Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Radiant Light is your healthy glow in a compact

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Radiant Light review.

PRICE: 60AUD (Approximately P2,600.00+)
FROM: Mecca Maxima, Brisbane, Australia
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available through online resellers' sephora.ph


After careful thought and consideration, and encountering a lot of online resellers who sell it at a ridiculous price, I finally own one of the most raved about powder known to women, Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder.

Before purchasing, I didn't have too much expectations since this product is heavily featured online; I thought I already knew what to expect plus to me, it's just another luminous powder.

But srsly, this product indeed does wonders to the skin and I really like it! It's instant healthy glow in a compact!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder is apparently an award- winning powder that mimics six famous light sources and with a technology that helps soften lines, blur pores, catch light, and reflect it in all places for skin that glows in all angles.


 As for the compact, it's beautiful and gorgeous!

So there are 6 powder shades that supposedly mimics the effect of different light sources: there's dim light, radiant light, luminous light, ethereal light, moon light, and diffused light. The concept makes sense because different forms of light affect our skin tones differently. Basically, this compact is your preferred lighting in a compact.

As for me, I like how my skin glows under the sun; I like how it glistens and looks golden so I opted for Radiant Light. Also, it's the best shade for morena skin tone. Most people would go for the Ambient Lighting Powder palette, but I decided to go for the single because aside from price issues, I wanted to focus more on the effect rather than the shades when I do the review.

Here's a swatch of Radiant Light; it's a light gold hue with golden micro shimmer. Coverage is light to heavy; it looks natural, but this powder can pack a punch if you layer it on your skin. Texture is semi- matte and powder is finely milled; it doesn't get all dusty when you swirl your brush on it; it dispenses a controlled amount of powder, just like baked powders. Product is unscented which is a plus for me.

Now let's put this product to the test.

Here's my skin with a matte setting powder on.

Now here's my skin topped with Radiant Light. True to what is advertised, this product indeed makes you glow all over, but it's the glow that isn't cakey, shocking, or strobe-esque; it's natural, subtle, and very flattering. It's like I'm well- rested whenever I'm wearing this powder! This is a very nice product to use to counteract full coverage, heavy matte foundation, to refresh the look of makeup, and to give your skin a midday glow boost.

A lot have been using it to set foundation, but with Radiant Light, I wouldn't advise that because your face may look too shiny and overly glowing. Maybe if you have Dim Light, that will work.

As for the staying power, a lot claimed that it can control oil. I did not notice that effect on me, but the powder does last long on its own.

Some realizations after using this product for a while:

1. You need a big, fluffy brush to disperse this product properly.
2. Depending on which shade you choose, always apply gradually, especially if you are using the shimmery ones; you might end up looking like a disco ball if you overdo it since I said that this powder can reach heavy coverage status if layered on.
3. This product is not a highlighter. Surprise, surprise! It's a finishing powder/setting powder with a glowing effect. But you can definitely use it as highlighter, especially for the really shimmery ones like luminous light and moon light.
4. I find that two layers is enough to give me luscious, natural glow. Anything beyond that and I'll look like a shiny coin.
5. Dim Light is my least favorite; it's okay, but it's matte and offers nothing more than a light matte finish. It's like you only bought a very expensive setting powder.
6. This is important: Ambient Lighting Powder is a good product and will look good on you IF you choose a shade that fits you; use something too light and you might end up with a strobe effect instead of that healthy glow.

Overall, I really like Hourglass Ambient Powder; I'm not head over heels with it, but I'm very pleased with my purchase; I like the effect it gives and how it helps me from looking flat matte while wearing full coverage foundation. I'd surely buy it again, but maybe not in the near future because I don't need to use too much of it and I'm guessing it will last me for more than a year!

Have you tried Hourglass's cult favorite powders? Share your experience!


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  1. I wish gumawa sila ng mini version,for 2600 highlights mahal sya pero if mini version mas maraming maka ka try😀 and u can't finish the whole thing even if 2 yrs ang expiry😀.

  2. The sheen it delivers doesn't look oily. You look glowing!

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  3. Wow finally , ang ganda nga ng shades for morena ,. I'm very pleased din po thanks for the review ms martha

  4. This is one of my dream makeup brand. It's pricey but you really get what you paid for. This Radiant Light is gorgeous it gives you the right glow that comes from within...that is really Radiant!

  5. that glow looks amazing on you!

  6. you look so pretty Ms Martha. :) The product really does bring out the healthy glow

  7. Omg ang ganda nga nya. I always trust ur reviews and i would say na tlagang nacoconvince mo ako na ipurchase sya 😂 i have some hourglass products but wala pa ako ng powders nila and i think i will get asap bec of this review. But should i get the palette coz konti lng nmn ang difference ng price nila?

  8. I can really fake healthy skin with that compact lol! Anyway, the GLOW suits you!

  9. I love how it really makes the skin glowing huhuhu parang glass skin na

  10. I now get it why there are certain brands that doesn't have any dupe for it. Hourglass in my opinion is a brand that is unique on its own. Wish I can try it as well because girrrlll, that lit from within is so gooooodddd! You look well-rested, lakas mka fresh! :D

  11. Ang sakit sa heart ng presyo ng Hourglass, but it looks so nice especially when applied.


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