Beauty Brands that I want to come to the Philippines Part 2

I was randomly browsing my own blog and came across an article I wrote in 2015 entitled 5 BEAUTY BRANDS THAT I WANT TO COME TO THE PHILIPPINES. I was inspired to write a part 2 because it's been three years since I wrote that post and I've now a long list of beauty brands that I want to see in our stores asap!


- I was expecting I'd love Aesop, but ended up loving Grown Alchemist more. GA is a natural skin care brand from Australia that's more on the luxury side; my sister-in-law gifted with me Grown Alchemist lip balm and matte balancing moisturizer, which is a huge favorite of mine: I've used up my tube in only 4 months considering I've a ton of moisturizers that I use on a regular basis just blogger! The formula of this moisturizer provides just the right amount of moisture for my oily skin, it smells divine, no breakouts, and I think it made my skin look more plump and healthier!


- Not a huge fan of almost everything I have tried, but man, Milky Jelly Cleanser is the SHIZ.


- My most favorite makeup brand to date! Need I say more?


- Arguably one of the best Korean makeup brands there is. I've never used any Innisfree product that I did not like.


- A sophisticated brand that carries my most favorite liquid lipstick formula! I am also digging the cartridge concept of Jouer's makeups and I want them in my makeup kit stat!

What are the beauty brands that you would like to come to the Philippines soon?

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Winiwish ko lang yang KAT VON D haha! diko din bet yan innisfree pore clay mask.

  2. Innisfree! I badly want them to have a store na talaga satin.

  3. I agree with innisfree!! I love that brand. I hoarded when i went to Korea! Simce i love clay masks, i love to see freeman masks in our local watsons! I hope there will be cosrx stores in the future too!!

  4. I know them all too! too bad wla pa sila dito but order online namn po dba..pero mas maganda tlga makilala pa sila ng lahat, pero syempre our products is the best din tlga hehe..d mgpapatalo ang local brands! :D

  5. I wish they bring Kevyn Aucoin. Although you can buy it online via MUP store and Digital Traincase, I do enjoy the in-store experience. Plus points if they offer customized Skin Enhancer. :)

  6. I'm wishing for these brands to arrive here too! I cannot wait for Innisfree and Glossier!

  7. Been hoping to have Innisfree!I'm a sucker for clay masks! Fingers crossed!!!


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