FIT Beauty Industry Essentials Course: What I Learned

I've always had this dream of studying abroad to enrich my knowledge on the things I am passionate about, especially the creative side. But alas, no time, no resources. Studying abroad can be VERY expensive and sadly, some of the international universities that I wanted to take a chance in either had very high standards or they're just plain expensive overall.

But thanks to the Internet, this has changed.

Digital revolutionized networking and marketing, and now it's revolutionizing studying. Skill- based online learning centers are such a hit and the biggest and renowned institutions in the world are following suit. 

Leading specialty institutions abroad started to offer short e-programs to reach a wider audience and to also give the majority a chance to study in their dream institutions. One of which is Fashion Institute of Technology, one of the leading design institutions in the world based in New York.

Last year, I was fortunately invited to study online by FIT; they asked me to try their fresh course, Beauty Industry Essentials, the first of its kind online.

FIT Beauty Industry Essentials syllabus overview

Created with Qubed Education, Fashion Institute of Technology Beauty Industry Essentials is what I'd call your "energy drink" in the beauty industry career path. It has everything you need to jumpstart or advance a career in the beauty industry, whether it be enterprising, corporate, or journalism.

To give you a preview, here's the flow of the course.

There are 7 modules that contain about 5-11 videos, each explaining briefly the key points, concepts, and elements that are essential to any beauty industry- related career. Each video is in bite- sized length, giving you good time to absorb each lesson properly. There are short quizzes and assignments at the end of most of the videos to test what you've learned.

The video has three types:

First, the introduction. A certified professor from FIT will introduce you to the module and lay out the expectations that you may have after completing it.

Second, the lessons. These comprise a majority of the modules. Professors, guest industry experts, and prominent beauty industry personalities grace the videos to equip you with pertinent knowledge.

Finally, career stories and testimonials. Successful entrepreneurs, academicians, and personalities, are featured in the videos to give advise, foster empowerment, and explain career opportunities in a particular field of beauty.

What I like about the program:

1. Self- paced so perfect for busy people like me.
2. Subjects are very easy to understand.
3. Though brief, the videos are ripe with information.
4. Videos and instructors are pleasant to watch.
5. There's a fragrance education module. Woohoo! It is one of my secret dreams to take up professional courses in perfumery.
6. The instructors are the actual professors at FIT
7. Bobbi Brown makes an appearance in the course!

What I don't like about the program:

1. Volume seems to be inaccurate throughout the videos.
2. I wish some of the quiz questions were longer to further test learning.

Which persons will benefit from this program?

As I said, anyone who wants to start or advance a career in the beauty industry.

For entrepreneurs, this will guide you through the process of ideation to manufacturing to marketing through teaching important points in the beauty business.

For professionals, if you're new, this will give you an edge in your fresh job. For seasoned ones, this will give you additional insights on the market and trends.

For writers/influencers/vloggers, this will will give you pointers on how to discern a product, trend, or beauty issue, which will help you create better content.

I just requested my certificate and currently waiting for it. Will I recommend this course? I do most especially for beginners because it's the first of its kind for the beauty industry and this will equip you with the right knowledge to ace your interview, plan your business, or start an effective magazine/blog/channel.

Just to put it out there, I am not new in the beauty industry, specifically on the beauty journalism side so I can say that I already know most of the concepts, but I firmly believe that knowledge should be refreshed so I still appreciated the lessons; I learned about varying industry techniques and insights, and most importantly, learned about other effective creative structures that I can use to incorporate in my content creation practice. There's always room for more learning and also, for a refresher!

Ready to start a career in the beauty industry? The apply for this e-course! Go to FIT NYC BEUATY INDUSTRY ESSENTIALS page to know more about the program and to apply.

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  1. Totoo po na knowledge needs to be refreshed! Hindi sa college education natatapos ang learning process. Thank you girl sa pagshare nito kasi malaki ang maitutulong nung mga ganitong course sa mga beauty starters na tulad ko. 💐

  2. Wow this is a very interesting course. I would love to learn more about the beauty industry!

  3. I think I saw this somewhere in Facebook ads, but I wasn't really a video enthusiasts in terms of learning. Iba pa din talaga pag classroom set-up. This is perfect for those na iba ung schedule and they would include this one in their time. But this is interesting though.

  4. Interesting!Bagay na bagay satin to mga beshies.hehe 😊😍

  5. I am really contemplating on whether to create my own blog or not soooo this course is so perfect! You are sooo lucky to be invited Ms. Martha! Though there are times when I find watching videos boring, I hope that they made their videos more lively and short hehe

  6. What I want to know is what type of career or job can a person gain with having this certificate? What if having this certificate and internships is all they have,no degree. Will this program help?


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