Review: Shiseido Camellia Compact

Here's a review on Shiseido Camellia Compact.

Price: P1,998.00
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I own a couple of limited edition products but this is probably the most memorable one: Not only it's absolutely unique and stunning, but it's also a celebratory product that commemorates Shiseido's 140th anniversary.

I feel like sharing some interesting facts from one of my favorite Japanese brands so here's a little summary of Shiseido's rich history:

The Camellia compact is a tribute to the iconic insignia of Shiseido, the Camellia flower. It is an honored plant in Japan and particularly, a favorite of Shinzo Fukuhara, Shiseido's first president.

The evolution of Shiseido's Camellia motif

Fukuhara himself has designed the first- ever Camellia insignia of Shiseido. It has evolved over the years, yet stayed true to its symbolic representation: The pointing upward petals of the blooming Camellia flower represent aspiration, while the pointing downward petals represent modesty. When these two characteristics are nurtured within oneself, one can achieve genuine beauty.

Just like the ethereal, salubrious Camellia flower, Shiseido believes that a woman can only be naturally beautiful if she is healthy from the inside and out--This principle has positioned Shiseido as one of the pioneering brands in the world of beauty and wellness.

Have a look at some of their groundbreaking products that have changed the face of modern makeup and skincare:
 Shiseido has first introduced the lead- free face powder called Kaede in 1906 to put an end to lead poisoning and birth defects caused by the traditional face powders used by Japanese women and Geishas.

 As an innovating brand, Shiseido has first offered the colored face powders in 1918.

The 100- year old Eudermine, a ruby- colored skin revitalizing essence. It has become a cult favorite for it deeply nourishes and protects skin in the coldest temperatures.

I hope you all have learned something interesting today! Click READ MORE now for the review of the Camellia Compact.

The product comes in a lightweight and sleek compact with a glossy finish. Just by looking at it, you could already tell how precious this product is.

 This product is a multipurpose powder that colors cheeks and eyes, and illuminates complexion.

 It also comes with an exclusive brush aptly called the Camellia Compact Brush. By the way, it comes for free when you purchase the compact. :)

 The brush is flat and quite compact, and made from genuine animal hair. The brush's width allows it to grab a balanced amount of the three powders. I can even shade my cheeks evenly with this brush in one stroke.

Here's a photo of the product under natural lighting. As you can see, the Camellia flower is beautifully carved on the powder. Every time I open this compact, I can't help but admire this work of art! I think I want more artistic powders like this in my stash. :p

Regarding the quality of the product, the powders are quite pigmented, silky, and easy to apply. There's minimal fallout especially with the red and pink blushes. As for the white powder, it is not as pressed as the red and pink powders, but I find that it's not messy to use at all. The overall coverage of this product is medium to full.


White: Highlighter; An icy, sheer white shade with a lot of glimmers
Pink: Blush/Eye color; a midtone pink shade with moderate glimmer
Red: Blush/Eye color; A rich terracotta shade with moderate glimmer

I use the combination of red and pink shade most of the time. The highlighter, however, is a bit sheer for my liking but at least it can be layered on without looking too white--it just gives my skin a very faint glow that's why I like using it on my brow bone, the bridge of my nose and sometimes, on top of my blush as well.

 All three shades combined

The three shades create this beautiful warm peach-pink shade and it looks very good on morena skin tone. Check out the skin swatches below:

 I also think that it's a warmer counterpart of Nars Orgasm, which by the way is a bit hard to use if you have dark skin tone. I love the way Camellia Compact enhances my tan, and gives my complexion a warm, blushing look. It also goes well with a lot of lipstick shades.

Staying power is very good: On my cheeks, it lasts for a good 5-6 hours with minimal fading. The glow lasts around this time too!

The Camellia Compact can suit a variety of skin tones, although I think it will look a little strong on girls with fair skin tones. For fair- skinned ladies, apply the blush sparingly and blend the powders properly and evenly on your skin!

I would say that it's pretty worth it because its quality is impressive, and its color matches my skin tone so well. But then again, nobody is willing to blow 1,900php on a pan of blush. But if you fancy owning something that's not only beautiful and unique, but performs well, I would recommend this. I even think this is a great Christmas gift to the most important women in your lives.

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Love the Shiseido history! I feel bad for the women who used cosmetics with lead because the latter bioaccumulate. The Shiseido Camellia Compact is such a piece of art! It looks natural and beautiful on you. :)

  2. Love your skin here martha!...Shiseido has great products...just a bit pricey tho, but the color is really great!...

  3. Akala ko pressed powder, expensive for a pan of blush nga :( Naalala ko yung guerlain dito sa design ng Camellia flower.

  4. wow reading this...its like i've been opening a real luxurious brand ever been made. True it was pricey,but looking to the brighter side on how product made and the quality,its all worth and valued.^_^

  5. antagal na pala ng Shiseido. no wonder it has quality products :)

  6. wew this blush is so cute but the packaging looks like a pressed powder XD
    will this be good also on oily skin?
    parang dahan dahan pagkuha sa red dito baka masobrahan XD

  7. Jas: That said, we are indeed lucky nowadays for the cosmetics we're using are purified already!

    Jenny: Yes, it's good on oily skin because it's powder. :)

    Harmony: Yes. :)

    Purple Clandestine: True! :)

    Kath: so true! But with this compact, it's like you bought 2 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, and 1 highlighter. :) It's multipurpose! :)


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