L'OREAL Pro Matte Lip Gloss: Kissable Matte!

Lip Gloss that turns to kissable matte? I'll take all, please!

Here's a review on L'Oreal Pro Matte Lip Gloss.

PRICE: P400.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all leading department stores, supermarkets, and drugstores


It's not gloss, it's not lipstick: It's Pro-Matte Gloss! L'Oreal came out with these plush liquid lipsticks that feel and glide on gloss, but dry off into a soft, kissable matte finish. Pucker up and read on!

Pro- Matte Gloss is described by L'Oreal as their first whipped matte gloss. It comes with a pro- sculpt applicator that hugs and sculpts lips while depositing intense color.

I like the applicator because the spade shape is perfect for any lip shape, the tip helps shape the lips even without the help of lip liner, and the hole in the center gathers product that gets dispensed slowly as you move the applicator back and forth.

There are 5 shades available in the Philippines. Check out the shades:


Berry red.


Deep purple.


Toasted brown.


Warm nude.


Midtone nude with a hint of peach.

This ain't exactly matte lip gloss because I think there's no such thing; this product provides two textures: gloss and matte. It starts off glossy and dries into a soft, semi- matte finish. Because of this formula, the liquid lipstick moisturizes and doesn't dry out the lips. I also love the luxurious, whipped texture of this product: it's soft, buttery, and gives lips a plump look. Pigmentation is medium to heavy.

TIP: Allow product to dry completely before eating or drinking because it will transfer heavily.

Staying power is okay; don't expect it to last like a regular matte lipstick because of the gloss in the formula.

Pro-Matte Gloss is for those who want a sexy, moisturizing, kissable liquid lipstick.


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19 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Loving all those shades but my fave is Bare Attraction :)

  2. I wanna try po! My lips is very dry and even if gustong-gusto ko to try different shades of lipstick, just some minute after ko po siya mailagay nag dry na po lips ko.

  3. Ms Martha ask lang Po kasi Matte gloss sya pag pinunasan Po ba sya di naaalis gaya ng mga matte or dahil sa gloss naaalis sya. Per Ang ganda ng mga shades nya.

  4. Bgo ng LOreal, ang gnda 2 in 1 at tipid pa, sulit bilhin. Ang gnda lhat ng shdes gsto ko xa Lhat. Perfect s ibat-ibang look, stylist ng design lakas makasexy kya pg ngkaroon aq nian I feel sexy din, lol! At prng hndi mgdry2 ang lips, yan ang isa s mga hinhnp pgdtng s lippies.

  5. Sobrang ganda ng mga shades. L'oreal is perfect! Nude Allude and Bare Attraction is good.

  6. Ms. Martha lhat ng mga products n nirerevw nio s blog po, tlgang nanais ng lhat n mgkaroon.

  7. Very unique when it comes to lipstick.. I guess this one is really promising for someone like me who prefers soft matte and its not so drying formula makes me wanna try it too. I like the "Statement Nude" and "Nude Allude"

  8. When I first stumbled upon this product, I got confused.. it says that it is "Pro-Matte Gloss". But knowing that it is gloss at first then it turns matte... medyo na shookt ako 😀 First time ko yata makaencounter ng lip product na ganito. This makes me want to try this one out. Ang ganda ng shade na "Statement Nude" ❤️❤️

  9. haven't tried their matte lipstick yet but I'm obsessed with loreal's infalllible foundation! :)

  10. The colors are amazing!!! Whipped lip products are becoming in these days. WHipped ones give this unique velvetty - air- buttery texture and feeling that's just very comfortable. I love it! It's pretty worth it for 400 bucks considering some similar products are being sold by other brands for a higher price. Statement Nude is my fave on you, Ms. Martha! Pero kabog po lahat ng shades as in! sml :D Thanks for sharing this, Ms. Martha!

  11. Love this! I got the Statement Nude nung last sale nila. ❤ And I agree with you Ms. M, it really gives the lips a plump look.

  12. VERY NICE REVIEW! The shades are super pretty and look perfect on any skintone ��

  13. Loving the Nude Allude shade! I think I'll try that out since Loreal is on sale till Dec 30 :D

  14. Thanks for thw review. I love the applicator haha hindi ko pa kasi na open yung sakin. Pero natetempt na ako gamitin

  15. When I first heared about this, I was confused with the words- matte lip gloss. Now I know what it means. The shades are nice but I prefer the nudes. The gloss makes the colors look sophisticated. They are also affordable. I just wish they will come up with more shades.

  16. I think this is a good one since I want matte but the disadvantage is that it feels dry and like a cement to my lips hahahaha But is it not sticky or something? As it looks that way since it's glossy as well at the same time

  17. Nude Allude, Bare Attraction, Statement Nude 😍😍 I really love nude lippies. Everything looks good on you! ❤

  18. The shade of Rouge Envy rocks! Not a fan of glossy lip products, though. I prefer my lippies to be matte. And I'll say pass for now on new lip products because I'm quite excted with my coming liquid lipsticks from Jordana (Yay, I'm feeling giddy!) Products from Loreal Infallible range are really promising, been eyeing their foundations for a long time now.

  19. ang pagka glossy nyan tama lang and its not heavy naman tgnan sa labi, in fact their all pretty!


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