Sumptuous Sundays: Early Bird Breakfast Club

Whoops! Sorry for the hazy photo as this was taken during night time! :)

Filipinos LOVE breakfast food-we have it at any time of the day (sometimes, thrice a day) and when we do, we also eat buckets of rice along with it. Sometimes, I ask myself, "Why do Pinoys love breakfast food so much? What magic potion is in it?" Well, I guess it is because we naturally love rich, salty, rice- friendly food and breakfast meals just perfectly exhibit these qualities.

Last Friday, I have discovered this restaurant called Early Bird Breakfast Club through an event, and I've been hooked ever since! I went back yesterday with my mom, who's also a fan of breakfast food particularly Vigan Longsilog, and she has approved of it too! I can't wait to bring the BF to this place because he's a fan of French Toasts! (sosy! LOL!)

PRICE RANGE: P300.00- P700.00

Right at Fort Pointe 2, inside the area of The Fort Strip is where Early Bird Breakfast Club is located. It's a feel- good, quaint whole- day breakfast café that serves timeless breakfast favorites such as pancakes, sandwiches, French Toasts, and various staple dishes from American, Pinoy, and French cuisines.

I also love the fact that they play feel- good, steady songs to accompany the mood of the place and nature of the food. It's always morning here at the Early Bird Breakfast Club!

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Disclaimer: I DO NOT eat this amount of food (although it's pretty close. LOL!) The photos were taken during my first two visits. :)

Caesar Salad- A modern take on good ol' Caesar's bed of greens because instead of grilled chicken, the long, deep- fried thing that rests on top of the veggies is fish. :)

Vigan Longganisa Meal- Huge chunks of authentic Vigan longganisa with egg and fried rice. I like the fact that the longganisas are huuuge! :D

Adobo Sunrise- This reminds me so much of Rodic's famous Tapsilog that's why I like it! (Oh, my college days in UP Diliman!) UP Diliman is quite far from where I live so whenever I'm craving for good ol' Rodic's, I'll go to this place!

Signature Pancakes- Three yummy buttermilk pancakes sandwiching a chunk of flavored butter and whipped cream, and drizzled with chocolate syrup plus Vermont Maple Syrup on the side. Heaven! The pancake batter is lightly sweet, never overwhelming, and isn't dry--just the way I like it!

Chocolate and Nutella French Toast- Four rich, chocolatey french toasts. Just like the pancakes, it doesn't taste too dry and burnt, (which is an unfortunate case for some French Toast renditions) yet its a little syrupy for my liking. Well, I was never really a fan of French Toasts anyway. :)

Bread and Vanilla Pudding- Errr...I'm not sure if I've provided the real name of this dessert dish. It's creme brulée pudding with bread chunks topped with frothy whipped cream and sliced strawberry. I love love love this dessert! I am a fan of Creme Brulée and Bread Pudding, and I'm happy to know that this dessert combines the two! It has a creamy, semi- sweet, delightful taste--it's something that you could eat over and over again!

Fruits with Honey and Yogurt- For the health- conscious people out there, the restaurant also has a healthy dessert for you. I wish I got more of the yogurt than the honey though. :p

The good thing about their meals is they're always good for two. Aside from that, plating of the food is nice, servers are attentive and jolly, and the overall taste of the food is excellent. I'm definitely coming back, but I wish they would soon introduce new items in the menu for variety. :)

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  1. gusto ko to matry e kaso ang layo XD
    the bread and vanilla pudding mukhang masarap :)
    ano kaya lasa ng authentic longganisa? XD
    you didnt comment on that XD

  2. Ang sarap n breakfast naman nian. I love corned beef meal pano kaya ang rendition nila non

  3. I wanna try this resto! If you don't mind me asking, how much is the longganisa meal? Thanks! :)

  4. I wanna try the Chocolate and Nutella French Toast and also the Bread and Vanilla Pudding. I love the food presentation. Super super nice. Another great discovery, Ms. Martha! Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. it looks so cozy :)

    naku ha, nagcrave tuloy ako sa tapa because of that adobo flakes haha good morning Martha!

  6. nakakagutom, the adobo sunrise will surely hit the Filipino taste, I wanted to catch up on this..:)

  7. thanks girls! hope you could try this resto soon! I highly recommend it! :D


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