Paprika Eyeshadow Palette: A gorgeous orange palette!

Here's a review on Paprika Eyeshadow Palette.

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When I think of Paprika, I'm reminded of fried rice. (Okay now I'm hungry!).

But little did I know that Paprika would also remind me of gorgeous eyeshadow shades, thanks to this newcomer in the eyeshadow-sphere, PAPRIKA COSMETICS.

If you're looking for the most gorgeous orange and camel shades, this palette is your best bet!


Paprika Cosmetics is a local beauty brand and first on their list (that will hopefully expand) is this gorgeous 8-pc. eyeshadow palette.

The box is gorgeous! I couldn't bring myself to throw it away. The palette is a red teracotta- lacquered acrylic.

Swatches of the eyeshadow:


Mustard yellow matte
Tangerine silver shimmer
Pink orange matte
Red copper shimmer
Orange shimmer
Gold shimmer
Orange brown matte
Brown shimmer

The eyeshadows have INTENSE pigmentation; I gotta give that to Paprika. One swipe to produce great payoff and fallout is minimal; the eyeshadows are soft, buttery, easy to blend, and they appear true on the skin as on the pan. No scent too!


Here are some sample looks I made:

I'm absolutely in love with the orange hues! Definitely one of the truest (if not the only; can't remember lol) orange shades I've encountered and they look genuinely orange on my lids. I also love that the palette flatters my morena skin so much.

Staying power is good, but it definitely needs a primer. Overall, I'm pretty impressed with this eyeshadow palettes and I love the color selections, most especially the orange shades! So pretty! My only issue would be the price, but since I'm on an eyeshadow phase now not to mention the palette is great as I said, I'm kinda' okay with it!


Please visit PAPRIKA COSMETICS on Facebook for more details about this product.

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. wow! so ganda po sa inyo. sana matuto din po akong maglagay nyan madam :)

  2. Ang ganda Ms. Barbara mas lalong nabigyan ng hustisya ng talent. Sana ganyan nadin ako mag lagay ng eyeshadow. Ganda din ng Shade

  3. Maharlika ang prize pero worth it naman �� almost perfect sa product rating mo :) pansin ko lang mrs. M, mahilig ka sa ganyang color ng eyeshadow? :) Tho it looks good on you :) thanks for sharing this! ���� Pagdating po kase sa colors ng eyeshadow, okay nako sa maramihan ang benefits ahaha like pwede pang natural look and ung pang awrahan :) pero itong palette na 'to, ang gandaaaa! �� Love the color brown & orange brown .. ang hinahanap ko din po kase sa isang eyeshadow palette is yung madali syang iblend and di gaano pigmented :)

  4. Ms.Martha ang ganda nung shade nung eyeshadow dun sa last pic. Nag compliment sya sa skin tone mo. Hindi ganun ka intense pero di rin ganon ka light. Ang ganda! Kaso ang mahal po nung price nung palette. Hihi. Thank you po dito Ms.Martha! Godbless!

  5. Wow! Those hues look intense and they certainly look good on you Ms. M. Although it is kinda expensive, now I'm curious about Paprika.

  6. Wow!! 💖💖💖 i love it! Ang ganda nga niya Ms Martha..🤗👌😍 mga shades are wearable and pigmentation is 💣

  7. Paprika reminds me of one of the characters in Blue's Clues. Hehe. Anyway, I love the colors! Something I can wear this holiday season. A bit surprised that this is a local brand considering the price of Php1,695.00 for an eyeshadow palette.

  8. 😳 OMG!!! Ms. Martha ang gnda po ng paprika palette po, bgay s inio Madam. Skto yan pa nman po ang trending ngyn peach shades. Prng bgo xa s look, usually snay aq s peach lipstick pero s eyeshadow mgnda pla za. Overall I love your look po Ms. Martha s paprika palette ang lkas mka kbeauty.

  9. tlgang fiery orange sya sakin looks like what katniss wear nga eh when she wore that umaapoy na damit nya, soo hot nun hehe.

  10. Ang intense ng color pigmentation! Nakakatuwa talaga kapag nakakakita ng mga ganyang local products. Nagiimprove na ang local brands 👏 👏 👏 yjng pink orange matte ang nakakuha ng puso ko 😍

  11. This is a really gorgeous palette. I love the pigmentation. I love how the shades are warm and bright yet still wearable especially for Filipina skin. I think this is a perfect palette for those who want to do those bright editorial peachy looks, indeed. THank you for this, Ms. Martha!

  12. this past month I notice that it is the revenge of the orange palette ;) though, I consider orange a tricky hue for Morenas but this palette prove me wrong. Moreans can rock orange!

  13. I have also observed the trend for peachy and orangey make-ups lately especially for palettes and tints. The shade looks good on you. Hope I can also rock this colors :)


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