The Balm Meet Matte Hughes review: New favorite matte lipstick!

The Balm Meet Matte Hughes Long- Lasting Liquid Lipstick.

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Oh, don't you ever wish that some men are like lipstick: dependable, trustworthy, loyal, gentle, and will stick with you no matter what. #Hugot LOL.

Look no further because the man of your dreams is here...or shall I say, lipstick of your dreams.

I recently tried The Balm Meet Matte Hughes, one of the popular liquid matte lipsticks; I've been seeing a lot of swatches, reviews, and inquiries about this product. Now it's one of my liquid lipstick faves!

Meet Matte Hughes is a long- lasting liquid lipstick that promises comfortable wear. Comes in 18 dreamy shades.

I got Meet Matte Hughes minis in set of 6, which I think is brilliant because it offers a lot of shades packaged conveniently in a small, travel- friendly tube plus, I can finish up one tube easily and move on to the next asap! For those who don't mind long- term commitment, there's the regular- sized Meet Matte Hughes liquid lipstick too.

The minis collection I got is from the 2018 spring-summer collection and it features three exclusive shades: Loving, Captivating, and Passionate.

Consistency is a light cream that spreads easily; some shades don't pack a pigmented punch upon application, but I find that the formula is very easy to layer on. Product sets in a minute or two and has a pleasant vanilla mint scent; I even feel a minty sensation and it helps make my lips look more volumized; the good news is the mint does not sting the lips.

Swatching the 6 minis below:


- Dusty rose.


- Dark berry red.


- Warm raspberry pink.


- Nude pink.


- Hazelnut brown.


- Midtone purple with pink undertone.

Finish is soft matte and doesn't feel sticky nor dry on the lips, although it can highlight dry areas. It's also very long- wearing, stays out the whole day and fading is insignificant even after a meal. 

Overall, it's a very good liquid lipstick. I'm surprised to know Meet Matte Hughes doesn't get as much attention locally; it's a good product!

My favorite from the new minis set are Charming, Romantic, and Captivating. What are yours? Have you tried Meet Matte Hughes already? Let me know your thoughts!


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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Oh, hi there, Matt(e). It’s nice to know you. Haha! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ I’ve been watching some swatches of these liquid lippies on youtube and I’m impressed of the shades and finish. My faves from this set are Captivating and Romantic. Such adorable shades! πŸ’˜πŸ’˜

  2. Haha! I love the hugot line! 🀣 Can this be bought per piece? I love Romantic and Captivating too!!! And I am sure it will get more attention now because of you. :)

  3. I've seen Meet Matte Hugh's Lipstick from other bloggers Ig feeds but I haven't tried it. The Balm's product name is really catchy and unique. These minis has great shade collection for they are all wearable day or night. I like Charming, Captivating and Romantic just like what you prefer.

  4. Passionate is a lovely color but, it has a cousin in pink sugar lippies.

  5. I have seen The balm product from diff. Bloggers na love ko,, specially you.

    Super ganda ng brand na to though I havent personally tried it.

    I love the shades romantic,charming and captivating 😍😍😍

  6. I haven't tried it but i wanna have it all,the packaging look really interesting all shade are in great and travel size so unique you can bring them all in just one.

  7. They are so cuuuute

  8. The first time I've encountered it is because my friend Dani bought this one, she fell in love right away with Charming, she bought it right there and then. Then my mother bought the Loyal - because she said she likes red that time. And then i realized I have to have them too. I bought the Loyal, Charming and Adoring. I also went crazy and bought the minis which I haven't used LOL! I love the minty effect on my lips and yes they are underrated but I love them eversince.


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