Pixi Spring-Summer 2018 Collection Capsule Review

Review on Pixi Spring-Summer 2018 makeup collection.

PRICE: Rose Tonic- P890.00; Glow-y Gossamer Duo- P1,090.00; Mesmerizing Mineral Palette: P650.00; Liquid Fairy Lights- P850.00; Rose Cream Cleanser- P1,090.00
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OTHER LOCATIONS: Available at Glamourbox.ph; Landmark and SM stores


It's raining, but still generally warm and sometimes, muggy so reviewing a summer makeup collection is quite fitting for the weather lol!

Today, let's get to know more about Pixi's collection that's perfect for us year round. We have luscious earth colors for the eyes, hydrating and soothing skin care, and a really nice highlighting powder duo!

Mesmerizing Mineral Palette is a handy eyeshadow palette with 6 cubes of complementing color. Made with high performance pigments.

Glow-Y Gossamer Duo is a creamy powder highlighting duo that gives high impact shine on the complexion.

From top to bottom, first two, we have Glow-y Gossamer duo; pigmented, beautiful transfer and feel, and application! I love the light gold and pale rose gold shades! The shimmers in the highlighter are much more refined and as a soft focus finish, making it appear more diffused (and prettier!).

Desert Sunset is a beautiful mix of earth tones. Click HERE for the detailed review.

Fairy Lights in Rose Gold

Liquid Fairy Lights is gel eyeshadow that's generous with glitter; it's like 90's all over again with this product! You can wear it alone or on top of eyeshadow to give it a high shine effect.

Rose Cream Cleanser ingredients

A gentle, light cream cleanser with Clay and Rosewater to thoroughly clean skin by removing excess oil and dirt, plus Rosewater to calm irritated skin. Suitable for sensitive skin.

This is a rich cream so a little goes a long way; it is non-foaming and doesn't leave the skin dry after rinsing; my skin feels nice even without applying moisturizer right away. Oh, this one has a lovely, lovely Rose scent as well. 

Rose Tonic ingredients

A nutrient- dense, pH balanced toner that calms the skin, hydrates, and helps minimize redness; this moist toner preps the skin for receiving succeeding skin care products. Just like Rose Cream Cleanser, it has a lovely rose scent. It leaves the skin quite moist so if you have very oily skin, steer away.

Let's put the products on a road- test!

Glow-y Gossamer is such as pretty highlighter! I like that it's buildable, but doesn't look too glittery; I love the wash of shimmer effect that it imparts on the skin, plus it last pretty long too. I like using the rose gold shade on my complexion and the light gold shade to highlight my eyes.

Desert Sunset eyeshadow palette topped with Liquid Fairy Lights in Rose Gold

The eyeshadow palette has beautiful tones for morena skin. Topped with liquid fairy lights, the whole look is taken to a whole new level!

TBJ TIP: Liquid Fairy Lights can be applied in a breeze on top of powder eyeshadow. Simply dab on the lids and gently spread to reveal the glitter flecks.

Closer look at the eye makeup and Liquid Fairy Lights.

There's nothing that I dislike from this collection, but if I'd have to choose the best, I'd say Liquid Fairy Lights, Glow-Y Gossamer, and Rose Cream Cleanser!

Have you tried this collection already? What are your thoughts?


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4 Lovely Thoughts

  1. The Mesmerizing Mineral Palette is speaking to me. And I'm drooling. :)

  2. I'm "bitin" on the eyeshadow pigment...I expect more bold reddish swatch..but well pixi is more on the subtle makeup.

  3. I like the eyeshadow palette, I think the colors are just good specially for pilipina skin

  4. I haven't tried anything yet from this collection but the mineral palette looks amazing! I love the choice of colors. Fairy lights is so pretty as well 😊 the cleanser is not for me though as I don't like no foaming cleansers


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