Colourette Face Gloss Review: For that EXTRA glow!

Colourette Face Gloss review.

PRICE: P799.00
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OTHER LOCATIONS: Available at Colourette's official website and pop- up stores


Face Gloss is one of the trendiest makeup products of today and Colourette is quick to jump on the trend by releasing their own; but this is not a liquid/jelly highlighter; it's powder! Colourette Face Gloss is the final touch to your makeup, giving you customizable glow from natural to fabulous!


Colourette Face Gloss is an ultra- fine pressed highlighter with intense pigment and comes in three shiny, shimmering shades.

Compact is identical to their FlexiPowder and Flexifoundation

P.S. I love the silver box!

There are two shades that cater to fair and warm skin, and a middle shade that's daring and suits both skin tones well.

Dream Quartz- good for warm skin; rose gold highlight shade
Purple Haze- good for any skin tone; light purple highlight shade
Northern Beam- good for fair skin; pale gold highlight shade

The powders are smooth and buttery; one swipe and you get intense pigmentation, but of course it's the case when you swatch the product using fingers; brushes pick up less pigment so it won't be this intense and you can build the product from light to heavy highlighter coverage. There's moderate fall out so don't swirl like crazy on the pan. Powders are unscented.

Check out what the three shades look like:


I think Colourette did a good job on Purple Haze; it's a universal light violet shade; I thought it would look whitish on my skin tone, but it came off a true light violet shade. I like that this shade is fun and daring, but not weird.


My favorite among the three because Rose Gold is life! This shade gives a modest glow and another additional benefit is it gives off a warm vibe too!


A shade for those who want that intense glow! Northern Beam is also good to use as a brow highlighter. Those who want to look extra will definitely love this particular Face Gloss shade.

Staying power is pretty good; I could still see a hint of strobe at the end of the day without retouching. And even if the product is a bit powdery on the pan, it doesn't have a chalky finish and in fact clings nicely onto the skin. I also love that the finish is soft metallic and there are zero flying glitters across my face.

TBJ TIP: Use it to highlight your shoulders, decolletΓ©, and body!

If you love strobing and highlighting, you'll surely love this new product by Colourette. I recommend Dream Quartz and Purple Haze!


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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I have been eyeing for the Dream Quartz when I saw the CEO of Colourette applying it on her IG stories. I immediately feel in love!

  2. Colourette Cosmetics always surprises us with new products. This highlighter is really pretty no wonder it is much raved by so many. The shades are all pretty but my most fave is Northern Beam but I do like to try them all!

    northern beam and dream quartz for me..
    Hehehe grabe tlga ang colouretye ang ganda tapos pigmented pa BONGGA !!!
    kso ms.martha my mga napanuod ako na madali dw mabasag ung highlighter nila nakakasad pero love ko parin ang colourette yey !!

  4. I love purple haze!πŸ’œ Ganda talga ng product ng colourette. 😍

  5. My collar bone is happy with high beam.

  6. Wow! !What a lovely highlighter! You also look good in all your photos .

  7. Northern beam ang mganda Ms. Martha..on sale sila ngaun sa Lazada 499...

  8. My pick would be purple haze! I never new a hint of purple would make wonders. It is so hard to choose though coz all three of them are so gorgeous!! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  9. Lagi talagang may pasurprise si colourette. And they always amazed me with their new product.

    Oww. I love the purplre haze 😍😍

  10. I love them all! Wowwww, reminds me of Becca or can this be a dupe for Beccas highlighters? And I wish they would produce a palette that contains all 3 shades!


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