Colourette LiqLacquer Colourglaze Gloss Review: Gloss is back!

Colourette Liqlacquer Colourglaze Gloss review.

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One of the key makeup items of the 90's, gloss, is shining nowadays and brands left and right have been coming up with their new lip gloss lines like Colourette. I like my lip gloss glossy, non- sticky, and have a good concentration of color. And I think Colourette has just formulated that for me! :D


Colourglaze is a pigmented gloss with Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, and Niacinamide that give lips that "oomph". Available in six shades.

L-R: Feather, Nixie, Hali, Zarya

Pigmented. Check. I like how smooth, creamy, and easy to apply this product is. It has a tutti fruity floral scent that isn't overwhelming, and it feels very silky and light on the lips. No stickiness whatsoever. One good thing about lip gloss is you can mix and match them easily plus creating that ombre lip look is effortless, especially with Colourglaze.

Let's check out 4/6 colors.


Zarya is a nude peach shade. Looks good, but a bit too pastel for my liking. This will look better on fairer skin tones.


Hali is a pinkish rose shade. Looks great on almost every skin tone!


Feather is a semi- warm peach shade. This is a good peach nude for warm skin tones.


Nixie is your classic fuchsia lip gloss. This is my favorite simply because when I was in my lip gloss stage, I loved my gloss in pink because pink looks great if it's in a patent finish. Also, my lips look fuller with this one!

Staying power is okay, but as with all glossy products, don't expect them to stay put once you eat. But what's nice with Colourglaze is it leaves a light stain after it has come off, allowing you to have tinted lips in case the lipgloss comes off completely and all of a sudden your friend does a groufie.

I like the overall quality of the glosses. If there's one thing to improve on, I wish it were glossier, but in general! I like it and I'm wearing it frequently!


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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. ohhhh i remember having my glossy lippies before and its been years since I wore one! While reading this I kept thinking how it feels to wear one haha! I love the Hali color which I think is perfect for my skin tone.

  2. I soooo love the shade Feather!! Nude shade with a hint of gloss is just soooo girly ❤️ all those shades look good on you Ms.Martha ❤️

  3. The glosses are really back! And I love that it leaves a tint on your lips even if it fades :)

  4. Fiona Aileen ValleMarch 12, 2018 at 9:47 PM

    Mahilig akong kumain kaya yun ang problem ko with lipgloss. Need to re-apply once in a while. But girl ang ganda din kasi sa picture ng lipgloss diba. Nixie ang pick ko from the colors bagay kasi sa medyo dark skin tone ko. 💐

  5. My fave are Zarya and Nixie <3

  6. The colors are really pretty! But I'm not into gloss but it would be nice to try for a change. Colourette has really nice range of lippies from glosses, mattes or tints.

  7. Lahat bagay sau Ms. Martha pero saken cguro ang pinakabagay is ung fuchsia..nixie...or feeling ko bagay dn saken lahat yan..i love glosses


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