My Facial Treatment W/ Collagen Mask Experience at Facial Care Center Eastwood

Around a month or two ago, I was invited to the opening of Facial Care Center in MDC Bldg., Eastwood City.

Facial Care, if I'm not mistaken, is the sister company of aesthetic center Marie France. My mother swears by Marie France's treatments, so I didn't think twice about going when I got the invite.

Facial Care's brand spankin' branch at Eastwood has a very 'professional' aura---almost hospital- like even. I like it because this goes to show you that they take skin matters seriously. And this professionalism goes down to their services. You can't just walk in their clinic and say to the receptionist "Hey, I want a " Why? Because they know that not all popular and highly- favored facial treatments will work for anybody. Instead, you will privately consult one of their in- house doctors so they could assign the right treatment for your skin. Also, since it's not a buffet- type of facial center, you can't decide to undergo just one session because they acknowledge that achieving good skin requires more than one treatment. They will offer you a series of sessions-- it could be just one treatment, or a combination of two or more treatments, depending on your skin concerns. If these still ain't professional to you, then tell me what professionalism means. :)

Hallway. The place was so quiet and relaxing.

My private room. You're always the VIP in Facial Center because you get to stay in private rooms in every treatment! If your special someone is digging facial treatments as well, you could choose to stay in one of their couples rooms. :D

Thanks for these. I'm loving the personalized bathrobe. Been meaning to buy one for myself but looks like I don't have to anymore. :)

The treatment I got was Facial Treatment With Collagen Mask. I wasn't able to take advantage of their peels because I just had a Salicylic Acid- based peel a week prior to this event. The doctor just decided to give me a moisturizing treatment to calm my skin from all that peeling, as it was still peeling during that time.

Let the treatment commence! :D

Makeup was removed with their exclusive remover then cleansed with a facial cleanser.

Next, my aesthetician applied this fragrant clay mask with micro scrubbers. It really made my face soft and smooth. :)

I was given a very soothing massage with a cool and fragrant cooling gel. :)

My aesthetician ran a laser tip wand to close my pores. Look at her cool shades! :D

Finally, a Collagen mask was placed on my face for 30 minutes.

Post Facial. My skin looked very moisturized. It felt like it has been thoroughly quenched. :D

With Facial Care Center Peeps and Liz of Project Vanity


No ma, didn't experience any breakout. It is because I didn't let the aesthetician apply any of their exclusive post- procedure creams. (e.g. moisturizer, sunblock, serum, etc.) I suspected before that my skin reacted violently to alien face products, so I vowed not to use any skin care product apart from Kiehl's or whatever I'm currently using.

Basic facials are always the best, in my opinion. If ever I'll undergo one again, I'll just pick these classic and time- tested facial treatments. :)

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  1. and that's professionalism..parang princess ang treatment sa mga customers..great service indeed!..another satisfied customer..

  2. sis, after the treatment pede na mag makeup?i mean kahit powder lang and eyebrow powder para naman hindi masyado bare yung face mo after kasi diba there are times na after the treatment pede ka pa stroll if yung location is inside the mall? pero para sayo naman ok lang kasi you have flawless skin to begin with.

  3. Relaxing talaga :) Buti you decided not to let them put their moisturizer, sunblocks and etc. hehe just like what happened to you the last time you had the peeling, nagkaron po kayo ng zits non di ba? I'm sure you need to save lots of bucks before you go for a facial treatment talaga (sessions).

  4. Christine DacanayMay 7, 2012 at 7:40 AM

    Facials! Argh, I love facials but sometimes I don't like how they try to force people to buy their products. As in paulit-ulit.

    I agree with you on the post-procedure creams part! They break me out toooo!

    My favorite part of the facial is the "masking part" :)
    So cool, so soothing on the face :) plus the massage that comes with it :)

  5. what can i say? ANG TARAAAAY! i only could afford the Let's Face it basic facial. but oh, it gives me the same results. but oh well, i might wanna open my piggy bank for this.


  6. special/customized robe!!! wow vip talaga.. ang galing.. first time a heard a spa na may personalized items ^__^

  7. you look radiant Martha! :)

  8. at awe! how i wish I can afford their services! your pores is soo tiny, I envy u my dear!


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