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Australian brow brand, Full Brow now in PH!

Here's a review on Full Brow products.

PRICE: Powder- P695.00; Wax- P625.00; Highlighter Pen- P795.00
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Full Brow is an Australian brand that has just launched in Beauty Bar. Not sure how long this brand has been around; I visited their website and saw that they only have a couple of brow products and an eye cream of some sort.

But the question is how does this brand stack up against the other brow products in the market? Let's try.

First off, I love the funky, overall design of the products; hot pink, tropical undertones, they're right up my alley!

First two products in the system are Full Brow Brow Powder and Full brow Wax.

Ingredients (L-R: Powder and Wax)

Highlighter ingredients

The highlighter is a pearl champagne shade with a soft, metallic finish, as with most brow highlighter products. There's only one shade for this.

The highlighter is creamy and quite pigmented. The brow powder is slightly creamy, but finish is matte. The shade I have is a medium taupe brown shade.

As for the wax, it's a clear wax that can be used as a holding product or as a type of "paste" for the powder, especially on dry- skinned users.

Testing out the product in 3, 2, 1.

Bare brow

With brow powder, brow wax, and brow highlighter

I used the powder first; I find it creamy enough to make a difference as I did not have to use any adhering tool for it; lasts pretty much the whole day too. I used the wax to keep the longer strands in place. The highlighter, although I thought it was too pearly for me at first, ended up looking nice after I blended it in; finish is semi- matte and didn't run off on me even if I did not use anything to set it. The brow wax, on the other hand, helped keep the hair in place, but it doesn't last the whole day.

I like the texture of the brow powder and the fact that it can hold up nicely even without an adhering tool. As for the brow wax, I don't see any practical application for it because the powder clings nicely, plus there are cheaper alternatives to making the powder stay on the brows anyway so I won't really recommend it. The brow highlighter is a nice, affordable alternative to Benefit's High Brow, which I adore; if you don't have a budget for the latter, go for Full Brow's.

It's a chic, good brow collection and I like the brow powder above all because it's probably the only powder I've tried that doesn't need a lot of work to make it stick. The highlighter is cool as well because it lifts the brows, a good alternative to Benefit's great brow highlighter, and holds up pretty well too.


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  1. wow! a new brand with a sassy hot pink presentation must really caught one’s attention to buy it. but still for me Benefit is a strong competitor for that perfect brow look you want to achieve. :)

  2. Wish both the powder and the wax would be in a single compact cause I find it very hassle to have it separate. I feel it's pricey with all the brow products available in the market now.

  3. Saw this in Beauty Bar, I love the colors, would love to try the brow brush though


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