Skin Care Challenge: How my skin transformed in 28 days with this duo

 I was born with really good skin; so good that people will think that I have makeup on even if I don’t. But neglect in my early years took its toll on my skin, plus my skin became more blemish- prone eventually; I only became religious with skin care when I turned 25 and how I wish I started earlier and maintained what was beautiful in the beginning. Now, due to recurring stress and aging, my skin’s looking more and more dull; the most prominent sign of aging on my skin are dark spots.

Did you know that our genes have an impact on how our skin ages? A study conducted on 155,000 participants through 23AndMe, a Silicon Valley personal genetics company, revealed that there are some women who look 10 years younger than their age; they’re called the Exceptional Agers. The secret lies in their genes; these are women in their 40s, 50s, and even 60s and 70s who had gene activity that is the same in their 20s and 30s; it was discovered that two genetic variations (DNA) were linked to exceptional aging and two- thirds of regular people have them as well; it’s just that with some, the genes are more active.

Exceptional Agers definitely have a good head start, but it is also found that a good, religious skin care habit can help give exceptional skin.

To prove this, I was challenged to undergo a 28-day skin care challenge with this mystery skin care duo. Here’s a documentation of my 28- day journey:

 DAY 1: I took note of the present condition of my skin: rough, dull, a couple of zits on some areas specifically the sides of my nose, jaw line, and sides of the cheeks. There were also a couple of dark spots from dried- up acne and some looked like age and sun spots.

I was instructed to use the products on one side of my face, day and night, for 28 days for comparison’s sake.

Here are the two products; I did not have any idea what brand they are; all I knew is that one is a night moisturizer and the other, a serum/treatment essence.  Both smelled really good like fresh- cut Jasmine; I had a good time using the products because they smelled pleasant and felt lightweight on the skin.

DAY 7: I noticed that the whiteheads on the treated part of my face had been reduced, although I noticed that the serum/treatment essence yielded a slight stinging sensation; it was tolerable and went away after a couple of seconds. I was observing if my skin would get irritated due to the sensation, but good thing nothing happened.

DAY 14: By this day, the treated side looked and felt much smoother and firmer; I compared it with the untreated side and the difference in texture was greatly felt.

DAY 28: Final day of the challenge. Dark spots on the treated side have been reduced, lesser breakouts, more even, finer, more hydrated, and smoother skin. By this time, I could really tell how nice the treated side was compared to the untreated side.

Time for the reveal! Watch this video for the reveal:

The mystery skin care duo was Olay White Radiance; I was surprised because I thought I was using an expensive product! If not for this challenge, I wouldn’t realize how good this line is in providing more clarity to the skin by reducing dark spots, blemishes, and nourishment. If I use this duo longer, hopefully, a majority of my stubborn dark spots will disappear. BRB, opening new jars of White Radiance Essence and Night Moisturizer!

I was pleased by the result of the challenge. I’ve wondered how Olay was able to provide this turnaround despite the natural course of aging and my stress- plagued skin, and found that Olay’s products and formulas have been re-engineered to help skin experience exceptional aging.

NEW Olay Regenerist- features Advanced Amino Peptide Complex, Carob Fruit Extract, Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid + Glycerol, and Olive-M.

NEW Olay Total Effects- has 50% more Vitamin E, Niacinamide, and Vitamin Pro-B5.

NEW Olay White Radiance- contains Xylitol, Sepitonic, Niacinamide, and Sepiwhite and Hexyldecanol.

If there’s anything important this 28-day challenge has proven, it’s that a good skin care regimen is just as good as good genes and what you’re born with doesn’t define you; it’s what you do with it.

Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by Olay Philippines and The Beauty Junkee.

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Inspiring talaga to see your skin look good. Yeah I am in my 30s and things I have not seen in my twenties are now appearing. I go....what the???Getting sleep, it's one of the challenges I have right now. I have a lot on my mind. I just need to finish some things and next year will be the beginning of change for me too.

  2. Wow, interesting parang gusto ko bumili, lalo na madalas akong puyat.. huhuhu
    Hm po yan.
    Ma check ko din sa FB page ng Olay.
    Tnx po Ms Martha for this

  3. I'll surely take note of this. I'm only 20, but my skin's already experiencing a lot of congestion lately. Primarily because of changing hormones, stress, and the pollution. I've heard that Olay truly does the job when it comes to preserving the skin's youthfulness, in general. I, however, experienced more breakout when I used one of their products before. :( But I think I'll still give it another shot because of this. Thanks for sharing this, Ms. Martha!

  4. Galing tlga ng Olay! for me yan na tlga ang pinaka the best anti-aging cream of all! d lang nga anti-aging eh,inaalis lahat ng pangit sa face natin hehe..super amazing pero nakakakaba yang challenge nila ah, papagamitin ka ng product sa face mo na di mo kilala wew! buti po d ka umatras madam hehe. Now, lalo pa nilang napatunayan ang kaledad ng kanilang produkto, mas mapagkakatiwalaan nat mamahalin pa nating mga kababaihan!

  5. wow! I thought napaka mahal po ng Olay, seems super ganda po gamitin, I wonder na sobra pong dami ng gumagamit ng ganyan po to remove dark spots.

  6. Oh wow! Thumbs up for Olay πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘ naisip nila ung gantong klaseng challenge :) I love this qoute mrs. M! "a good skin care regimen is just as good as good genes and what you’re born with doesn’t define you; it’s what you do with it." Super true naman talaga :) again, thanks fpr sharing this! Mairerecommend ko po ito sa tita ko na hindi mapakali sa isang skincare brand πŸ˜‚

  7. Weeee! Grabe. Olay pala yun. Nakakaloka kasi talaga pag may skin problems. Kaso di maiiwasan. I am so happy dahil may sagot na sa skin problems mo. Maibabalik mo na ang dating fresh, natural glowing skin mo 10 years ago :) goodluck and godbless!

  8. Ms. Martha yes Olay is really good skin care product. I love their eye cream but sad to say po dto s white radiance ngbroke2 out aq, pero s ibng olay product so far so good. Sana po bgo n xang formulation. Pero prng ok po s skin nio Ms. Martha!

  9. I have great respect for Olay skincare range. The products have been in the market for years and they are still coming up with new and better products.
    Girls should know how to take care of their skin even at an early age but for me, since I am not young anymore, I am glad that Olay will be there to help me achieve softer, fairer skin.

  10. I wanted to also a brighter and healthy looking skin. But my main problem even at my age of 40's is my acne prone skin. I've tried some anti aging products hope it can also helps in clearing away my acne. Anyways, Olay always delivers superb products that will help us women.

  11. Grabe excitement ko nung nakita ko na kayong nagsasalita sa TVC. Ako ang naeexcite for you Ms. Martha!!! Hahaha

    I have tried Olay also last year, pero yung cream lang. Tapos wala akong nakitang significant changes. Baka yung ibang line nila ang dapat kong itry. Sana mag-sale sila! Hahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  12. Have bought this range because I have watched the 28-day skin care challenge on FB and got super curious. Haven't tried Olay before but this will definitely replace my baby Nivea and will have a sure spot on my vanity kit!


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