Guédez Bags: Space And Style Combined

When I was in Grade School, I was a loud and proud Girl Scout. As a Girl Scout, I was taught to invariably be of service to other people, and that means bringing a lot of stuff such as First Aid Kits, tissue paper, wet wipes, extra food and water and basically anything and everything that would be very useful to other people. The Girl Scout credo "Laging Handa" (Always Ready) has had a great bearing on me that until now, I couldn't leave the house without bringing a lot of extras (I even bring an extra underwear with me all the time! LOL!) so a big bag really does it for me. I know that fashion boils down to personal taste, but I really couldn't understand how some women can afford to bring a teeny weeny bag with them and manage to feel "complete." I tried bringing a clutch once, and I felt naked (LOL) so I went back to my car and dumped my clutch right inside my canvas bag and brought it along with my extras haha!

Last month, I was introduced to this brand new local bag brand called Guédez, a brainchild of Trixie and Patch, girls who have a flair for stylish, functional, and versatile fashion.

Guédez is dedicated to creating basic bags for work/school/play that are big on style and space. Since I mentioned the word SPACE, you know now what attracted me most to this bag. And when I said STYLE, I meant timeless, enduring design--not a disposable one.

Click READ MORE and see the entire Guédez collection!

Guédez is like the modern individual with a touch of sophistication: It is in a hip box design made from high quality leather with a smooth, semi- matte finish, and comes in 4 gorgeous colors: Center Court, Desert, Firetruck, and Kohl.

Guédez's bags come in two sizes: Industria and Industria Gran

Industria (P2,690.00) is a great everyday bag that can pretty much accomodate a lot of stuff from tablets to makeup kits. It comes in four colors.

Industria Gran (P2,990.00) is for those who love bringing a MOTHERLOAD of stuff with them. Now you can fit in here your laptop, daily essentials, and maybe around two to three tops. It comes in two colors.

You may visit Guédez's OFFICIAL WEBSITE for more information about their products.

P.S. Guédez can personalize bags too! Please wait for my detailed bag review on Guédez Industria in Fire Truck. :)

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow! That's a super nice bag, Ms. Martha. I want to have one. I also bring lots of stuff with me. And I'm looking for a bag that can handle my everyday stuff. Plus I really love the design. Thanks for sharing this. :)

  2. Not sure if this is the same as what askmowhats. had pero i wish u cudve modeled it to see how the bags really look like.

  3. this bag sounds international, but this was good enough for woman who always fan of big one of those.:)

  4. i have safety pins,needles and threads and bandages in my bag ahahaha love the green

  5. i am like that seriously i cant leave with a small bag unless its just near and sandali lang ang lakad.
    i carry all those except for the extra underwear! haha!
    my friends and family would tell me dala ko daw ang bahay namin palagi.haha.
    for me its necessity! but ill try to lessen because my shoulder aches sometimes because of the heaviness..
    cant wait for the detailed review.
    i have problems on bag with those sling locks like that! nasisira siya agad sakin maybe because of the heaviness. kaya kaya nito un bigat? :)
    the black bag look like a doctor bag(bp stuff bnlah blah)

  6. id like to have one! now na lol..hope you can share their contact numbers too :-) thanks for sharing ms martha!

  7. just wishing they've got a more bigger bag than this., I got a lot of stuff to put on it.^^

  8. Eloise: The modeling part will be in the detailed review post. :)

    Purple: Yes, they have and it's the industria gran :)

    Marsied: Hi there! You can visit their website--their contact details are there. :) I've provided a link in the post. :)

    Jenny: thanks for sharing! Yes, I believe it can carry heavy things and withstand it as the hooks are really thick and sturdy- looking. But it's not really advisable to stuff bags because it just speeds up its wear and tear. :)

    Arya: thanks for sharing! :D

    Issa: ditto, most especially the green one! :D

    Ohms: yes, it looks international but it's proudly Filipino- made! :D I think Industria gran will suit you more since you mentioned you love big bags. But this style, industria, is quite big enough! :)


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