Nature Essentials Organic Lipstick and Velvet Lip Cream: Pigmented organic lipsticks

Here's a review on Nature Essentials Organic Lipstick and Velvet Lip Cream.

PRICE: Lip Cream- P500.00; Lipstick- P895.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available at Nature Essentials online


There aren't a lot of organic lipsticks available locally so when I spot one, I want to blog about it right away for my readers who prefer using organic makeup products. Here's one from Nature Essentials, a pretty popular local online organic makeup and skin care brand. The great thing about their lipsticks? They're sooooo pigmented!


Nature Essentials Organic Lipstick is a hydrating matte lipstick and Velvet Lip Cream is a mousse-liquid lipstick. Products are free from Paraben, lead, mercury, SLES/SLS, Triclosan, synthetic dye, and fragrance.


Velvet Lip Cream comes with a medium- sized doe foot applicator. The organic lipsticks come in an adorable wooden tube, which is in keeping with the organic concept of the brand.

L-R: Velvet Lip Creams in Crush, Admire. Organic Lipsticks in Classy Lyn, Sassy Mic, and Sexy Amanda

Velvet Lip Cream is a rich mousse- like liquid lipstick with a fruity scent; the fruity scent is a bit strong and it's naturally occurring since the lipsticks are fragrance- free; it's rich, smooth, pigmented, and very nice to apply; it doesn't dry the lips, but doesn't help with dryness either. Staying power is okay; needs to be retouched after eating.

Organic Lipstick needs to be warmed up before use and it yields a soft matte finish; it's lightweight and feels nice; it doesn't dry out the lips plus it keeps lips moisturized during wear as well; it has the same scent as the lip cream. Staying power is better than Velvet Lip Cream and fades gradually after a meal.


Lip Cream in Adore

Heather brown

Lip Cream in Admire

Lip Cream in Crush

Organic Lipstick in Sexy Amanda

Bright red.

Organic Lipstick in Sassy Mic

Toasted brown.

Organic Lipstick in Classy Lyn

Blue- toned hot pink.

I like Sassy Mic, Classy Lyn, and Adore. I particularly love the feel and quality of the Organic Lipsticks. Lipsticks are a bit on the expensive side though, but maybe that's really the price of organic products and minimizing the amount of chemicals that go into them, plus I love how pigmented these lipsticks are considering they're organic in formula!

I recommend the lipsticks!


Please visit NATURE ESSENTIALS on Facebook for more details about these products.

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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Based on your blog mrs. M, this NATURE ESSENTIALS ORGANIC LIPSTICK AND VELVET LIP CREAM is a must try products! All in one na sila. Very pigmented and ang pinaka importante ay, safe sila. Un nga lang, mejo pricey hehe 😅😅 worth it naman po siguro. Seeing those swatches of yours, waaaaahhh!!! I want to try too mrs. M! 😍

  2. Hindi pa po ako nakakagamit ng mga Organic Make up, facial wash, crean and toner palang at sobrang tagal na nun maganda din ang product. Interesting ang Lipstick and Lip Cream lalona wooden din sya.. ano po website nila, online lang po batalaga pwede macheck ang product.

  3. Sassy Mic, Classy Lyn, and Adore looks good on you madam. Pero ung Sexy Amanda bagay din sayo 😊♥ You're into Brown shade din po ba mrs. M? :) Adore & Sassy Mic caught my eyes ♥

  4. I so love the packaging! Bamboo can easily signify that the product is organic. I commend companies who put effort into the packaging of the product. :)

  5. OMG!!! Ms. Martha I really love organic products po. Thank you po at my bgo aqng products n nkita. Bgo lng sa skin, ang gnda po lhat ng shades nila, nasa trend. Nkakaexcite gmitin xa kc creamy, mostly kc un iba nkakadry s lips. Thank you po s review a product nila.

  6. Sa IG ko unang nakita itong Nature Essentials, padami nang padami na ngayon yun shades nila. Sumubok ako dati i swatch yun shade na Georgia, isa sa bestseller dati kaso hanggang swatch lang, hindi ko nabili kasi namahalan ako. Pero siguro nga you'll get your money's worth naman at dahil organic ito, siguro mahal yun ingredients.

  7. I never tried organis hehe, pero I want too! para kasing mas safe sya sa lips ko na prone sa dryness eh. Maganda po dyan is d malakas ang chemicals ng ingredients. Magaganda pa shades!

  8. Ang nice po ng shade ng Sassy Mic, pwede din po kaya ito sa Morema look ate martha?

  9. Bgay po s inio lhat Ms. Martha lhat ng shdes pero mas nging bongga un crush at sassy mic s inio. Sophisticated ang dting po s inio, bgay n bgay! Mas more on aq s mga natural, organic products kc safe xa at bf mom po aq. I want to live in healthy lifestyle at ksma n din s skincare at make up.

  10. Ms.martha ang ganda po nung sexy amanda sa inyo. Naniniwala kasi ako na mas maganda ang red lippie sa mga morena. Mas nadadala ng morena girls ang red lippie. Pero ang ganda din nung classy lyn :) ang pricey nga lang nya pero siguro dahil nga Organic kasi.very safe para sa atin na ang nais ay mas ma enhance ang ating kagandahan. :)

  11. Ms. Martha, bagay sayo yung Sassy Mic talaga 👍 parang nag-brighten yung skin nyo po sa shade na yun. Parang ang luscious nya sa lips 💋 Hindi na kailangan mag-lip balm bago lipstick! Bonggels!

  12. The lip cream in Adore looks gorgeous on you! The pigmentation in the swatches is just, WOW. I've never tried this brand before, and it's my first time hearing about it. I'm now thinking of doing a purchase because I love that it's organic and it's such a steal considering the fact that not many organic products like these are available locally.Thanks for sharing this, Ms. Martha!

  13. I so love burt's bees lippie but, upon reading this post, I'm shookt! Why I haven't heard about this...I'm excited to try this specially if it is Locally made.

  14. Haven't tried any organic lipsticks before but this looks very promising. Loving the shade Sexy Amanda and Sassy Mic on you!


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