Diet Diva Lean Machine: What Active Girls Like Me Eat

One thing I love about being active is I have more leeway when it comes to eating. By leeway, I don't mean binge eating; what I mean is they can eat a bit more than 1,200 calories, which is what a lot would deem as the golden calorie intake for weight loss.

Not everyone is built to eat 1,200 most especially if you are active in sports and exercise like me. When you eat less than your recommended calorie intake, your body is forced to store more fat and it messes up your metabolism, ergo slowing down or halting your progress.

Based on my experience, 1,500 is a good RDI for active girls; good for losing weight for those who have more to lose and for maintaining weight for those who are happy with theirs, all without the hunger. Of course, your RDI is dependent on your nutritional needs, level of activity (athletes can even eat 2,000 a day without worry), and health condition to name a few.

I'm subscribed to Diet Diva's Lean Machine lately because I've no time to cook and wash the dishes; I opted for Lean Machine because my workout is pretty taxing. Lean Machine is actually designed for men and begins at 2,000 calories, but active women have been subscribing to it lately because it fuels their food needs. I had mine customized to 1,500 to make way for unplanned snacks or spontaneous coffee dates with friends.

Here's what 1,500 calories per day looks like:






They look so filling, eh? They are indeed! Diet Diva's wholesome meals makes me want to skip my daily mini treats because they fill me up and keep hunger pangs at bay. I'd also like to commend that their recipes and meals have improved by a huge lot!

If you want to subscribe to Diet Diva's healthy, tasty meal packages, just head over to DIET DIVA on Facebook and DIET DIVA WEBSITE for more information.

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. they all look yum... drooling..

  2. Wow, Ms Martha dapat talaga inaalagaan din ang kalusugan natin. Kaso talaga ang problema ko hindi ako mahilig sa Gulay huhuhu. Na dapat kaylangan ng Katawan ko .

  3. grabe so much calories po ah. nakakatakam po ung monday to friday na meals :) goal ko din po ang bumalik ka 28 waitline ko madamhehehe
    super chubby na dahil sa merong 2 kids na, hirap po mag diet, I really not into exercise pa.haysss, pero salamat po dito :)

  4. Wow!!! I love this Ms Martha lalo na when ur a Mom need talaga to take care of ur Body not just physically but inside also..😄

  5. Woah! Ang sarap mag diet pag ganyan ang foods kaso mahirap din hahaha pwede po ba na umorder ng ganyan for 2 persons tapos 1 person lang kakain? Char! Para kaseng nakaka bitin! Ayyy! Diet nga pala sorry 😂 pero mukhang masarap menu nila 😍 ang kinagandahan lng neto, di mo na kailangan mamroblema pa kung ano kakainin mo .. yummy na, healthy pa! Thanks fpr sharing this mrs. M! ♥💙💚

  6. Nice! I agree that the 1,200 Calories intake may not be suitable for active girls like us. I am a triathlete and I train 6 days a week. I tried dieting and limiting my calorie intake but my performance suffered. It's great that there are options to have healthy food delivered to your doorsteps. Thanks for sharing, TBJ!

  7. Tlgang png diet po un food nila. Sguro pg gnyn po food ko bka manibgo bgla aq. Pero so healthy un mga meals nila at prng tlgng hndi k mgtempt kumain ng sobra nkakabusog xa at the same time healthy. Prng gsto ko n din mging healthy s mga food choices. I eat healthy din, di nga lng maiwasn abg marming cheat food.

  8. WOW! I'm learned a lot ah! I wanna save that chart po madam! hehe, this article of yours of course ;D
    Kasi I'm into fitness din nowadays, well I already loose some weights na pero I really feel its not enough especially na sa kinakain ko its still the same! minsan isda, gulay, karne paikot2 lang po. Yes I lack in fruits :(
    But I'm gonna try to do that meals po, I can watch it online of course! Its great to be fit and healthy!

  9. That's a well-balanced meal! I see fruits, carbs, protein samantalang yun kinakain ko puro carbs at protein lang hehe! Eh Ms.M, 'diba nagluluto ka sa bahay,si Mr.R lang ba ang kumakain ng niluluto mo?

  10. I subscribed also sa ganitong planned diet meals last year. I was not even active that time. Pero grabe, nakakagutom sya hahah Hindi ako physically and mentally prepared. First time ko din na mag-diet nun. But after that experience, I tend to gear more towards organic in my food choices afterwards. It's one of my best decisions in life!

  11. I badly needed a post like this! The meal plan for this is very informative. I easily gain a lot of weight so this is a good plan for people like me who are active and in need of a healthy meal prep as well. I think their food will want me to crave for more though HAHAHA I should associate it with a little water diet here and there. Drinking a glass of water before and after a meal helped me lose weight. Thanks for this, Ms. Martha!

  12. I really hope I can stick to a diet plan like this soon. Just like the others, I tend to deprive myself whenever I feel like I need to lose weight. It's very unhealthy, of course. Will definitely check diet plans like this one that may be more appropriate for me.


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