Ever Bilena Power Curl Mascara Review: Surprisingly good

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Here's a review on Ever Bilena Power Curl Mascara.

PRICE: P205.00
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When it comes to great affordable mascara or simply, an affordable mascara, me and everyone would always have Maybelline in their mind; well, maybe some other brands will consider L'Oreal.

But I recently discovered a new affordable mascara that's been changing my mind because it's surprisingly good and it's Ever Bilena Power Curl Mascara! I'll muse to you why I'm loving this mascara so far!

Ever Bilena Power Curl Mascara has volumizing, lengthening, and curling properties. It is waterproof and comes in the shade black.

The mascara wand has spiraling, tightly- packed combs that's slightly curved.

Consistency of the mascara has a mousse- like texture, which makes it good for volumizing and packing on the lashes.

Bare lashes

One layer

Looking nice here. I can see a noticeable curl on my lashes already.

Two layers

By this round of application, there has been considerable addition to volume now.

Three layers

By the third coat, there were a few clumps. but they can be easily combed out with a clean spoolie. To prevent getting clumps, I suggest not using the tip of the wand because the mascara tends to accumulate there.

Regarding the clumpy texture, I noticed that it gets this way if the mascara is exposed to air for a long periods of time so I suggest that when using, don't use in front of anything that blasts you with air or cover it with something to minimize air flow into the tube.

This thing is crazy waterproof! It takes my waterproof eye and lip makeup remover a bit of time to remove it. I also noticed that it can hold a curl for quite a while, which works for me because I like curved, fanned out lashes!

This is one of the best drugstore mascaras I tried next to Maybelline and L'Oreal and I'm definitely recommending it!


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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Fashion 21 mascaras are suprisingly good too.

  2. O my. Given the price, almost the same as hypercurl of maybelline. Although, I want to know which is better. The hypercurl mascara of maybelline or this one? Thanks :)

  3. Really now, that's interesting.Like you said, I'm also a Maybelline girl when it comes to affordable mascara that works. I will definitely try this one. and it's waterproof you say. hard to pass on that.

  4. Wow Everbilena has really evolved! I love how affordable and cute the packaging is.

  5. ohhhh wow! I am a Maybelline Mascara user for years but seeing this is amazing! Hopefully they can market this more kasi ang ganda ng output and at the same time very affordable especially to students!

  6. Wow kitang kita yung pagkakaiba sa before and after. mas mura pero maganda yung kinalabasan. i must try this siguro next time.

  7. uyyy omg :(((( Should've tried this! I just purchased Maybelline's Hypercurl. Hay. WIll try this someday! Thanks, Ms. Martha!

  8. wow waterproof pla sya mas ok sya kesa dun sa isa kulay black packaging.

  9. Because of this review napabili agad agad ako at nka avail pa ng 50% sa sm beauty store.thank you so much po😊

  10. Woaaaah! I have watched video from Ann Clutz and she liked the volume curl than this power curl. I hope you also review that one so we could compare. Thanks for this Ms. Martha! Ever Bilena is really stepping up their game! Waiting for the release of their new tints!!So excited.


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