Say Glimmer: My Top Glimmer Eyeshadow Picks for the Holidays

 What is it about Christmas, that all makeup brands release the most gorgeous limited editions of glimmer eyeshadows? I think, since the holidays is the perfect time to be dazzling and different, most women are in the mood to spend on an experimental or unique palette of makeup such as glimmer eyeshadows, therefore brands see this as an opportunity to easily market this type of makeup--I mean, it's not everyday that you see women indulge in shining, shimmering, and splendid looks except during the holidays so clearly, it's the best time to release all that premium glitter. (Marketing thoughts. LOL) Other than that, I guess a sheer or dramatic wash of glitter on the lids is simply the best way to imbibe the cheerful spirit of the holidays without exerting too much effort. How about you guys? What are your thoughts?

Before you tell me your theories, here are some of my top glimmer eyeshadow suggestions. From the texture, consistency, and to the finish, they're all mighty fine. I know not everyone has the same taste when it comes to the type and finish of makeup, so I tried my very best to typify the eyeshadows depending on the common makeup styles of women. I hope you find your pick. If you don't, let me know and let's try to find one for you! Click READ MORE and check out my top 5! :)

 Stila Written In The Stars Eyeshadow Palette (Stila Holiday 2012 Collection)

The Look: Clean and minimalistic; Fresh, dewy, and youthful

This eyeshadow palette by Stila features a good combination of matte, frost, and glimmer finishes. The featured shades are quite neutral and light, making it a good choice for those who like their makeup simple and discreet. The travel- friendly design and style of the packaging lets you bring it anywhere so you can change your makeup depending on your mood and the theme of any occasion.

 Laura Mercier Wet/Dry Baked Eye Trio in Golden Metallics (Laura Mercier Signature Holiday Collection 2012)

The Look: Sultry and sexy

The deep tone of this palette lets you create a unique shimmering smoky eye makeup. Some of the great features of this palette are 1.) It can be used whether wet or dry 2.) Has a dual finish: It's metallic borderline glittery, and the result is a seductive kind of eye makeup 3.) It has the most gorgeous dark emerald green shade I've ever seen!

 Lancome Ombre Noel Eyeshadows (Lancome Happy Holidays Collection 2012)

The Look: Bronzed; Golden; Glamorous

To all loud and proud morenas like me, you will delight in Lancome's array of eyeshadows in unique bronze and golden shades that complement our skin color very well. Personally, I love gold and bronze because they evoke that glamorous and sexy feeling, yet without the sleazy appeal. The limited edition packaging of the Ombre Noel line is a collector's item too!

 Bobbi Brown Rich Caviar Eyeshadow Palette (Bobbi Brown Holiday 2012)

The Look: Elegant; Modern; Natural

When it comes to colors that naturally emphasize what you have, no brand does it best than Bobbi Brown. Of all the eyeshadow palettes in Bobbi's holiday collection, this one, in my opinion, has the best colors that will compliment Asian skins because they are leaning towards warm, yellowish, and golden.

T.Le Clerc Mono Powder Eyeshadow in Galaxie (Pleine Lune Collection 2012)

The Look: Edgy; Avant Garde

You can wear black during the holidays, most especially if it's T.Le Clerc's Galaxie eyeshadow! It's a gelée type of eyeshadow with massive amounts of glitter, and it resembles Christmas lights at night time. It's so unique and eye- catching, you can even wear it on its own!

Hope you like my picks! So far, what's your eyeshadow personality?

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4 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Love the Lancome one!...

  2. These seem to have too much shimmer and glitter for me! I'm more conservative when it comes to eye shadow. I usually just wear nude eyeshadow with subtle shimmer. But if I had to choose between these products, I'd probably go with the Bobbi Brown palette.

  3. im really not into glitter shadows i prefer matte ones but its holiday season and parties left and right :)

  4. i love in2it! they're highly pigmented and lasts all day as well. But i dont normally wear glittery eye shadows during morning coz it reflects more light it's better to use it on evening parties though like i did on my cousin's prom last year just top it off with a primer then you're good to go :)


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