Crazy Skin Lifting Mask That Lifts Skin In Minutes!

Crazy Skin Lifting Mask review.

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I was recently sent a box of this intriguing sheet mask from Korea called Crazy Skin Lifting mask that promises an instant lifting action after just one use. What also got me was it turns the face crusty for a while, which seemed fun to me so I tried it out immediately.

Does this mask really lift the skin after one use? Let's find out.

Crazy Skin Lifting Mask Onul Dong is a 2-step mask that includes the sheet mask and eye cream. This mask promises to tighten face contours and help smooth the skin.

One box contains 5 sheets, if I am not mistaken. At Beauty MNL, I believe that it's being sold per piece.

Let's try out this baby:

The mask is just like any other mask. It's thin, soaked, has a faint floral scent; it's not as thick as the liquid of most masks, but rather it's light and watery.

You're only supposed to leave this mask on for 5 minutes; it should be enough time for the liquid to set on the skin.

Leave the liquid on for 10 minutes or until the product has dried into a crusty layer that's sooo tempting to peel off. However, you are not supposed to peel it off; wash it under running water to remove the products from the skin.

L-R: Before/after

First thing I noticed was my skin looked smoother and brighter. Last-and this is my favorite-IT LIFTED MY SKIN!

Photo on the left shows my puffy, drooping, dull, grainy skin. Photo on the right is after I used Crazy Skin Lifting Mask. Puffiness has been reduced and it's szo evident on my cheeks. Coolness!

This is the eye cream. It's a light cream with a light floral scent. It's concentrated and you don't need a lot, but the serving of eye cream with the mask; you can definitely keep it and use for the next 3- 4 times.

This is a good mask to use if your face is particularly puffy or rough. Glad to know that this product works and it has just confirmed my belief that Korea is indeed the land of innovative products!


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  1. Korea has all sorts of masks that really works and many of us would love to try just to achieve that beautiful skin they have.

  2. Would want to buy that and try that too. Halatang halata nga po ung paglift ng skin sa face nyo

  3. Wow! I want to try this too, Ms M. I am crazy over sheet masks as well!

  4. This is crazy!!!! Ang galing! Nataranta tuloy ako at nagorder sa beautymnl hahaha.

  5. Whoa how does the eye cream that comes with it feel?

  6. This is why they are obsessed with skin care products, and would love to visit Korea again if I will be given a chance.


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