Memo Paris: A fragrance line that will inspire wanderlust

Memo Paris, a luxury perfume brand, unveils in Manila

At an early age, I've already had the desire to see the world and I did so with fragrances. I did not have the privilege to travel physically in my childhood so I relied on books, art, films, and fragrances- most especially fragrances- to 'transport' me to different places that I would only read about.

At every whiff of fragrance in department stores, I'd tell myself: "Maybe this is what France smells like" or "Maybe this is what Japan smells like" and so on. Every perfume that touched my skin satisfied my imagination, but at the same time, left me curious.

Now that I am able to travel the world, a small shift has happened: instead of fragrances taking me to places, I let fragrances inspire my next journey. 

The wanderer in me has been awakened at the private launch of Memo Paris in the Philippines, fragrances that awaken wanderlust and make you want to travel!

The launch was held at Art of Scent by Scent and Beauté, the exclusive distributor of Memo Paris in the Philippines. Thomas Yasuda, Senior Vice President for Memo International SA Asia and Oceania, has introduced us to the DNA of the brand: its founders, principles, and inspirations.

Memo's story starts with a serendipitous meeting between founder John Molloy and Clara Ferré- Molloy; they met, hit it off, traveled together, and romance ensued.

One day, Clara interviewed perfumer and childhood friend Alienor Massenet for a book on perfumes and perfumers she had been writing when all of a sudden, a life- changing decision have hit her: She wants to start a travel fragrance line. With John's entrepreneurial streak and background in luxury brand management, Clara's expertise in art, poetry, and writing, and their common love for traveling, Memo was conceived in 2007 with Massenet as one of the first noses of the fragrance; since then, the brand has been inspiring travelers, lovers, and artists alike or just about anyone who has a discerning taste for bold, dynamic fragrance.

Memoir, memory, MEMO. 

Memo takes inspiration from traveling and the sensations and emotions experienced through it. Simple, heartwarming details like the scent of fresh rain on a stony pavement, the warmth of a setting sun on the horizon, an exotic flower, and the stillness of the river are at the core of every Memo fragrance, which evoke different sensations and memories of a familiar, distant place. Every Memo fragrance is as dynamic as the destinations that inspired it and trust me, it will definitely push you to book that ticket (almost happened to me).

Begin your Memo journey with the best- selling LEATHER COLLECTION. African Leather and Irish Leather are the best- sellers, with the latter selling out in Dubai minutes after its launch. Irish Leather is a nod to John Molloy's childhood in Ireland, where he grew up with horses, farms, and stables as his father ran a racehorse breeding business.

Next, we embark on 6 fragrance journeys called Les Echappées, the first collection launched in 2007 by Clara Molloy: distinctive fragrances from memories of travel to Ethiopia (Lalibela), Paris (Quartier Latin), Inlé (Burma), Granada (Spain), Egypt (Luxor Oud), and Arabia (Shams Oud).

There are also the following collections: 

- Graines Vagabondes, a collection inspired by botanicals, vegetation, and seeds.
- Eau De Memo, a new fragrance for 2017, inspired by the essence of Parisian living.
- Tiger's Nest and Marfa, two new, artsy additions to the Memo fragrance library, will launch under the Art Land collection this 2018.

Our Memo travel culminates with Escales Extraodinaire: perfume concentrates and fragrance sets that feature a regular Memo perfume, leather- lined travel spray, and perfume vials.

But for Memo, the end is always the beginning of something new and exciting.

Here are my favorites from Memo: French Leather Rose from Escales Extraordinaire collection, Marfa, my most favorite, and soothing Inlé.

Marfa and Inlé were out of stock so I chose Moon River, one of Memo's most successful fragrances; it's a well- rounded perfume laced with citrus and leather; it's perfect for the colder days ahead.

I am ready for my next adventure and I'm surely bringing my Memo fragrance with me!

Memo Paris is now available in all Art of Scent boutiques. Visit ART OF SCENT on Facebook for more details about this brand.

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Me too! mahilig ako magimagine up until now nga eh hehe, I love perfumes! mas perfumes ako kesa cologne tlga kasi simula kay lola ko, dun ko nakilala a nakahiligan ang perfumes, meron din syang mga perfumes galing iba't-ibang bansa na tlgang tatak ng country ang amoy! and wow, super duper bango and tlgang napapapikit ako habang inaamoy ko kasi I really do imagine that country kung san galing ung perfume. Grabe ganda nyan ah! khit bottle na yan d ko itatapon khit ubos na, nakakahinayang eh hehehe

  2. All of the items from this brand look soooooo prestigious! Super luxurious! I have a very good feeling about the French Leather Rose one. I wonder what'll happen if this brand will make a collaboration with a cosmetics brand? Think of the possibilities! A high-end perfumer brand + cosmetics line from an affordable brand. What a dream! Thanks for this, Ms. Martha!

  3. I got so intrigued kasi ang gaganda ng mga designs ng packaging. Madalas kasi yung shape ng bottle lang mismo yung ginagawang design, but Memo designed creatively their perfumes. Clicked on the link to their FB page and saw that they have good social media photos also. Then checked out their official website. Ang lakas maka-luxury feels talaga ng shop nila sa pictures pa lang. Parang maiintimidate ako if ever na makita ko sya sa personal haha then realized that I already have seen their store (and really felt intimidated) at Shangri-la Plaza lol Yung Russian Leather nila yung naka-grab ng attention ko sa post ni Ms. Martha and its price made Jo Malone's English Pear and Freesia worth 8k looked very affordable in comparison. It's so expensive! Pero super bango naman talaga! Hope they give Ms. Martha a discount code or something so that I can buy one also.. Mga tipong kahit 50% off, ganyun hihi 😂🙏

  4. Wow!! I love the bottle designs of the LEATHER COLLECTION. So sleek and very elegant. I would like to get to know this brand more. I guess it a good perfume is worth an investment.

  5. Aq din po Ms. Martha pero more on books at stamp po aq noong bata p aq. S perfumes nman po knti lng nkhilgan ko at di aq mxdo mhilg, depnde din po kng my mgbigay. Lol! Ngyn ko lng po nlman un brand nila, mbngo po ba xa at di po b matapng? Kc un ang di ko type s isang perfume un mxdong matapng un amoy. Mas gsto ko po un sweet smell at tumtgal un amoy. Ang cute ng bottle nila, cguro kht my gnyn aq at pg naubos ididisply ko xa kc sobrng gnda. Gnyn din aq s mga naubos ko n perfume bottle, tintabi at collect ko za. Kc ang cute ng design at pra maala2 ko kng cnu ngbgay o pno aq ngkaroon ng gnung perfumes.

  6. For sure expensive nito dahil packaging palang pak na pak na ataactually mukang mabango talaga. actually hindi po talaga ako mahilig sa mga Perfume pero sa bakikita ko na ganto parang gusto ko super cute pwede din sya collectable at design

  7. I have to catch a whiff...I'm motivated to travel just by your description of scent Ms. M.


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