9 Realizations on Lustrous by Nadine Lustre + Facebook Live Video

Like most of you, I have watched and read a handful of reviews on Nadine Lustre's much- awaited and controversial makeup collection, Lustrous. And like most of you, I've had pre-conceived notions about the product which almost drove me to conclude not to spend time acquiring and reviewing the product, but then again experience taught me to never arrive at a conclusion without trying. After all, a good Beauty Blogger will try first then review.

I feel the need to disclose that this product has been sent to me for a review and to say that I am not a big fan of Nadine, but I think she is a good actress and a stylish being. I've seen Bloggers and Vloggers with good reviews of the product being tagged as "sponsored" or "paid" so just to clarify and get this out of the way, the set is sponsored, but I am not paid. Whatever you will read here are my pure thoughts and experience with the products.

You've already read and watched a lot of reviews about Lustrous already; in fact, I did a 1-hour video, try on, and commentary on the products on my FB Live (which you will see at the end of the video) so just check that out.

Instead, I have 9 realizations on Lustrous, based on usage and experience.


- The packaging is beautiful: the colors, artwork, and curation. It reflected Nadine's style and love for travel and nature very well. It's also worthy of being a limited edition collection because aside from exerting effort in producing new shades, the packaging is also quite different from the standard BYS packaging, the manufacturer of the products.

The Lustrous makeup set which retails at P2,999.00. The set includes eyeshadow palette in Calypso, lip and cheek tint in Raw, Brow Gel in Natural Brown, Mascara in Black, Bronzer X Highlight palette, and 5 mermaid brushes.


- A lot of people have been complaining that the makeup products are not user- friendly for the average makeup gal. The thing is, it's not and never marketed as an everyday makeup collection, hence the special shades and textures. But I also understand the plight of the consumer who only wants a product that doesn't need magic to work. 

Lustrous is more for the advanced makeup lover or makeup artist who are looking for products that aren't exactly "regular" and can be used to accentuate whatever basic makeup products they own. If you're a beginner and prefer a no- brainer makeup, unfortunately, Lustrous is not for you.


- For P2,999, you get 5 makeup brushes. How cool is that? Also, the brushes come in a charming gold hue and Mermaid design. However, the handles are plastic and the eyeshadow brushes are especially flimsy. So use carefully. On the brighter side, the bristles are very soft and do not shed!


- If you know how to work them. I realized over the years that makeup, whether expensive or affordable, need skills, knowledge, and complementing tools to work properly and look fantastic.

Calypso swatches

A lot have been saying that the eyeshadow palette is not great because they say that there are no matte shades. I get that an eyeshadow look needs matte and shimmer powder finishes to create the illusion of shadow and light, but one thing people missed is even if the Lustrous palette is all metallic, there is a dark shade which is good enough to create shadow, at least for Calypso.

To make the eyeshadow palette work, you need an eyeshadow primer because the powders don't have staying power on their own. The good ol' technique of wetting eyeshadow (aka foiling technique) will also work in enhancing pigmentation. In this photo, I used the Calypso palette only and I was able to create the 'shadow and light' effect that an eye makeup needs.


- Because I never found anything that I did not like with this palette. The bronzing powders are great because there are options for fair and warm skin and undertone of the powders are neutral and taupe. As for the highlighters, there are options for fair and warm skin also, and a daring lilac pink shade that they got right in terms of hue because it looks good on any skin tone.

The face palette is very pigmented. Also, they can also be used as eyeshadow alternative. If you really prefer to have matte eyeshadow, then skip the Lustrous eyeshadow palettes and go for this palette.

YASS. Pink highlight ftw!


- The mascara is too wet and requires time to set on your lashes. But I like using this to enhance false eyelashes whenever I'm wearing them. Also, it's very pigmented and instantly defines any hair strand plus the comb applicator works perfectly on the lower lashes.


- Lustrous has released daring and bold lip and tint shades, which a lot found to be quite dark and unappealing, especially if used on the lips because it cracks, sets into fine lines, and highlights dry patches like crazy. I agree with that, based on experience.

Lip and Cheek tint in Raw

But if used on the cheeks, it gives a pigmented yet natural- looking finish and doesn't look dark and unappealing at all, plus it's very long- lasting as well, therefore, I suggest use it on the cheeks instead, but hopefully, in the future Lustrous makeup lines, it will be reformulated to work better on the lips.


- Another Lustrous product that most people didn't like because it's too wet, too pigmented, and too reddish.

Brow gel in Natural Brown

But me? I liked it; it matched my hair color and skin tone, and I didn't have a hard time using the product. Again, I've been doing this for 9 years so I don't think there's not a single product that I cannot work around with!

Lustrous Brow Gel is long- lasting and good for those with sparse brows and even thick brows because it does not cling onto the hair.


- Nadine is a loud and proud morena. She has a gorgeous tan when I saw her during the grand launch of her makeup line. Since this is her line, it's based on colors that she not only likes, but also look good on her skin tone. That's why I don't have much of a problem with the shades of the products (even the lip and cheek tints!) because the moment I swatched everything, I immediately realized they fit Morena skin perfectly.

But in the time of skin inclusivity, it's imperative that you come up with something that will suit a lot of skin tones, if not all. So maybe in the next Lustrous product launches, she should consider options for fair, medium, and warm skin tones at the very least.

Here's the actual try on and review of Lustrous makeup range:

I hope you enjoyed this video. Do let me know your thoughts on Lustrous by Nadine Lustre!

P.S. Happy Labor Day! Salute to all hardworking men and women who continually strive to put food on the table, clothes on backs, and contribute to the betterment of the economy!

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Another honest to goodness review Ms. Martha! I too love the highlight and contour palette amongst the entire set. I think too that they can still improve the quality of the lip and tint cheek if they will release another collab with Nadine.

  2. Happy Labor Day ate martha..
    Hindi ako nakapanuod ng live mo nito pwro luckily pede sya mapanuod after the live video.

    Truth this makeup line is perfect for morenas.

  3. I think that the shades are rich.
    I'm guessing it was named lustrous in order to shine bright at night or maybe it's just a play with her surname I dunno lol.
    It's a great night-out palette.

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  4. I like Nadine but not really a fan. With all honesty, I didn't really get to watch a lot of the reviews nor finish it to the end for I know I'm not interested in buying one in any of the products. But I really admire the packaging of the Lustrous makeup it is really pretty.

  5. Best and realest Lustrous review I’ve read so far! I honestly love this line and I find it perfect from the fonts they use on labels, to details, to shades and to formula. When I first saw the Lustrous line, I suddenly knew that this is not your usual pabebe makeup. Hihi. This is the kind of makeup that will measure your creativity and makeup skills because the colors are not the typical warm and neutral shades that you can just play around. Lookig forward to more products under this line. Thank you for sharing us your awesome thoughts Ms. Martha! πŸ’˜πŸ’˜

  6. Hi Martha! I actually liked Nadine's Lustrous line and considering buying either Calypso or the bronzerxhighlight face palette. I agree with all your thoughts, too. I've watched and read other reviews, but it's clear that this collection was not made for beginners or everyday makeup. And for that, it may be risky but I liked it. Thanks for sharing!

  7. This one is really i say a great review as i watch some of it i cant still not figure out what really on this product.You indeed share your thought and your great skill.Thank you Ms. Martha

  8. I'm not a fan of Nadine but i got curious about this line. I'm impressed with the packaging, ang sosyal ng dating. And just like the others, i've read and watched reviews about this. Some say that the products are good, some do not. Some just say na magagamit pa rin naman, it depends on your skincare type or preference with makeup. Meron daw kasi na nagwork sa kanila at ganun ang gusto nila. It's great that you also reviewed and shared with us your thoughts on this.
    By the way, congratulations again. Gaya ng sinabi ko last year and the year before na makaka attend din ako ng anniversary party dahil siguradong maraming taon ka pang nandyan.
    - Jhake O.

  9. I love James Reid so much it hurts seeing her with him! LOL! But eventhough I'm not so much of a fan though I enjoyed their OTWOL series and their very first movie I bought them because it makes me so proud that BYS an international brand chose her to have a makeup collaboration, and not just a lipstick but an entire full on make up line! Also we all know Nadine is morena - just like most of us, so the collection is made for Morena skin. So nope if you are white a ghost don't bother commenting because it was not made for you guys. it was made for US morena girls. Then the oh so gorgeous packaging who would resist that?! Most collaboration will cost you your kidney especially if it's an international brand like MAC, NARS etc, but for 2999 pesos for almost all the collection and the brushes and the packaging - for me THEY ARE ALL WORTH IT!
    My friend and I pre-ordered this, we paid last April 10 and we just received the package last Monday April 30, but still the love for makeup , the love for BYS and the proud Moment that Nadine a fellow morena women collaborated with BYS is still there. I also watched your FB live and yes this is one of the honest reviews out there and yes you cannot please everybody. For me seeing Nadine represent us Filipina women out there makes me so proud that I will help in any way I can instead of bashing each and every one because the products doesn't work for me. Also I can't wait for TBJ to have a collab, I'm pretty sure I will also support it in anyways I can :)

  10. Naalala ko ito grabe kahit nasa bus ako pak at tinapos ko yung FB live. In fairness talagang ginawan ng paraan ni beshie ito. Raw lahat ng review nya and inamin nya talaga na it fits for morena amorena and hindi sya for everyday use. Thanks miss Martha for the review.

  11. Thanks for this honest review Ms M. Ang ganda ng packaging at gusto ko ung brushes. Sa tingin ko, hindi para sakin to. Hindi nman ako magaling mag makeup eh. Anyway, thanks again for this post.

  12. Watched the video, I like the eyeshadow palette,
    And bagay po sa Morena beauties 😊


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