beeswax producers force the queen to produce honey and Beeswax, which means cutting off her wings so she could not fly and just keep on making honey (this fact broke my heart. :( ). That conversation was such an eye opener.

 Eye of Horus is also releasing the BIO Goddess lipstick vault.

The vault contains all the shades of the lipstick line. This is such a wonderful Christmas present!

Eye of Horus BIO Goddess Lipstick retails at P1,050.00 each; a bit steep, but just think that you're doing the environment some good with every tube.

Visit EYE OF HORUS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this new product.

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Grabe so expensive na lippie ang ganda din ng packaging. Kaso nakakalungkot namang malanag na I ka cut ang wings ng Bee huhuhu.
    Sana maka gawa ng paraan ng hindi cut ang wing para makuha ang need.

  2. The shades are so warm and soft I love it! Yay for another cruelty-free, plant-based, and vegan lipstick line! It's my first time to know about this brand and I'm really looking forward to more of their products! The packaging is very classy! A+! Price is a bit high, but hey, we'll contribute a lot to the environment if we invest on these baby lippies! I hope more and more cosmetic brands will do the same step with regards to the environment too. Thanks for sharing this, Ms. Martha!

  3. Eye of Horus is a bit on the pricey side but I love their eye pencils esp. the natural smokey one. P1050 might also be steep for a lipstick tube, but for a cruelty-free product, why not? Drooling on that BIO Goddess lipstick vault, though I think the shades are rather similar. Guess I'll have to stick with Plum and Peach as my favorites among the available shades.

  4. The vault looks really elegant. I would do anything for the person who will give me that vault as a present haha! I like the shades Rose and Pink.
    I didn't know that beeswax producers are like that. They force the queen to produce beeswax?! That is so rude! I'm glad that honey farmers are respectful and humane. Giving a thumbs up to Eye of Horus for coming up with this line!

  5. I am all for companies who produce cruelty-free products, and Eye of Horus is one of them. I didn't know there's such a thing as "unethical" sourcing of honey. Sad to know there are some companies who had to cut off the wings of the Queen Bee for it to just produce honey. :((
    Anyway, it's a bit pricey but for the environment, I am willing to splurge. Thanks for sharing, TBJ!

  6. very nakaka akit sa buyer ang packaging hehe..ang ganda kasi d msyado light ang shades and ramdm kong d mabigat formulas sa itsura ng lipsticks hehe. Awesome!

  7. Wait, WHAT?! May ganung torturous process in getting beeswax? Oh no 😣 I've been buying beeswax items for quite some time now and I do not even know if the companies that I buy items from are ethical or not. I just hope that they are not the latter 🙏 thank you for sharing that fact Ms. Martha!
    As for the Eye of Horus, their Nude shade is my pick! 😍


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