Anne Clutz Makeup Brush Set: Budget Brush Set for Everyday and Beginners!

Anne Clutz Makeup Brush Set review.

PRICE: P500.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available online at @anneclutzbrushes on Instagram


I remember the time when brush sets were so expensive; I had to save at least 3 months' worth of school allowance just to get a full brush set. Nowadays, makeup brush sets have gotten more affordable, like Anne Clutz's makeup brush set! Who said P500 won't go a long way nowadays?!?

Anne Clutz needs no introduction because I am pretty sure that all of you know her. Anne did the right thing by channeling her popularity to entrepreneurship and came up with Anne Clutz makeup brush set, a 10-piece synthetic brush set.

The collection comes with a black soft pouch with the cheeky message "Blend now, awra later". Pouch storage is not the best for brushes because it affects the shape of the bristles, but I like it better than hard brush cases because it's lighter and more travel- friendly.

Ferrule is rose gold, handle is semi- glossy white, and the name ANNE CLUTZ is engraved on each brush; it's a nice, simple, elegant design.

The 10-piece brush set includes the following; from left to right:

Eyebrow brush
Bullet brush
Contour brush
Kabuki brush
Powder brush
Angled kabuki brush
Eyeshadow blending brush
Tapered blending brush
Eye shader brush
Fan brush

The bristles are very soft and quite dense; just washed these last night and there's initial shedding, but it went away right after. I like that there are no repetitive brushes, plus the selection is wide despite the price; it has almost everything you need to achieve a full look, but I wish there was a spoolie just because I looove spoolies! I also noticed that there's a slight unevenness on the surface of the angled kabuki brush, but when I tried the angled kabuki, it didn't affect makeup application in any way so to me, it's forgivable. For P500 only and with this kind of selection, I can't complain!

Overall, this is a good brush set for everyday and for those who are beginning with makeup. I love that Anne made makeup brush sets affordable for a majority of people! Now I'm excited to try her eyeshadow brush set!


For more information, please visit @ANNECLUTZBRUSHES on Instagram.

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  1. This looks good ate definitely gonna buy a set of these wonderful brushes been searching for affordable brush sets. Thank you for sharing ate Martha ❤

  2. I really love her for making these affordable brush set! I hope she'll make affordable beauty sponges too!

  3. Wow! I didn't know that it is worth Php 500 only!!! I was thinking that it is on a Php 1000- 1500 price range. I remember buying at Landmark for brushes before since it is the cheapest brushes out there Php 40-Php 180 depends on the brush. It is a good set for beginners and on the budget. Hope they release more sets soon! :D

  4. This is nice! Sana lng may eyebrow spoolie para complete na. I'm contemplating if i will buy this or miss bella brushes. My first makeup brush so I'm not sure which to choose. Help!


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