Benefit Gold Rush Box O' Powder Review + Swatch: A subtle summer glow!

Benefit Gold Rush Box O' Powder review.

PRICE: P1,800.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all Benefit boutiques


Box O' Powder, in my opinion, is one of the cutest blush collections I've ever encountered; adorable names, cute packaging, and charming products!

For summer, Benefit unveils a new addition to the famous Box O' Powder collection, Gold Rush. a light touch of gold nectar pink on the cheeks. It's a good warming blush for fair skin!

Gold Rush is described as a golden nectar blush. The powder is designed like a golden pink nugget. There is a gold overspray that comes off after a few swipes and reveals the blush underneath. It has a citrus, vanilla, sandalwood fragrance to give off a summery vibe.

The blush brush is a soft brush made with animal hair; it's dense, soft, a bit textured, yet doesn't feel scratchy at all. The brush is effective in picking up powder from the packaging, but because of the crumpled texture of the blush, you need a few swipes to pick up some product.

Left: With overspray
Right: blush

It took me around five swipes before the overspray disappeared and revealed the nectar blush underneath. It's a light nectar pink shade with golden flecks to give a highlighting effect. Powder is silky, buildable, and the scent of it is rather pleasing; a lot found the scent strong, but I didn't have the same experience. Finish is satin with a hint of glow.

It took me around 4 swipes to get the color going on my skin just because it's very light kind of pink, but at least the golden highlight there is quite obvious. Even if there is only minimal color, at least to me, I noticed that my face warmed up every time I'd layer the blush. This is a good sculpting and warming blush for those who dislike actual contouring powders. Staying power is very good; the blush can last the whole day, depending on how oily your skin is.

Gold Rush is perfect for fairer skin tones: it warms up the skin, acts as a blush, adds a bit of sculpting effect, and doubles as a highlighter too. I wish the pink nectar hue could've been a bit deeper to suit my skin tone, but I can see myself using this to tone down light foundation and as a daily low- key sculpting/contouring blush. If you have fair skin, you'll love this. For morenas, you can get the same effects aforementioned with Rockateur, one of my favorite Box O' Powder blushes!


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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Benefit’s blush and highlighters are really the bomb!! The quality really ensures that every gal get worthy product. I love products like these coz I can not only save money but also I can save time doing my makeup look. Good job, Benefit 💘

  2. I've been seeing this new Benefit product a lot in Ig. Just by looking at it, a blush that doubles as a highlighter too! Their Dandelion and Coralista works as a blush and a highlighter for me too..but only gives a subtle glow which is an okay glow for an everyday blush for me!

  3. Wow because its Benefit. Who does not love Benefit right? but i think that this product is for fair skin lang coz its too light. :)

  4. Napakaganda po ms Martha,. Parang bagay po sakin morena shade. Love it po.

  5. And then there's another one! I love Benefits Galifornia, I used it everyday and I still have it like over a year now. And then they have these new one again, whyyyyy! I wanted to try this for myself and see if it can beat my love for Galirfornia

  6. I still love galifornia. All benefit blushes are too beautiful to use...benefit why you make hard for me?

  7. Subtle lang sya as blush pero bet ko dahil maganda syasas highlighter and and cute nya.

  8. Mas type ko ung mas darker shade, Rockateur.

  9. Its nice for everyday look Ms. Martha

  10. Its very nice po, kht mejo pricey . At ganda ng cheeks mo po


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