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Are there beauty products that you miss? These products that have become a part of your life, most especially when you were just starting out in your journey to self- discovery with makeup? You loved them so much and thought they will just be here forever but in a sudden twist of fate, they were pulled out. :(

I actually have a lot of beauty products that I miss, but these are just the memorable ones that came to mind. This post was inspired by that of Nikki of Askmewhats, wherein she enumerated all her bygone favorites. Let's now stroll along memory lane, shall we?

Circa 2000 or 2001

I miss the eyeshadows from this brand, most especially the glitter, galaxy ones. These eyeshadows yield a beautiful, unique foil- like finish that definitely gives you a look that's ala- magazine or runway!

Circa 2000 or 2001

In my opinion, this is the only mascara that keeps your lashes curled 25/7! (Yeah I meant that)

Circa 2000 or earlier

Who on earth has not fallen in love with The Body Shop's Moonflower? It's such a warm, caressing gentle fragrance that reminds you of the solemnity of the night and on the technical aspect, its staying power is cray! But I've finally come to accept in my heart that we won't be seeing this product any longer because the flower Moonflower, the flower where the scent of this fragrance is derived from, is an endangered plant.

Circa 2000 or 2001

ZA's Face Powder is one of my first makeup products in high school. It's very light, which makes it perfect for young adults and basically anyone who just wants to look fresh and neat.

Circa 2006 or 2007

Ah...Philosophy makes GREAT fragrances. If I had the money before, I would've hoarded this perfume! It's a sweet floral scent that isn't overwhelming, young yet elegant, and smells very, very romantic. I remember, I would always go to Beauty Bar whenever I'm in a mall just to spray this one all over my body!

Circa 2005 or earlier

Another favorite of mine! Amazing Grace is the type of fragrance that will really make you turn and sniff the trail! The first time I smelled this fragrance was on my mom, who by the way loves this fragrance to bits. It smells so unique and heavenly-for me, it's the only sophisticated fragrance that smells sheer and is absolutely wearable in our humid weather. I ordered this one from Sephora last Christmas and gifted it to mom. :)

Circa 2004

If a majority of women would say that their first love is The Body Shop's lip and cheek tint, mine would be this. Philosophy's The Supernatural Lip and Cheek Tint is another fabulous product from the brand. I love its rich gel finish that is so easy to blend, melts into a rosy red finish, (not just flat red) and doesn't stain my skin and fingers at all! Supernatural indeed! I also love it for its fragrant rose scent. If my memory serves me right, Donita Rose was an avid fan of this product as well. The Supernatural Lip Lacquer was introduced along with the lip and cheek tint in a set and I managed to score one for myself when it was still available locally. The lipgloss is very good too: It has a rich and luxurious texture, a dollop goes a long way, and staying power is very good.

Dang, how I wish I could own these beauty products again!

How about you? What are the beauty products that you miss? Share them below! :)

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love TBS' Moonflower, too! It's a shame they discontinued the Apple Blossom EDT, which is one of my all-time favorites.

    Another product that I miss is Vanilla Musk by Coty. This is my very first EDT, which paved the way for my love affair with anything vanilla. :)

  2. ZA is still available in drugstores in Singapore..Try to grab one if you're there!

  3. cool I been used din the Philosophy the supernatural lip and cheek tint, i remember, my highschool friends are also have this, parang "friendship thing".":_)

  4. Wow college days buhay pa ang fadio. And yes it was my hg mascara. I used to miss pantene restoratives anti frizz conditioner. Buti nlng i dscovered snoe hair heroes.

    I read somewhere n companies discontinue a product as a marketing ploy. Theyll usually phase it out and will introduce a new one but wd same contents just different packaging

  5. wow, that mascara sounds really great. hope it makes a comeback.

    I miss shampoos like Lux and that egg shampoo whose brand I've forgotten.

  6. i miss my highschool years in here, so here are the products i miss using:
    -avon lip and cheek tint
    -penshoppe cheek tint. do they still sell them?
    -eb black eyeliner
    -avon clear mascara to tame my unruly eyebrows and lashes
    -avon lipbalm

    i usually go for avon when im in high school and i really miss using them. maybe ill be buying that cheek tint again to have natural blush on my cheeks and i miss using that so why not? :)

  7. It wasn't make up but i loved the jergens lotion that was shimmery (I don't remember its exact name). I was not a fan of its scent but i loved its golden shimmers on my skin, especially on summer night outs.

  8. Man! I miss Moonflower too. I remember going to TBS just so I can spritz on the product. Hahaha!

  9. yes, i truly miss TBS's Moonflower... it was that one scent I was remembered for by friends, coz the scent sticks to you... and i felt really pretty wearing it! :)

  10. Mills, Alexis, and Czjai: Same here! I love Moonflower! Too bad, it had to be discontinued. :(

    Nana: Hi there and welcome to tbj! Yeah! I know that product and I loved using that too, most especially after a beach trip. :)

    Jenny: thanks for the list! Avon's clear mascara was my very first- mascara. :D

    Anonymous: Hi and welcome to tbj! Yeah, Fasio's one great mascara brand. I was a fool for not hoarding it when I saw it in Sasa for I had prioritized Dolly Wink. :p Regrets, regrets. LOL! Anyway, hmmm...I kinda' recall that shampoo but like you, I have completely forgotten its name! :D

    Vien: Hi Vien and welcome to tbj! Yes, saw ZA in Singapore and Hong Kong. Hopefully the brand comes back to the Philippines. :D


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