Lush Sleepy: The Famous Lotion that can send you to sleep in 15 minutes!

Lush's new lotion is famous and loved for knocking out people.

Here's a review on Lush Sleepy Lotion.

PRICE: P525.00
FROM: Lush, Greenbelt 3
AVAILABLE IN: Lush stores nationwide


Aside from having a bad habit of sleeping late, I always have a hard time sleeping. Blame it on my super active, Gemini brain that just can't stop thinking. Thinking is the enemy of sleep and to be able to drift into dream land pronto, the brain should be able to wind down and filter thoughts that make you high and alert. 

I've tried all sorts of aromatherapy products, relaxing techniques, and meditation, but what I find to be the most effective are still, are aromatherapy products like essential oils, linen sprays, spa-in-a-bottle, or anything that promises to induce sleep. What can I say, I'm a beauty blogger and I love fragrance.

And then I came across Lush Sleepy, a super popular lotion that broke the Internet lately because a lot are praising it for its ability to send the user to sleep in just 15 minutes. This is so elusive that I had to patiently visit the nearest Lush store to my house for a couple of days just to check if they finally have new stocks. Finally, I had my lucky day and picked up a small jar.

So, will Lush Sleepy really send you sleeping in 15 minutes?


Upon opening the tub, you will be greeted by a sweet, calming aroma made possible by the lovely mixture of Oatmeal and Lavender essential oil in the formula. There's a sprinkle of what seems like shimmery, mineral powder at the center. For what? I have no idea.

Sleepy is a semi-light yet buildable cream that leaves an emollient finish so it's best used during night time (wouldn't want to use this during daytime or else, I might fall asleep in meetings lol). It doesn't feel sticky and is very easy to rub in.

I put this product to the test for a week and here are my observations.

- First use, I applied some on my arms and rubbed a small amount in between my palms and cupped my hands around my nose to sniff the product. I sniffed it consistently for 8 minutes and before I knew it, I was asleep. 

- But the first time I used it, I didn't get enough sleep and came from a stressful, tiring day so I thought that this had a big impact on my sleep as well so last night was not enough to justify the claims of and credit everything to Sleepy.

- I tried it for a week. I would fall asleep faster than before and I love it!

Thinking about it, I don't think it only took 15 minutes for me to fall asleep, but the important thing was I didn't have to toss and turn in bed for an hour (2 on bad days) or count a thousand sheep like I used to. I think the domineering Lavender scent coupled with the softness of Oatmeal helped relax my senses big time, thus helping me falls asleep faster.

Lavender is a known effective mind relaxant so I think it's what's behind's Sleepy's success, plus the fact that the scent is so perceivable in the lotion.

What's my verdict? This is an effective sleeping aid; it doesn't really induce sleep; it influences sleep by calming down your brain big time so you can start dreaming in no time. Great to use not only for sleeping, but at times when you are stressed too!


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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Seems good to try po Ms. Martha, me too I have trouble sleeping...lhat n yata ng pedeng bashin at panoorin natapos ko. Besides hndi nman aq fanatc ng milk mxdo at nkakatmd mgtimpla. Eto knting pahid at amoy lng mapapadli n pgtulog ko, kya sna mkrty aq nito, I need this so badly!

  2. oh.. maganda to lalo na para sa mga may insomia, kung sakaling mhirap silang mkahnap ng lavender oil, pede na tong substitute.
    Thank you po sa pagshare... :)

  3. This is what I've been seeing in your social media accounts and I am really intrigued by this and really wanted to go to greenbelt hahaha. But will save money first so I can buy it. It's not that cheap din kasi.

  4. I also have a bad habit of sleeping late. Well that's because K-Drama is life as well as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. Plus studies 😷 My dad has insomnia, this would be really great for him. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this product. 😘

  5. OMG I need this, minsan 3am-4am ako nakaka tulog nahihirapan talaga ako matukog Kaya Naman Kung ano ano nalang ginagawa ko..
    Ayaw ko Naman uminom ng sleeping pills wow kaylangan ko talaga nito at bibili ako. Salamat Po Ms. Martha sa info very helpful niro para sakin.

  6. Haha this is what my sister need a relaxion yet a skincare. Haha i love how you've said it is a sleeping aid ;),

  7. Wow! Sang mga stores sya available? Gusto ko nito!

  8. They say lavender helps you to relax. I think I want to try it one time and see for myself if I can change my sleeping routine with the help of this lotion. Thank you for sharing Ms. Martha.

  9. Woah never knew such product existed 'til now. I would definitely give this a try as I have a supet messed up body clock. I'm awake all night and I find it hard to sleep on a normal schedule. I've never tried any of this before but it looks like a very promising product! I hope I could find one of this soon so I could give it a try.

  10. I'm also a Gemini and I also have a hard time getting to sleep. My mind can't seem to relax because I tend to worry about my upcoming activities at work and school. Have also experienced counting sheeps (lol!) but sometimes still to no avail.
    Maybe this would help with my sleeping dilemma. I would definitely purchase one for myself because I am looking forward to lessen my caffeine addiction lately ( w/c was caused by my usual sleeplessness).
    Thanks for sharing Ms. Martha! This is of so much help! :)

  11. it's good pero for me it won't always work hehe.. I have a bad sleeping habit, weird din pala..siguro for me makakatulong yan makarelax kapag wla akong ginagawa.

  12. Wow! This is exactly what I need in my life. Sometimes, when I am tired due to a looooong day and my head is aching, I can't sleep immediately. I tried everything from drinking a glass of warm milk to using Lavender & Chamomile oils and lotions. Maybe this one can help me. :)

  13. Ako gagamitin ko ito to relax and to de-stress. Magandang isama sa night me-time or night pampering routine.
    Hindi ko na kailangan ng pampaantok. Yun nga lang pagising gising ako sa madaling araw dahil sa aso namin na sumisiksik sa higaan ko.

  14. WHOA. Seems so legit! I'm really hoping it would work for me. :( I always have trouble sleeping whenever there are no classes. Being a busy college student, I'm used to staying up until morning. :( Even when I'm not busy, hindi na ako makatulog agad. Ang hirap na mag adjust. I also suffer from anxiety issues so that's a plus factor. I think this product will help a lot. THanks for putting this up, Ms. Martha!

  15. I haven't had success with lavender linen sprays, so maybe these would help? But ang mahal ha! :3


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