Finally: Morphe Eyeshadow Palette 12BN Review + Price + Swatch

I finally own one of the highly raved eyeshadow palettes online: MORPHE. So, is it worth it?

Here's a review on Morphe 12BN Natural Beauty Eyeshadow Palette.

PRICE: P1,195.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available at The Style Quarter website


Last year, I've been seeing these slim eyeshadow palettes that somewhat reminded me of Coastal Scents. At first, I thought that CS is back, but turns out that it's a new brand called Morphe. A lot have been raving about it online most especially the superstar Youtubers. I wonder, it must be really good.

The Style Quarter sent me my first- ever Morphe palette (yay! thank you :D) and I got around to playing with it last week.

Is it really as good as people and Youtubers say?

Can't really say much about Morphe because it's my first time to try the brand, but what I heard was they have good brushes and eyeshadow palettes.

Natural Beauty 12BN is part of Morphe's Pick Me Up Collection.

Here are swatches. 12BN is a combination of satin, matte, and semi- metallic shades.  The overall color combination somewhat reminds me of Urban Decay's Naked palette.

Swatches from top to bottom represent pans from left to right starting at the top leftmost shade:

1- Ecru (satin)
2- pale peach/cream (satin)
3- pale gold (shimmer)
4- blush (matte)
5- light pinky taupe (matte)
6- rust (shimmer)
7- copper (semi-metallic)
8- bronze brown (semi-metallic)
9- tan (matte)
10- dirty taupe (matte)
11- charcoal brown (matte)
12- reddish brown (matte)

The eyeshadows have a smooth, buttery texture and looks like they transfer really well onto the skin. Pigmentation looks very good as well. The satin and matte shades have the feel of MAC's matte single eyeshadows.

4 + 3 + 12 + 8

I noticed that the satin and pale shades don't come off as nicely on the lids as on the arm. Sad because the pale shades dominate almost half of the palette. On the bright side, at least the darker shades and semi- metallic are vivid and they're not flat, traditional browns that we see in almost all neutral palettes. As for the staying power, it needs an eye primer as with most powder eyeshadow products.

Morphe 12BN palette is okay because the dark and semi- metallic shades saved the day. That said, I think you're better off with a Morphe palette that has more metallic in it for you to have a better experience. At The Style Quarter, the bigger metallic Morphe palettes such as Fall Into Frost is P1,775.00 only-awesome price!


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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. The shades look so nice! Sad to know that the pale shades dominate almost half of the palette. But it's good that the dark and semi- metallic shades saved the day! I mean for this price, it seems a bit pricey for the overall performance. Still worth a try. :) Thanks for reviewing this, Ms. Martha!

  2. It is raved by a lot of beauty enthusiast so I thought this would be really a great product. But I still want to know your thoughts about their 35 shades eyeshadow palette. It might have a different formulation. 😁

  3. Oh my, I have a morphe se too but it's too overwhelming and too confusing for me HAHAHA. I got it as a gift so no I don't want to waste it, I tried it once and the colors are pigmented I love it. But what bothers me is that it doesn't have a mirror. But overall I love the colors I could use it everyday but no time and talent for that LOL

  4. I got the Urban Decay Naked palette and Morphe is a bit cheaper however, pigmentation wise, UD is better. The swatches in your arm is beautiful though.

  5. Hope you can do a video tutorial using this palette. I want to see how you do a workaround on the pale and satin shades as you said that these are a concern.

  6. The shades looks good especially when you used on your lids Ms. Martha but saddened by the fact that it didn't come off nicely on your lid skin's, especially the satin and pale shade. But the price is good for this huge palette and when I see this on the photos somewhat similar to UD. Maybe the shades of this palette that's why they got crazy on this morphe btw I love your make up look on your eyes Ms. Martha, you give me the idea on the eye area, I want to try this look! Not so complicated and easily match on my style and personality.

  7. Bet ko Yung metallic shimer and brown nito... Meron Kaya Morphe sa Deep Store Alam na this 😍

  8. ok naman sya pero I think there's more pa dyan and really worth the price po, just saying my opinion hehe..

  9. Am really partial when it comes to Morphe eyeshadows ever since, I think am just wary of using made in china eyeshadow palettes to begin with. But this one reminded me of my favorite matte eyeshadow palette - Viseart. I'll note this palette and will try and see how it compares to Viseart.

  10. I jave the morphe 350N so far the pigmentation stood out and all the shades are super blendable perhaps the formula vary per pallete ?

  11. Love the shades looks like it's easy to wear for an eyeshadow newbie like. I never learned to properly mix and match eyeshadow shades and blend properly. Hopeful i can master this at the end of the year! Thanks for the review!!

  12. I have the morphexkathleen shadow and i love it.


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