All- New United Colors Of Benetton Body Mists

Hear ye hear ye! United Colors of Benetton has just released their newest fragrance line this year, the Body Mists Collection. Through Midas Brands, the exclusive distributor of United Colors of Benetton fragrances, me and a couple of beauty bloggers were invited to an unveiling held at Early Bird Breakfast Club, Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Benetton is one of the fragrance brands I grew up using, so I went to see the new things this classic brand has in store for me and for you guys as well. :)

Known for their principle Unity in Diversity, Benetton's new Body Mist collection is a fragrance range that echoes the individuality and dynamism of 12 cultures and nations. Made with the most inspiring ingredients derived from all over the world, these body mists invite everyone to explore and use the world as an inspiration.

These scents will also take you on a sensorial trip around the world and let you experience what makes these countries unique!

Click READ MORE and "book your flight" now via Benetton, and find out how you can score your free FreSH Loyalty Card! :D

Sophie's choice is Sparkling Guarana, while Shen opted for Smoothing Orchid.

So nice to see my fellow bloggers again after the looong holiday break! :D From Left to Right, Michelle, Brand Manager for Benetton Fragrances Emily Sy- Koa, Dior Co, and Tara Cabullo.

This time with Jheng, Angela, and Sophie. Super thanks for this wonderful lunch, Emily and Midas Brands! :D

Check out the entire range of Benetton Body Mist:

Smoothing Orchid- Thailand
Relaxing Violet- Morocco
Magnetizing Jasmine- Egypt
Cheering Rose- Turkey
Stimulating Aqua- Madagascar
Charming Frangipani- Nicaragua
Refreshing Apple- Australia
Appealing Lily- France
Warming Mango- India
Arousing Watermelon- South Africa
Sparkling Guarana- Guyana
Energizing Pitanga- Brazil

I've always wanted to go to Thailand and Turkey, for shopping and exploration purposes, so I chose Smoothing Orchid and Cheering Rose. With these body mists, I can finally give my perfumes a break. The overall lightness of the body mists truly make them a must- have for the summer season!

Our friends from Midas were also kind enough to throw in a free Loyalty Card for me.

And you guys can also get this for free!

Just visit any FreSH Fragrance store, declare that you are a perfume addict with their signboards, graciously accept your complimentary FReSH Loyalty Card, and shout "YES!" (Okay I'm exaggerating here. No need to shout YES ahahaha.)

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Please visit FReSH FRAGRANCE BAR on Facebook for more details about the promo and the new United Colors of Benetton Body Mist range.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. wow this is great, hulnig gamit ko pa ata ng benetton e nung elementary pa ako XD . and you know i love your skin color so much! mabuhay mga morena! hahaha!

  2. I wanna try the Appealing Lily. Do you have an idea on how much it is? Thanks. :)

    I should visit Fresh Fragrance Bar in Eastwood tomorrow. Super cool nung promo nila. :D

    Thank you so much for sharing. :)

    Katie Kate
    Broke But Happy

  3. I wanted to try the Arousing Watermelon (South Africa) and Energizing Pitanga (Brazil) just like yu wanted and dreaming to go in that place., btw, i get caught with your "short-short" nice outfit.:D

  4. Benetton has been a part of my growing up years, hihihi... i wanna try this out! :)

  5. Wow kala ko hot and cold lang benetton. Woudve been nice kung may philippines n kasama. Ang main ingredient is papaya.

  6. love those skimpy bottoms ms m, so sexy without looking so revealing kasi nabalance non top mo. all along i thought hot and cold lang ang fragrance line ng benetton, hahahha. i would have loved to see philippines there, passion fruit philippines!

  7. already had my "Magnetizing Jasmine- Egypt" and i really love it.. I even wear it before going to sleep.. heheheh.. =)

  8. Leoniza: Hi and welcome to tbj! thank you for sharing your thoughts! :D Me too! I sometimes wear fragrances before going to sleep. :D Nice to know that I'm not the only one haha! :D

    Eloise: passionfruit philippines sounds nice. :) And thanks for your kind compliments. :) Benetton has a lot of scents, actually, including paradiso pink, inferno blue, and sport--these are the classic ones just like hot and cold. :)

    Issa: same! :D

    Ohms: Thank you! :D

    Kate: it's 499php each. :D

    Jenny: thank you! :D


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