Innisfree No Sebum Setting Spray, Mineral Powder, and Primer Review: Innisfree's famous oil defenders!

Innisfree No Sebum Setting Spray, Mineral Powder, and Primer review.

PRICE: Setting Spray- P690; Primer- P690; Powder- P390
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available at Innisfree, SM Mall of Asia


Innisfree's No Sebum range is one of the brand's best- sellers; in fact, it's the line that got me interested in the entire brand! I just love No Sebum Mineral Powder!

Now that Innisfree is finally in the Philippines, No Sebum line is finally within reach and I took home the best- selling powder along with its two buddies, No Sebum setting spray and primer, which I have been using ever since I got them!

Innisfree No Sebum line is dedicated to oily and combination oily/normal skin types; this line also includes skin care.

Starting off with one of my favorite setting powder, Innisfree No Sebum Powder! This is a life saver for oily skin! Read my detailed review HERE.

Innisfree Setting Spray

No Sebum Setting Spray is a makeup setting spray; it's not a mist-it's an actual setting spray that seals makeup and gives it better staying power. 

The spray comes in an aerosol can; I just hope that this is CFC- free. The formula includes Fixing Polymer that helps extend makeup wear time, minerals derived from Jeju, and mint for a refreshing feel.

The spray is delivered as a fine mist; it delicately and efficiently covers my entire face in just two passes because the mist has a wide trajectory as well. I like it a lot because it's more cost- effective; I don't have to deal with excess liquid on my face and waste a couple of droplets to the wind.

The mist leaves face with a light, minty feel and it smells a bit like spearmint; totally relaxing and invigorating! The mist dries up pretty quickly as well.

I LOVE THIS STUFF! This keeps my makeup intact for hours and keeps oil at bay for an extra hour more! Best part, I dig the minty feel so much!

Innisfree No Sebum Primer is an oil- controlling primer with smoothing properties.


Formula contains minerals from Jeju, mint, and Double Sebum Control System that helps control oil for hours.

This is a light, slightly watery primer with mattifying properties; it also yields a light minty sensation that goes away in minutes; it has mild smoothing properties and keeps the skin surface matte for better makeup application and adherence. It has a light minty scent. A little goes a long way.

I like that it makes my face lightly matte (not tight, dry matte), which is always a good start to a flawless foundation routine. Regarding oil control, on its own, it helps control oil for about 4 hours; longer if you use the complementing setting spray and setting powder with it.

After trying out the setting spray and primer, I can finally say that I'm a big fan of the No Sebum line because I like that the entire range works together to help combat sebum problems. Another thing I love about the line is the products are chock-full of skin- caring ingredients and everything yields a minty, refreshing feel!

Have you tried these products already? What are your thoughts?


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  1. Omg di ko nakita yung setting spray ughhh 😁😁 gusto ko matry ung primer, to feel yung mint nya sa fes ko 😍💕

  2. I've always wondered how this line would perform. As compared to the other mists/sprays from innisfree, would this be your best recommendation (for ppl with sensitive and oily acne prone skin)?


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