Review: Jimmy Choo EDT

Here's a review on Jimmy Choo EDT

Price: Around P2,500.00+
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in SM Department Stores and Rustan's Malls


In January 2012, Jimmy Choo had released an EDT counterpart for his first- ever fragrance, Jimmy Choo EDP. Jimmy Choo EDT is the fresh and light counterpart of the bold, warm, and thick EDP version. 

Top note is composed of green notes, ginger, and pear-it's invigorating and smells totally fun. Heart note is made up of Taif Rose and Orchid, giving it a soft, semi- powdery scent. The base note is comprised of Cedar and Vibrant Woods, leaving you with a sparkling and fresh trail. This perfume smells clean and soapy-it even gives me this feeling that I've just stepped out of the shower, and the scent of my favorite floral- fragranced soap still lingers on my skin. However, staying power is pretty bad: It only stays for around 2 hours on me and then it fades off completely-The fresh base note is unsuccessful in keeping the perfume intact on my skin. Overall, it is a good perfume, but not mind blowing in my opinion.

Usually, a particular perfume's EDT version would somewhat remind you of the EDP, but not with Jimmy Choo: The notes are pretty much the same except that Patchouli was omitted in the base note of the EDT version and replaced with Cedar and Vibrant Woods, but both versions still ended up smelling totally different. What this means is the Jimmy Choo fragrance line caters to a wide range of women with varying scent preferences, and the EDT is not just a diluted version of the EDP-at least there's a positive aspect in it!

Going back to the EDT, I think it's good for those who are looking for a fresh floral perfume with a grown- up appeal.


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  1. wow nice review, very detailed. i remember you posting something about jimmy choo din sa sm makati and you got a pair of shoes with it din, is this is? i love the pink box!

  2. I heard this from my friend who always on abroad, but when I looked to your post, seems elegant and pricey nga.

  3. that is such a pretty bottle!

  4. I didnt know that Jimmy Choo has a perfume line! wow.

  5. From shoes to perfumes, nice!

  6. Eloise: Yes it is. :)

    Thank you for your thoughts girls! :D


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