Update: My Cleansing Experience With The Face Shop's Konjac Sponge

So here's the final update on my journey with The Face Shop's Konjac Sponge. I apologize for the delay, for I have decided to use the thing religiously for one month, as I've felt that two weeks won't be enough for me to see its effects.

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Time to retire, my faithful servant. You have served me well. ;)

After a month of religious usage, here are the significant results I have observed:

1. My skin's texture feels much, much smoother now as compared to before I started using the product.
2. In my two weeks of usage, breakouts became minimal. After a month of usage, breakouts became very rare in terms of occurrence and number.
3. My skin feels plumper now, perhaps because I have substituted abrasive scrubs with this product for a month. The sponge has allowed my skin to regenerate.

Overall, this product is a very good cleanser because it cleans genuinely. I would even recommend it for daily use, and as an alternative to gritty scrubs. Honestly, I don't even think that this alone has solved my breakout problem as I've been religiously using my skin care products, but I think the inclusion of this sponge in my routine has helped improved my skin by a huge lot. It does its job well and I recommend that you guys check it out.

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Yey, you updated your review! I stopped using mine since mine gets so "haggard" after just 3 weeks of usage (I use it twice a day) :(. I got better results with using the clarisonic once daily (twice is too much) than using the sponge since its doesn't exfoliate my face well.

  2. I tried searching for this sponge but its out of stock on most tfs :( hope I can find one soon! thanks for the awesome review :D

  3. wow it was very effective, but i dont like the *plumper* part XD
    martha in 1-10 how will you rate this? XD

  4. I have a konjac cleansing sponge from my BDJ BOX. I believe you're very familiar with it :) The brand name is "NIPPON". When I saw the sponge I am quite intrigue on what it could do good for me. I was like -- "it's just a sponge after all" Many thank you for this blog post about your experience with the konjac sponge. I'll try it our tonight! :)

  5. wow....that would be on my next list to purchased because currently i'm using the etude cleansing puff sort of they say a little similar the face shop konjac sponge. I would say i also prefer this kind of sponges compare to directly put the scrub facial soaps on the face it's really harming my skin.great post Martha!!!^_^

  6. Wow! I might buy one. Thanks for this! :)

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  7. This actually looks pretty nice. I'll check it out sis, thanks :)

  8. I wanted to try this sponge for some time now, glad I was able to view your reivew first :)

    Jaja of Beauty Colada
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  9. Ohh, gonna look for this one. I may change and try this brand... thanks for the tip martha!:)

  10. I've heard of Konjac sponges, but never gave them a second thought, or look. Because I simply did not know what they are for. I thought they were like for the body or for the feet. I have sensitive skin, so much that touching it too much causes me to have breakouts. It irritates me, why it is that way. I will see if this product will help me with my skin problem

  11. LOL at the retirement of the sponge. X3

  12. I was gonna buy a face brush to "polish" my face. I haven't heard much about this yet, I might just try it.

    You had me at "plumper"


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