My Glamming Box: Benefit I'm Glam Therefore I Am Review

Here's a review on Benefit I'm Glam, Therefore I am Makeup Kit

PRICE: P1500.00
OTHER LOCATIONS: Benefit, Greenbelt 5


Lately, I'm ignoring some of my makeups because this box is my go-to makeup kit. I simple love it because the colors are great for day and night, and I have everything in it (except face bases). Let me muse why you should pick up this glamming box at Benefit. :)

Post is picture heavy, but I'm sure you'll love this review. :)

I'm Glam Therefore I am is one of Benefit's themed makeup boxes that contains mini versions of a few of its best- sellers namely Girl Meets Pearl, Lipgloss in Life on the A- List, and Badgal mascara. It also has a palette exclusive blush/powder called the "Glamming Face Powder", and four complimenting frost eyeshadows in shades of Pink, Violet, and Steel Gray.

Benefit's themed makeup boxes always come with a cheat sheet that's great for newbies to beauty.

Let's start with the lipgloss:

LIFE ON THE A-LIST: is one of Benefit's best- selling lipgloss shades. It's a nude shade with a strong peachy pink undertone, and lightly sprinkled with gold glimmer. It has a tropical fruity scent.

Consistency is pretty goopy, and it feels kinda' heavy on my lips. But since I love the color so much, I just apply a thin layer on my lips so I could tolerate it. At least the stickiness makes the gloss last longer on my lips, unlike some lipgloss brands I've tried.


I think these are the best stuff in this makeup box. (don't get me wrong, I love the other makeups too!) It is because these shades are exclusive to this box, and I think they will absolutely fit any skin tone. These eyeshadows have frost finishes. I like Frost eyeshadows because they make your eyes shimmer and pop in a natural way. It's not as bold as matte eyeshadows, and not as disturbing as overly glittery eyeshadows.

PINK FANCY- a pink- based champagne eyeshadow. My favorite eyeshadow base, second to MAC's Ricepaper

ICY LILAC- a silver lilac eyeshadow; gives more definition to inner lids

POSH AMETHYST- a mid-tone purple eyeshadow with silver shimmer; Great to use in smokey eye looks for daytime wear.

PRECIOUS PEWTER- A steel gray shade with silver frosting; A great alternative to black eyeshadows in creating deeper creases.

These eyeshadows glide on smoothly, and they're very pigmented. The best part is, there's no fall out at all during application! The colors are so versatile, that you can use them from day to night. If coupled with a good eyeshadow primer, these colors will stay (and make you gorgeous) all day long.


Nope, it's not really a 'face powder'. It's just a powder that can be used as a highlighter, blush, or even an eyeshadow. It comes with that teeny weeny brush too!

I find that Glamming Face Powder is similar to Bella Bamba, but this one's slightly lighter. It's like a cross between Sugar Bomb and Bella Bamba. I use this as a blush because I find it too pink for a highlighter.


Dubbed as one of Benefit's cash cow products. It promises lush and flirtier lashes in a few swipes.

Badgal's mascara brush is pretty packed, and the bristles are soft. I like its design because it thoroughly combs through my lashes, thereby making every swipe count. :)

Check out how it made my lashes look fluffier.

Bare lashes

First Coat

Second Coat

Third Coat

Amazing, ain't it? No doubt it's one of Benefit's best sellers. I think I'm getting the regular tube after this one dries up. :)

The great thing about Badgal is, it gives me volume but sans the spiky look. Take a look at the picture above again and notice that my lashes look so soft. It doesn't smear, yet this thing washes off easily with mild soap and water. So bye- bye tugging! :)


It's the sexier and naughtier version of That Gal. Girl Meets Pearl is a pink gold liquid highlighter that's meant to illuminate your face, or give your eyes definition even on your non- eyeshadow days.

It has a scent that's similar to That Gal: fruity bubblegum. This can also be used as a face primer, but should be applied sparingly, or else you'll end up looking like a disco ball.

If used as a highlighter, apply it on your nose bridge and apples after doing your makeup for a touch of glow. You can also apply this on the top part of your eyebrows' arches to give them more definition. Make sure you apply it sparingly, and blend evenly for a subtle glow.

Here's what I came up with I'm Glam, Therefore I am :)

Lid Wash: Pink Fancy
Crease: Posh Amethyst
Outer Crease: Precious Pewter
Inner Lid: Icy Lilac

Since it's the Prom Season, I would recommend this to my gal readers in high school, so you guys wouldn't have to worry about combining makeup colors. All the colors in this box compliment each other so well! It's only P1500.00, and for what it gives, it's totally worth it! :)

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  1. Ang gandaaa! Bagay siya sa morena skin! I'd love to get this but it's the price that's stopping me! Wish Benefit would go on sale!


  2. tanya: hi there! honestly, it's affordable na. :) I'm sure with some sellers, it's gonna be more expensive. :)

  3. Wow :) So Stunning! Love the color. Thanks for the tip <3 I hope there's a sale on Benefit.

  4. Omg, where’d you buy it for 1500? I agree, the price is already cheap as compared to other seller, Benefit in GB5 sells the set for P2100. And the thing I love about such kits or sets they sell is that you’re saving almost half the total price if you buy them separately, cool huh! Thanks for the review, though I just want it bec of the eyeshadows since I already have ultra shines, badgal, and a girl meets pearl. And the shades, they suit you well :)

  5. it's so girly!! i love the combination of colors and perfect for everyday use,

  6. Hi Martha! Ang sweet ng makeup mo. Sana marunong din ako mag combine ng colors para sa eyeshadow pero di kasi ako marunong mag lagay ng eyeshadow saka I don't own any eyeshadow makeup. Pero dapat siguro matuto na ko ng basic para pag may special occasion I can do my own makeup. Thanks for sharing. Dami ko natutunan syo!

  7. Hi,

    The benefit glam box is a complete make up kit...awesome! I thought the girl meets pearl was a tinted moisturizer or BB cream, it's highlighter pala.

    You have a resemblance with Sitti, the Bossa Nova singer:) I love your skin color.

    You look simply gorgeous in your make:)

  8. Girl meets Pearl and The bad girl mascara= ♥

    Nakakatempt talaga ang mga ganitong deals from benefits. Bought the Legally Bronze last year, it includes the Hoola, a brown mascara, gilded liner and a full size High Beam. Super worth the price!

  9. love it ms. martha! thanks for this post. sooo gorgeous! just got naked palette now im thinking to get this one...goodluck to my wallet...hahaha!!!

  10. I've been waiting for your review on this! :) I've been going back to the benefit website to try to set myself on buying just one palette and I was loving this one. I also found it sulit because it costs as much as one benefit blush but you get much more different items with the palette..besides with all the make up I use, I'm sure the sampler amounts are gonna last me a long time :) thanks for the great review ;)

  11. Liquid highlighters are not my fave, but this one looks stunning on you. Might finally give them a chance.

    xx, Kim

  12. glamorous..:D sobrang cute nya, best for someone na girly talaga..nalala ko tuloy yung fake make up set ko when i was young..parang ganito sya..sana mag sale sila..wish to have this one..

  13. wow ang ganda!!! ang cute pa ng box.. and it's affordable na ah.. :)

  14. mizi: thanks dear! :D

    Faith B: As far as I know, this retails at 1500. Did they change their prices? It's the price in my Benefit PR kit eh. :) please let me know if they did so I can update my price. :)

    Unknown: thanks dear! :D

    Kath: then join my makeup class! :D Will post the deets soon. :)

    Jessica: Hey there! Glad you liked my review. Get one na. I highly recommend it :D

    Anonymous: I want the naked palette 2! But damn, it's so hot right now, ergo it's so expensive. :p

    kim: hi there! :D thanks for dropping by! Try benefit's watts up. It works just the same as girl meets pearl. :)

    alpha: thanks for sharing. don't buy fake makeups. they might contain harmful substances that can sabotage you skin. :p

    theresa: thanks! :) do drop by at benefit gb5 if you're in manila. dear, the la lune review is under the Dolce and Gabbana and The Perfumerie label in my category box. :)

  15. ang ganda ng packaging and i think for mura na sya :) The colors suits your morena skin Ms.MArtha! Do they have different shades?

  16. It's so nice! this makeup box can instantly light up a girl's mood.wish to have one..

  17. jen: thank you dear. nope, for benefit's themed makeup boxes, they only come in one version. :)

    sanzie: thanks dear! :D You can grab one at Benefit GB5. :)

  18. thanks for the info Ms. Martha.. :) will check your la lune review now.. :)

  19. I need to experiment more on those shades , although not planning to purchase a new set of make up, meron pa ako ilang pieces of color to apply on, mostly earth colored ones nga lang. medyo hesitant to play with pinks. congrats sa mga mag purchase ng benefit glam box! enjoy the colors!

  20. love the sure going to get one..thanks for the review..=)

  21. Wow! I'm so impress with your skills in putting on eyeshadows. I wanna learn too. Can you suggest po some products good for newbies especially when it comes to the brushes being used?

  22. magz13: thanks for sharing dear! :D

    Janet: woot! I'm sure you'll love it! :)

    Tala: you can get eyeshadow palettes because palettes always have complimenting shades. as for brushes, just have at least 3 traditional eyeshadow brushes, 1 bullet/blending brush, and an eyeliner brush. :)

    jaja: super! :D

  23. Ms. Martha, thanks mucho! I'm jotting it down right now. :)


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