Review: Black Beauty Shampoos

Here's a review on Black Beauty Shampoos

Price: Around P60.00+ for 120g (Also comes in 200g sizes)
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in leading supermarkets and department stores


I have always thought that Black Beauty is an international brand, a competitor or counterpart of Mane 'N Tail. Surprise, surprise-IT'S A LOCAL BRAND! That's an interesting Thursday fact for everyone today!

Anyway, I'm reviewing Black Beauty's Shampoo for you guys today. I did a different approach to this review: Normally, I would use beauty products all by myself and observe their effects and differences on my body but this time, I had asked my brother, house helpers, and my mother to participate in the review for a more diverse opinion on the products. Thankfully, they agreed! It's always so nice to know that your family is willing to support what you love doing! :D

So here's a rundown of the designation of the products:

Shampoo and Conditioner- Me
Crystal Shampoo- My brother
Gold Shampoo- My mother
Silk Conditioner- One of our househelpers


Packaging comes in a plastic bottle with an overall sturdy feel. However, design is not that nice, in my opinion. It's vintage, and I like vintage stuff, but the overall packaging is not the cute kind of vintage, if you know what I mean.

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Black Beauty 2 in 1 Shampoo With Conditioner

Martha's Review: Consistency is gel- like, which makes it perfect for my oily scalp. It has a minty-floral scent that smells fresh, although it's a little strong upon initial application. It's quite a multitasking product because it makes hair very soft--no need to use a separate conditioner! Most shampoo+conditioner products don't really moisturize hair, especially the dry ends so this one really works for me! It rinses out easily too!

I also love love love using this as a makeup brush shampoo because it doesn't impart a very strong perfume- like scent to my brushes, and doesn't make them feel too soft and flimsy! I have the 250ml size of this product, and I had intended it for my makeup brushes only! :)

Now the next reviews are by my brother, mother, and househelper. Please take note that they know nothing about product consistencies, textures, and other technical aspects of a beauty product so I would be explaining them to you guys-interviews were transcribed by yours truly. :)

Black Beauty Anti-Dandruff Crystal Shampoo

Has a light floral scent; consistency is pretty creamy

My Brother's review: It works pretty fine, although the fragrance is too girly for my liking. I also got used to mentholated shampoos so I was looking for that fresh, minty sensation in this product. Regarding the effects, I've noticed that it works just like my previous anti-dandruff shampoos so-it works!

Black Beauty Gold Shampoo for Dry, Damaged Hair

Has a mild floral scent; consistency is pearlized, texture is pretty rich and creamy

Mom's review: It smells okay, and it's very nice to use because it moisturizes my hair. I've noticed that it made my hair strands stronger, and I felt that my hair got a little thicker. I think those who are thrifty will enjoy this product because it has good quality without the hefty price.

Black Beauty Silk Conditioner

Has a sparkling floral scent; consistency is very thick, texture is emollient

Our househelper's review: (Translated to English) I have very rough and dry hair because I had an epic fail Rebond treatment many years ago and now, my hair's suffering the consequences. This conditioner smells nice, and even if it didn't totally change the look of my hair, I've noticed that my it became easier to comb when I've started using this one!

That's it! Hope you like the reviews of my beauty blogging family! Haha!

I'd also like to say that the good thing about these products is, they don't have a uniform fragrance and texture, and looks like they really spent on the formulation of the products! To sum it up, it's an affordable and good basic shampoo and conditioner line, albeit I wish they'd improve on the packaging and add more conditioner variants.

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  1. yay!i have a box of all stuffs you've review and now I know what would be suit on my needs, thanks for the advance info Ms. M!

  2. Very creative ha mis m! Pareho lang b to ng mane n tail? Ksi if same lang sila id rather not touch these kasj mane n tail made my already stiff hair stiffer. As in d ko mahagof ang suklay wahahhaha. I have yet to find sonething dat will top my snoe hh intense cleanding cond and invisible shampoo

  3. Will try using the 2-in-1 Shampoo with Conditioner for my makeup brushes. :) I think I should use the Crystal shampoo for my hair. :) Thanks for the review. ;) Your family is awesome. :)

  4. The family that blogs together stays together :D

  5. Somilge: lol! :D They've become kikay 'cuz of me! (Brother not excluded) :D

    Kate: Thank you! :D

    Eloise: Thank you! I've tried mane and tail before, but I can't really recall how it worked on me, let alone how it smelled. According to Black Beauty, it's meant to thicken hair just like mane and tail but regarding the formulation, I doubt they're the same. :)

    Ohms: Welcome! :D

  6. What's much better ? Black beauty or the Mane n tail one ?

  7. What's better ? The Black beauty or the Mane n tail ? My hair was so Thin i want my hair Back :( hope you can help me.

  8. What's much better ? Black beauty or the Mane n tail one ?

  9. Black Beauty Products can help your thin hair.


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