Bohktoh False Eyelashes and Eyelash Glue: My favorite falsies brand + Review

Bohktoh False Eyelashes and Eyelash Glue review.

PRICE: Eyelashes set- P400.00; Singles- P160.00; Eyelash Glue- P550.00
FROM: Landmark
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in Metro Department stores, Landmark department stores, and Nippon Esthetic online


Bohktoh is a Thai false eyelashes brand that is a favorite among pageants and celebrities in Thailand. It's been in the Philippines for quite some time now and has been carving the same path as well. The first time I tried Bohktoh, I was smitten because they have a library of styles that only one can imagine! Bohktoh, to date, is also my favorite brand of false eyelash glue. Check out how fabulous these look on my eyes!

Bohktoh's falsies' claim to fame is their featherweight, high quality faux hair. My preferred style is J-202 because I love the way it volumizes my lashes without the costume feel to it, unlike traditional thick falsies. I've noticed that Bohktoh's signature style is the criss- cross pattern with alternating long wispy ends; this is what gives naturally- voluminous lashes without the tackiness and fake look.

Eyelash Glue

This is one of the toughest lash glues I have used and it dries up quickly, doesn't hurt when you take it out, and lasts the whole day. I've gone through two tubes of this already.

Bohktoh offers single pair lashes as well for the casual user. BT03 is my favorite style.

Bohktoh J-202

Oh what a difference falsies make and what a natural difference Bohktoh falsies make! Despite the thickness, it doesn't weight my eyes down too much; I feel that I'm wearing falsies whenever I have it on, but it's completely tolerable-and this is coming from a non- religious false eyelashes user.

If there's one falsies brand that I highly recommend, it's Bohktoh because they have the nicest styles so far, it's fairly affordable, and their lash glue is the bomb!


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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I've seen this a lot raved and loved by so many Beauty gurus. I love to try their glue. Once in a while I trt to put on lashes but it is still a struggle for me to put it on. I love how they make the eyes and eye makeup look more fab!

  2. I layer falsies and bohtok are one of those comfortable to wear even if I layer 3 falsies in one wear.

  3. Gee whiz, thanks for suggesting this and for reviewing it as well. I love reading your feedback before I buy a product, so yeah. I'll be adding these falsies to my makeup collection. 😍😍😍

  4. Nice ha! Really does not look like heavy and pageantry type. Some kasi may look like you really put on a falsie but here it looks natural! Love it!

  5. Fiona Aileen ValleMarch 15, 2018 at 10:18 PM

    Nako bibili ako nito pagpunta ko sa Thailand next month at sana makita ko dun yung
    perfect style para sakin. Iba kasi makaganda in person and in picture ang lashes talaga girl! πŸ’

  6. I recently fell in love with eyelashes too, the one from Japanese brand DUP ♥ you should check that one out I think it's even better than dolly wink :) you might like it

  7. How I wish makuha ko talaga ang patience ng paglalagay nito, I tried buying the cheaper lashes, ung binili mo sa Divi nung nakaraan na haul mo. Bumili din ako, sad to say nung inattempt ko na ilagay hindi siya tagumpay hahahaha! Hirap besh! But I think kelanganng matinong glue. And I hope my dupe nugn glue, ang sakit ng 500 para sa eyelash glue HAHA


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