Haru Soaperie: An up-and-coming soap brand to watch out for

Soap lover? Then you should keep this rising local soap brand in your radar.

Here's a review on Haru Soaperie products.

PRICE: Soaps- P240.00; Bath Bombs- P95.00; Room and Body Mist- P220.00 Facial Mist- P210.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: at harusoaperie.com


One day, Haru Soaperie contacted me and asked if I would be willing to try their products; their hero product are the handmade artisan soaps and since I'm fond of soaps lately, I gave it a shot. Now Haru Soaperie soap has quickly become my latest favorite! Let me muse why.

Haru Soaperie is a local online skin care brand that specializes in bath, body, and aromatherapy products.

The best- sellers are the soaps and I got two: Mama's Komenuka, a cocktail of Tsubaki Oil, Brown and White Japanese Rice Bran (White is the prized Rice Bran of all because it is the purest and most powerful), and Tsubaki Oil. Aside from its whitening properties, this soap leaves the skin moisturized.

Queen Tsubaki has a generous amount of Tsubaki oil, Rosehip oil, and silk cocoon. This leaves the skin luxuriously smooth and soft to touch.

Love that the soaps look like slices of cake too! So delish- looking!

Welcome to the affordable alternative to Lush's bath bombs. Haru Bath Bomb is made with essential oils to give bath time a fizzy, fun touch. Got no bath tub? You can use these too as foot or hand soak.

Prime Room and Body Mist is their best- selling fragrance; it's a powdery, floral scent that immediately calms the mood around a room and makes for a perfect weekend fragrance. Staying power is decent for a cologne too.

Rose Mist is a soothing facial mist that's perfect as a fixing spray, toner, hair freshener, or an all- around mist. It smells really fragrant and I love the refreshing rose scent!

It's always nice to see local beauty brands stepping up and they can only do so if we support them so I highly encourage everyone to support local brands like Haru Soaperie. And if you're looking for real good artisan soaps at a fairly affordable price, try this!


Please visit HARU SOAPERIE on Facebook for details and to order.

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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Agree with you that their soaps really look delicious :)
    I'm so tempted to try 'cause I'm fond of soaps that keep my skin moisturized. Plus, they come from local brands. Super yes to supporting our own local products!
    Thanks for this Ms. Martha!

  2. looks nice! nakakaaliw tgnan mga yan hehe

  3. The bath bombs are so affordable! Baka pilitin ko magkasya sa planggana o sa timba kapag masyado ako nag enjoy sa hand soak, wala kasi kami bath tub hehe! The bar soaps are pricey for me but I guess that is because of the quality of the ingredients. I would like to try the facial mist first.

  4. Wow it Po pala Yung bomb soap Ang nice Po nya parang gusto ko itry for super pampering it lalo na pag nag ba Buble sya. Interesting I want to try din soap Kung Kano ka moisturize mag COD kaya sila pag nag order.

  5. Ok po yan Haru especially the tsubaki oil is one of the main ingredients, I read a lot searched things about it and my sister is a fan of tsubaki oil lalo n po s skin care nia. Gsto ko nga po matry din yan. Kso pricey po, s knya kc ang liit ng bottle oil nia pero swear xa s gnda ng bnfts po ng tsubaki oil. Bukod s Kbeauty po, fan din aq ng mga local brands especially s skin care natural or organic xa. Kya po pag my mga lokal skin care kau n topic natutuwa aq at hoping n matry din cla. Safe, eco-friendly at kdlasn afford ng bulsa at hndi din pahuhuli s quality.

  6. Drooling over another soap post HAHAHAHA This is so cute! I wanna try the Prime Room and Body Mist! I will forever be in love with powder/floral scents I swear :(((( I've never ever tried essential oils but I've always been curious so I'm very excited about this brand's essential oil! Must look out for this one. Thanks for sharing this, Ms. Martha!

  7. Would love to give this a try!! I am curious about the bath bombs but I dont have a bath tub. Haha!

  8. Hello Martha! Thank you for taking the time to post about us and for this amazing 4.5/5 rating. We're so thrilled to read that you loved them! �� We have a physical display in Eastwood Citywalk 2 inside Treats & Pieces, and an official online store at www.harusoaperie.com where your readers can learn more about us �� Have a great week, Martha and Randy! ����

  9. Yes yes yes! for the bath bombs! Pang-alternate sa Lush kapag wala sa budget pero gusto magpamper ng sarili! Thank you for sharing Ms. Martha! 😘 😘

  10. Reviews and looks finds so interesting. I should look one for me. Hihihi

  11. I got supet excited when i read that they have bath bomb.. Wooah!! Locally made and yet so affordable..nevermind that i dont have a bathtub 😘 but still magagawan yan ng paraan yan.. This brand is ten times up for me!! They're delicioso soap💐🎉

  12. I want to try the bath bomb kaso wala kaming bath tub eh haha. Super inlove ako sa mga powder scent kaso di pwede sakon kasi allergy ako sa mist or any cologne. But i will recommend this to my friend kasi affordable yung price nya and may review kaya alam kong safe sya to use.

  13. I'd love to try this! Definitely gives me the Lush feel though :)

  14. They all look so delicious. Hahahaha. I am alwyas looking forward to bath time and with this soaps, it would be like 10 times more that I am going to look forward to bath time. I always associate it with relaxation kasi so I always wanted to use the best wihen it comes to bathing. It all look so fragrant din.

  15. This is my first time to encounter about this product. And it looks promising. It is affordable too. I really support our local products. ❤

  16. I so love handcrafted organic soaps. The packaging is cute. 😍😍😍 they also look delicious! 😂😂😂


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