Review: royal Effem Mediterranean Lipcolour Trio in 002

Here's a review on Royal Effem Mediterranean Lipcolour Trio in 002

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A couple of months back, I have received this cute gift from Royal Effem. It's a lip palette from the Mediterranean Flavors collection S/S 2012. 
The Mediterranean Flavors collection is inspired by the the exotic flair of the Mediterranean. It features bold, sunny hues accentuated by golden, rustic colors, evocative of the European paradise.



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 Honestly, I don't really fancy lip palettes as I was never impressed by its pigmentation and texture: They're always too sheer and always too waxy. Surprisingly, this one ain't: Texture- wise, they're just like lipstick, while pigmentation is superb as well as the staying power. If you're a makeup artist who likes transferring lipsticks to pots, or a frequent traveller who wants to bring a couple of lipstick shades for variety but without the bulk, you'll love this high quality lip trio by Royal Effem. However, the shades are pre-selected.

 Skin swatches

Here are the lip swatches. However, the shades don't have names or numbers so I'll just describe them:

 We have a chocolate brown shade with a metallic gold accent. It's probably one of the most daring colors I have. I like how it makes my tan look deeper than what it is. I could also envision how lovely this shade will fare on dark skin tones.

 Then we have a deep rose shade with a sheer metallic finish. The metallic sheen is not as obvious as the one on the chocolate brown lipstick-- it just gives it a shiny effect. I love how it makes my teeth look whiter.

Finally, we have a gorgeous bright red shade with a hint of orange undertone. It is a near dupe of my beloved Inglot Satin Lipstick in 103. If you actually liked Inglot 103, then get this palette!

Regarding the finish, we don't have any choice because all the shades have a satin, moisturizing finish, but it's not really a big issue to me. These lipsticks are unscented and Paraben- Free. (For those who get sensitive at the mere sight of Parabens on the ingredients list) What I love about the combination is it's good enough to take your look from day to night. Overall, it's a good product because all the colors are usable and unique from each other. But personally, I'm still a lipstick tube kind of gal and I prefer the look and feel of traditional lipsticks in tubes but hey, at least I have a lip palette for variety's sake. 

For inquiries, please visit ROYAL EFFEM PHILIPPINES on Facebook.


How about you? Do you fancy lip palettes?

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  1. kaka inlove yung red na orangey. Yup this palette can be for day look- the deep rose shade or pang night out either the red or the choco brown gold. all shades are very wearable too i think.

  2. Such a beautiful trio<3 I love the reddish orange of the bunch~

    Anyhow, love your blog!


  3. I love the chocolate brown shade! I wonder what eye make up would suit it? ;))

  4. Grabe lakas maka Anne Curtis ng last shade! Bongga Ms.M!

  5. the colors are unique and vibrant martha,nice post!.^_^

  6. Jenggay: thanks for sharing your thoughts dear!

    Jenny: tama!

    Purple clandestine: thank you! :)

    Marjorie: Bronze- toned and orange ones. :)

    EV: Hey there! welcome to tbj and thanks for the compliment! Enjoy browsing! :D

    Alexis: yup, my most favorite among the three :)


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