Pro Studio Beauty Exclusives Egg Shaped Sponge is my favorite travel makeup sponge

Pro Studio Beauty Exclusives Egg Shaped Sponge review.

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Let's face it. Beauty Blender is probably the best sponge to ever happen to makeup, but when it comes to traveling, it's quite a challenge to pack; it's delicate and soft, thus prone to getting squished and deformed inside your makeup kit. Not cool because it's expensive!

I've recently discovered Pro Studio Beauty Exclusive's mini face makeup blenders; it's affordable, sturdier than Beauty Blender, travel- friendly, and most of all, affordable that I won't feel bad if it gets squished in my makeup bag.

Pro Studio Beauty Exclusives is one of the online makeup brands that I like because they have pretty solid products. What I'm currently loving from them are these egg- shaped makeup sponges that are smaller than an average makeup sponge, but does the trick. It's just a bit stiff at first, but after a few uses, it begins to soften up. There's an angled sponge and an egg- shaped one; the former is great for blending cream products and the latter, great for blending standard foundation. I brought this with me in my first year wedding anniversary staycation; saved me space and it delivered without the heartache!

Have you tried this already? What's your favorite makeup sponge brand?

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. This is cool. Kayang kaya lang sa bulsa.

  2. cute and affordable! will buy one for my use.

  3. Hi hindi pa ko nakatry nito.. Ittry pa lang ang sarap pala magbasa ng mga ganito about make up. Ang dami ko nalalaman.. Thank you for this miss martha .. May idea ulit ako ehat brand ang maganda 😊😊

  4. Ohh. would very much love to try that!

  5. It costs way less than the beautyblender and seems pretty worth it too! The size is perfect for travelling indeed!!!

  6. Haven't try this yet but hopefuly soon cute one ❤️😊


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