Lush Mask of Magnaminty helps calm down zits!

Breaking out? Lush's best- selling mask will help calm down redness and induce healing quick!

Here's a review on Lush Mask of Magnaminty Mask.

PRICE: Around P500.00
FROM: Lush, Greeneblt 3
AVAILABLE AT: All Lush local boutiques


I picked up Lush's Mask of Magnaminty together with Sleepy and Santa's Belly a week of two ago; it's apparently the best- selling mask. I broke out a couple of days ago and while I didn't like it, I figured it was good in a way because I could finally put this mask to the test and see if it really helps with as what users worldwide claim.

Lush of Magnaminty is an exfoliating mask with Kaolin clay as base, Honey, Peppermint oil, and ground Aduki beans that helps soothe, moisturize, cleanse, and get rid of oil for fresh, clean skin.


Upon opening, the fresh, uplifting aroma of peppermint will greet your senses (see the seeping oil at the bottom?), inviting you to just dig in and slather it on your face. It's a rich, soft clay with a gritty texture and minty scent.

This is a concentrated product so you don't need a lot; I hit two birds with one stone with this product and that is exfoliation and masking, which saves me a good amount of time. The mask, ideally, should be left on for 15-20 minutes and I follow suit. It doesn't get too hard also.

I've used this mask for 2 weeks straight at twice a week; had a break out on the second week and after using this product, I noticed that the painful bumps felt less sensitive the next day and I also noticed that some zits had their white head out the next day, which meant it was ripe for popping already. The mask helped purge the zits, which resulted to faster healing for me.

A lot claimed that this product has helped resolve acne completely, but for me, it did not, but it has helped calm it down and I won't complain- anything that helps minimize my acne problems in any way is very much welcome.

I recommend this product to those with mild to moderate acne; it' affordable, concentrated, and works!


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17 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I personally love pampering myself with clay masks every weekend. It's a beauty treat for me after a week of work and school.
    Currently loving L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask Anti-Pores. I hope you also have your thoughts about their clay masks.
    Thanks for this Ms. Martha! I specifically want my masks to be cool and refreshing. Will have to try this after my tub from L’Oreal. :)

  2. Mukhng mgnda un mask ng lush, mask and exfoliate the skin. Hndi n klngn ng maraming steps, usually kc mgkhiwly n gingwa yan. Save ng time at mnsan tlga my time n tatamarin ka. Gsto ko din matry yn mask ng lush, mdlas k din mbsa s mga reviews at mdming bet n bet xa. Sakto mukhng my ktpat n ang acne ko, sa ingredients p lng tiyak ko n suko na. Kc yn mdlas mbsa to fight acne especially yn kaolin clay, honey at peppermint. Mgndang "me time" pra marelaxs. For sure pg nkita aq ni baby n gnyn ang face ko matatakot un, s sheet mask nga natatakot na what more pa yan gnyn color! Lol!!!

  3. It's okay with me if this will not miraculously get rid of my pimples, I'll still get this for the aroma and the pampering feeling. This will be a sweet treat for me.

  4. Gusto ko din talaga mag try ng gantong mask, masyado mahal pag yung disposable okay na okay din to sa Hubby ko pwede pa kami mag bonding.

  5. I have not tried any mask before but I would like to try now that I am more aware that I should take care of my skin. Last week I bought my first set at Kiehl’s and it’s such a pain on my pocket haha. Will try this as well, at least mura lang.

  6. You should try Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay from Healthy Options!! It's pure clay and never expires (Healthy Options puts an "expiry date" although I think it's just for market purposes). It comes in a big tub and had mine for almost 5 yrs and it still hasn't run out! It's very effective in drying out my acne, esp if i work it with apple cider vinegar :)

  7. it really looks like a rich mask.. love to try one!

  8. I love mud masks!!! mas bet ko yan kesa sa mga ordinary masks...mas naki cleanse tlga ksi ang face ko using it and narerelax ako while using it.

  9. Lush has masks too? OMG. Now I'm having a hard time picking which one to buy. LorealCLaysMask or this. :( This one looks very interesting, though. It's good to know that this one also exfoliates the skin. Exfoliation is a must. Apparently, we don't have enough good exfoliating products in the country like Japan's The Cure. :( I think this one is a good alternative. Thought it was going to cost more than 800 HAHAHA THanks for this, Ms. Martha!

  10. I haven't tried any Lush product I thought they are only known for bath bombs and soaps. I think this a good one to inclide on my wishlist anything that can help calm my skin problems I'm willing to try as long as that it is not to pricey, safe and recommended by persons like you!😊

  11. Will definitely pick this one up this weekend! Badly looking for good products for my zits 😭😭😭

  12. Gusto ko ma-try to. Pero sana meron silang affordable na mas cheap ang price sa 500! Syempre,medyo budgeted ang income at marami gastusin. Hoping sa kagaya kong mommy na gusto rin kuminis.

  13. I have not tried clay mask, kasi di ko alam kung ano yung maganda or fit sa face ko kasi medyo sensitive sya, i think okay sya sakin for my acne. First time kong magtatry sana okay din sya sakin 😊

  14. I've never tried any Lush masks, since I prefer their soaps.. but I might give this a try :D Do you know when the next Lush sale will be? :)

  15. I've been seeing this through your social media account but what I keep on seeing is the one to make you fall asleep easier? But would love to try this one as well since I am prone to acne and I love mask so much. But since this is for exfoliation as well so how many times a week should it be used?

  16. I haven't tried mud mask but I'm looking forward to using it. Might as well try this one coz I have a lot of redness right now. Thank you for sharing us your experience with this product! 😘

  17. I haven't tried any mask yet but I really want to try. Mas mahal po kasi yung mga face mask na individually packed. I'd like to give it a try.


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