Sooper Beaute Faves: Express Beauty Blur Cream Primer Foundation and Candy Porefecting Cream Foundation Primer

Sooper Beaute Express Blur Cream Primer Foundation and Candy Porefecting Cream Foundation review.

PRICE: Foundation- P180.00; Blur Cream- P180.00.00
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When it comes to good primer and foundation, first things that come to my mind are high end and some drugstore brands; not a lot of online beauty brands come to mind because I haven't tried enough and those I've tried did not impress me enough. To be honest, I wasn't expecting a lot from Sooper Beaute Express Beauty Blur Cream Primer Foundation and Candy Porefecting Cream Foundation.

But look where we are now--I've been using the duo frequently ever since I got them! This duo is going to be your super affordable go- to summer base makeup!

Candy Porefecting Cream Foundation promises to conceal pores, keep the skin fresh, and provide skin- caring benefits with Witch Hazel, Bee Venom, and Buckwheat ferment extracts. It has SPF 20.

Express Beauty Blur Cream Primer Foundation is a multitasking cream that primes, smooths, and the tinted formula provides a foundation effect. Enriched with antioxidants and plant extracts like Beta Glucan and Barley for anti-aging benefits.


The foundation is the cutest thing I've seen! It's literally in an eye drop bottle, which makes it very travel- friendly. The blur cream comes in a regular plastic jar. The jar is filled to the brim with Blur Cream, which is generally good because hey, who doesn't want a lot of product, but it spills over to the underside of the cap that it gets all too messy. I wish that next time, there's an extra cover.

L-R: Foundation and Blur Cream

The foundation is a light cream that feels a bit watery when you spread it (but it does not drip), giving off this fresh texture. It only comes in one shade, a medium beige shade with a yellow undertone; I guess it's supposed to be a one-size-fits-all foundation; for morena ladies, it's about half a shade lighter than my skin tone and since coverage is light to medium, it can be remedied easily. Finish is semi- dewy, but not greasy nor oily. It has a light bubblegum- like scent.

The Blur Cream is a textured cream with a very beige tint; feels like a primer more than a cream or foundation. It sets into a soft matte finish and has a light moisturizing effect. It has a strong floral scent so those who are not into fragrance may find this an issue. Also, formula has Bee Venom so conduct a patch test first to check skin affinity.

Bare skin

One layer of Blur Cream

Given its texture, you will need a teeny bit of effort to spread out the Blur Cream properly on the skin; not a significant problem in my opinion. I also noticed that the if I layer it on, my skin tends to sweat a little so I only use a small amount; it's actually enough to experience its effects.

One thing I like about the blur/primer cream is its mattifying barrier effect helps the spreadability of foundation by taking away sebum, thus providing a smooth surface that's optimal for foundation.

Regarding the foundation effect, I find it to be so little, although it provides a very light coverage that evens out the skin tone for a bit.

This product is a very good primer; it keeps makeup looking fresh and keeps oil at bay for about 2 more hours.

With the foundation

The foundation may have light to medium coverage that can only cover light facial marks, but at least the blurring effect supports it by creating a smoother- looking canvas. I like the fresh finish, perfect for summer.

I really like both products; wasn't expecting a lot, but I was impressed! 

Candy Porefecting Cream Foundation is a great summer foundation and something I'd pick up during great skin days (I wear light bases when my skin is doing really well).

Express Beauty Blur Cream Primer Foundation is a good moisturizing primer with added beauty benefits and practically works with any type of foundation.

Both products are great for almost any skin type and P.S., you can work them with your fingers! I highly recommend this duo from Sooper Beaute!


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  1. First time kong nalaman yung brand and curious ako if my skin would be sensitive or not. Tapos winner ang affordable price niya!!! Try ko muna yung Express Blur Cream kasi parang maganda siya girl. πŸ’

  2. Perfect for summer, for days that you just want to wear simple and not too heavy makeup.

  3. oh my god!! I love that product already, love the name too! porefecting is porefect :))

  4. I am not happy with this product Ms. Martha. Tried the Candy Porefecting Foundation but it was too light and watery that I cannot really tag it as a foundation (for me)

  5. I've tried the Blur Cream Primer, I'm not much of a fan. But for the price and for the very handy packaging I like it.

  6. Ooooh! I would love to try these two! Hopefully I could find it here in Davao :)

  7. Very affordable to. Thanks for this post Ms M.

  8. Whoa the price is winner...I wish they are around when I was still in school. Kids these dys are lucky.

  9. Affordable tapos ung performance ng primer ska foundation tlgang bongga ...pwede na pwedeng pwede na ...

  10. Wow it really has good coverage but i have read reviews of blur cream. Others liked it, others not. Love that it is affordable though. I am a fan of Sooper Beaute’s packaging!! ♥️


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