FIRST DIBS: Colourette Flexifoundation and Flexipowder Review + Swatch

It's new, it's mineral, and it's talc- free!

Here's a review on Colourette Flexipowder and Flexifoundation.

PRICE: Powder- P599.00; Foundation- P799.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all Colourette pop-up stores; Colourette distributors


Colourette wows with a big product launch that includes 6 new lipsticks, an eyeliner, a powder, and a powder foundation; we'll get to the others in a bit, but for now, let's focus on Flexipowder and Flexifoundation. Wanna know how these work? Check out my review!

L-R: Powder and Foundation

Flexipowder and Flexifoundation are mineral- based face products with Chinese Cucumber extract. Flexipowder is a sheer powder that's great for touch-ups and Flexifoundation can be used wet or dry. Both have SPF 15.

L-R: Flexipowder in Hazel and Flexifoundation in Desert Sand

Both products come in a slim, plastic compact; reminds me a bit of Maybelline's powder compacts. The powders come in the same box and compact design so it's easy to confuse the two so before buying, read the label and make sure you're buying either the Flexipowder or Flexifoundation. 

The box is unconventional for a powder: it comes in a slim yet bigger than average box, and the powder is nestled on a sleeve inserted in the box. While I appreciate the effort to introduce a new packaging format for a classic product, I think we can all benefit from cutting down on unnecessary packaging and minimize our impact on Mother Earth.

The powders have a light floral scent; nothing overbearing and I actually like it. Texture is creamy with a bit of fall out so don't rub your sponge or swirl your brush like crazy on the pan; fall out is natural to Mineral- based powders due to the absence or lack of binders.

Let's test Flexifoundation.

Bare skin

Powder foundation, applied dry

Coverage is light to medium. Despite the fall out, the product sits nicely on the skin and looks skin- like. It can conceal light discolorations.

Powder foundation applied wet

Wetting powder is supposed to increase coverage, but for this product, the effect is it becomes even more skin- like; there's no trace of powder to be seen even if you look closely. 'Tis great for casual days when you just want to look like yourself...but better!

Staying power is okay; it needs a primer for it to stay longer. There's very little oil control, but I find that the coverage stays. The powder oxidizes so go for a shade lighter. It works for me because at first, I thought Desert Sand would look one shade lighter, but it eventually adjusted to my skin tone.

Let's test Flexipowder. 

Oily nose

Blotted with the powder

Flexipowder is great for touch- ups indeed and the hint of coverage helps refresh Flexifoundation. This one has better oil control than the foundation. The two powders complement each other.

I like the finish of the powders plus the fact that I have a shade, formula is talc- free, and it's mineral; a little expensive, but yeah let's give them that since the formula is supposedly kinder to the skin.  I recommend this to normal, dry, and combination oily/normal skin types. Between the two, I like Flexifoundation! These products are coming out on Feb.3, 2018 so keep your eyes glued on Colourette's social media accounts for the launch!


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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ang ganda tlga ng effect ng flexipowder for oily skin. Oily skin din kc ako. Tska like ko tlga ang como shades. Looking forward for your next fb live..
    Fb account: @lechtir moj

  2. Something new to try and great for women who doesn't like to wear heavy makeup or foundations on an everyday basis but gives great coverage!

  3. Whoa it has big mirrors! Can't wait to swatch it myself

  4. In all fairness to Colourette they are really expanding their makeup, and I love how affordable their products are.

  5. Need to try both because flexifoundation looks so light to the faceand looks natural in your face Ms. Martha and the flexipowder is amde of mineral and were both have oily nose i need this too to control my oily nose.

  6. I love that foundation! bagay po yan sau madam! you really did a great job dun sa live! ganda ng result!

  7. First thing i noticed is the color of the compact. It reminds me of face powders for beginners or for teens. I thought it will be in black so it will match the colors of the bullet and liquid lipsticks.
    It maybe quite pricey but since it is mineral makeup- it's acceptable.
    I would like to try the Flexipowder first. Congratulations to Colourette for their growing business!

  8. Something to look forward for this February. 😍

  9. Haven't tried any mineral make up yet but I'm a fan of Colourette so I think I might have to try their new products.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  10. Whaaa I want to try this para maiba Naman,

  11. Wow Colourette is revin' up! This is quite pricey. But their brand really is promising and worth a try. Love that they're expanding the lines! Thanks, Ms. Martha!

  12. Bet ko yung powder! I think i need that pang freshen up bago umuwi from work! I am thinking of a bit prettifying myself before going home. Unlike the usual haggardoversoza look that i sport everyday. PampaGV lang after a long day at work!


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