Review: Celeteque DermoScience Matte Moisturizer SPF 30

Here's a review on Celeteque DermoScience Matte Moisturizer SPF 30

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I've a cool find that I will share with you guys today. I know that a lot of people tend to hate sunblock, most especially affordable ones for in general, they have this sticky, icky texture, and they always yield that infamous white cast. Well, good news--there's an affordable drugstore sunblock/moisturizer that's completely tolerable! Guys, meet Celeteque DermoScience Sun Care Matte Moisturizer with SPF 30.


It comes in a squeeze- type tube for hygienic and easy usage. Tube size is pretty huge and quite filled to the brim! :)


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It has a bevy of SPF ingredients, although I think it can't thoroughly protect skin from UVA rays because it only has Titanium Dioxide, a common and not-so-strong type of UVA blocker. Please refer to the chart below:

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BUT--I am not saying that this product cannot protect you from UVA rays at all. All I'm saying is that it's still something you'd have to reapply and support with other SPF- laden products.


 Consistency is pretty thick yet kinda' spreadable. It has the typical sunblock scent, and absorbability takes a while. It does not dry to a matte finish as advertised, but rather a semi- matte one.

On a positive note, for an affordable sunblock/moisturizer, it has SPF 30, which is the recommended minimum SPF level for the face. Other affordable sunblocks only have the maximum SPF level of 15 or 25. If compared with other sunblocks of the same price range, I find that this one has a more superior texture and finish because it's not too wet and greasy. It leaves a tinge of white cast, although it's not that annoying to considered a caveat. The trick here is to apply it by layers, (if you have the time) or spread and blend it evenly on the skin. (if you don't have the time)

Overall, its quality is pretty decent for its price. It's not really a wowdotcom product for me as my HG facial sunblock is Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense, but for beauties on a budget, this is good enough! For me, it's perhaps the best affordable facial sunblock out there.

It's good for any kind of skin type, I suppose, because its texture is light enough to be tolerated by anyone, including oily-combination skin. Not only that, this multipurpose product will help cut down your preparation time too!


Please visit CELETEQUE on Facebook for more details about their Sun Care range.

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. my sister uses this, it somehow help in managing her oily face

  2. it's quite affordable. i don't use sunblock daily. maybe I should start :)


  3. nice kasi its a moisturizer and sun block in one, not for summer though, pang everday or at home lang.

  4. Hey, I've been using this too and it is such a great find! I was looking for daily sunblock and was supposed to get another brand but it was like P600. I saw this and opted to try it. I am super happy with it. Works well as a make-up primer too and the price is a winner. Just make sure the area where you put on make-up is cool because this has a tendency to make your face sweat or feel warm.

  5. so its not matte at all. and a low protection for uv rays? hmm. .its worth to try but ill still prefer snoe sunblock :))

  6. Weheheh lowbperformance lang pala against uv rays. Im using snoe bb cream may spf n dn un and matte finish pa . Oj n ko don

  7. i got this...and i must say it really goes well with my skin type.^_^

  8. I've been using this for a while now. Its consistency is matte once you apply but after about an hour, it tends to get oily on the skin. I have an oily skin and I thought this would work on me, but I still use it on a daily basis though. I just have to reapply my powder so the shine would not peek through. What more can I ask for a cheap sunblock plus moisturizer in one. And the benefit it gives.

  9. Marielle and Anonymous: Hi girls! Welcome to tbj! :D Thanks for sharing your experiences. :)

    Purple clandestine: Then you gotta grab it! :D

    Gellie: Yes! :D

    Eloise: As long as it has spf 30, you'll be fine. :)

    Jaja: It can be used for summer as well because it's not that thick and goopy. :)

    Jenny: thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)

    Arya: Nice to know! :D

    Harmony: Le gasp! YOU SHOULD! :D

  10. I was about to buy it but I have decided to read reviews first :) I am applying bb cream with spf however i have read somewhere that if I'm going out in the sun, my sunblock should be at least spf 30 :) will try this next time :)

    By the way, i really love your blog :) i'm an aspiring blogger too :) thanks for the inspiration ;)

  11. I never try this product. I am afraid that my acne get worst. Any moisturizer with spf you can recommend for an oily and acne-prone skin?


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