My PAL Roam review

In 2016, I made pocket wifi mandatory in my trips. Because it's so useful and comes handy all the time, especially when you're lost or you want to know what's best in the area right away; great for those traveling on a limited time too.

The first pocket wifi I rented is My PAL Roam. I rented it again this year for my Australia honeymoon trip and let me tell you why I prefer this pocket wifi brand for travel.

My PAL Roam, a subsidiary of Philippine Airlines, is a global hotspot device that you can rent for as low as P200.00 per day and P290 per day for 4G, depending on the destination. My PAL Roam connects you in over 100 countries and lets you stay connected for up to 8 hours. It's fast, secure, and allows 5 devices to be connected simultaneously.

Renting a device is fairly easy; just go to My PAL Roam's official website to rent. To be sure that you will get a device, reserve at least a week or two before your actual trip.

I used the device in my recent Melbourne and Brisbane trip. I was able to use it in the top destinations below:

Great Ocean Road in Melbourne. I was able to use it here and upload real time on my social media accounts!

Movie World in Brisbane. I was able to share my joy in this theme park to my Instagram and Facebook fans in real time!

I was able to use it for up to 8 hours indeed, and have accompanied me enough while traveling and experiencing my destinations. I was also able to blog and work while away! Although there were some areas where signal was fluctuating, in general, the device works. Bear in mind that the strength of My PAL Roam's connection is still dependent on the telco providers of a certain country.

I'll definitely rent My PAL Roam again in my next trips!

For more information, please visit PHILIPPINE AIRLINES on Facebook. Visit MY PAL ROAM OFFICIAL WEBSITE to rent.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow pwede pala I rent ang ganyang device . Good to know 😍,.

  2. Oh i saw that on some artists on IG,its very handy and helpful specially when travelling..More fun travels and less worries lalo na kapag napunta ka sa lugar na walang socket to charge your phone..Yan na ang bagong bestfriend ng mga travellers.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. Oh its not a powerbank!,its a wifi,my apologies 😁😁😁...Cause its kinda look like a powerbank.Anyways its the newest besftriend of people who loves to travel😊

  4. I'm so glad mas marami na pong innovations when it comes to these things. I remember using an old version of the pocket wifi from smart if I'm not mistaken (a few years ago.) Although it works, it was definitely not as fast as I hoped it would be. This one (PAL) is very promising!

  5. Mabuti na lang naimbento ang rent. Kahit wifi narerent! I hope you've enjoyed your vacation Ms. M

  6. Its nice to have this kind of keep you updated while on travel..specially for those travel bloggers like you Ms. Martha..i would love to rent too when i and boyfie goes to hk😊

  7. Very useful talaga ng PAL ROAM lalo na sa mga traveler ..I highly recommended it to my friend who love to travel too πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘


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