The Body Shop Lily Cole Liquid Eyeliner Review

Here's a review on The Body Shop Liquid Eyeliner from the Lily Cole Collection

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So here's the last product from my Lily Cole loot: It's a purple- colored liquid eyeliner in a super cute and super compact packaging.

 It has been a while since I've used a traditional liner brush made from felt. I have to admit it was a bit challenging for me to create a clean and thin line with this one. Because I've finally moved on from this applicator and l now prefer the new pencil point liner brushes. But if you're used to this type of applicator, this will work better for you. Quality- wise, this applicator feels firm and sturdy.
 Here's a swatch: It's a purple shade with flecks of gold glimmer. It's a good daytime shade. The glimmers give your eyes a faint glow and I like how they'd stay put when the eyeliner finally dries up. Pigmentation is average: I'd have to layer it on twice to get a decent color payoff. Consistency is thick, yet drying time is pretty quick.

Here's the liquid eyeliner on me. For a product that is made without any synthetic ingredients, staying power is pretty good: It doesn't smudge and smear. It doesn't sting too. I have oily lids and I've tried it once without any eye primer on and it stayed, although the color has faded around night time. So what I do now is I use an eye primer underneath to retain the vibrance of the color. This is a great alternative to eyeshadows because it gives your eyes a pop of color in half the time.

It's an impressive product for me because it has withstood my oily lids somehow. I recommend it to just about anyone who wants a natural product, and to those who have sensitive skin around the eyes. I think this is already on a clearance sale in our local The Body Shop stores so get it now! Now's the right time because you can finally get it at a cheaper cost!

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Love the color of this liquid eyeliner and love the fact that the applicator's felt tip :)

  2. OMG! I need this, I'm a die-hard purple fan! :)

  3. I am out of words! The color is lovely!!

    how long did it stayed like this (purple colored) on your lids? 6hours most?? Thank you! ;)

  4. this must be really great, knowing there's some liquid eyeliner i've tried that has those sting feeling when you apply it..i can consider to try this one knowing its also non chemical and all natural product.^_^

  5. hmm Haven't tried colored eyeliner but it looks cute sayo ewan ko lang sakin hehe. Matry nga sa counter. Thanks for this! :)

  6. Jenggay: Hi there! :D Go ahead. I'm sure it will look good on you! :)

    Purple clandestine: Hi! If you wanna get one, might I suggest that you check it out now because I think they're pulling it out soon! :)

    Gellie: Hello! You like felt tip applicators? :D I loved them too, but my life has gotten so much better with the pencil point ones. :D

    Kim: Gogogo dear! :D

    Marjorie: Around 6 hours. With eye primer on, the color can stay longer, about 8 hours. :)

  7. hope they have a pink one too! haha! pretty color <3


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