A Cute Thursday Courtesy of Shopaholic and Hubby

An awesome Thursday morning to everyone! Just sharing some of my recently acquired cute accessories from an online shop called Shopaholic and Hubby to brighten up your day.

Shopaholic and Hubby is owned by Bianca and Arvin Pandanan-they were classmates of my brother in high school, and now they're both happily married. Cool, right?

They both own Shopaholic & Hubby, which seems to me, is a concept store inspired by what they love the most: The hubby: cars, and the Shopaholic: (the wifey) Clothes and accessories.

Let's now go through all this cuteness:

Wee! Chunky necklace! I've developed this fondness for them when I got my first ever chunky necklaces from SM Accessories. I must say, they really keep a plain outfit from looking boring!

Ah, Je t'aime! Isn't this pair of Eiffel Tower earrings, cute?


Shopaholic and Hubby is best known for these: The ARM PILES. It's a good and lightweight alternative to chunky bangles and bracelets, not to mention they're quite discreet yet recognizable.

A dainty and sweet Arm Pile- This will definitely look good with lacey tops, dresses, and anything and everything that screams romantic.

A summery and happy Arm Pile: I am definitely bringing this pile to my beach trip this summer! Oh dear Lord, please, please, please let me go to the beach! (And so it is!)

A sophisticated and demure Arm Pile: Perfect for office wear, and for any occasion where you must wear low- key accessories.

What do you get when you stack these Arm Piles on your arm? AN ARM BANG! :D

By the way, these Arm Piles range from P200.00-P250.00. Affordable, eh? :)

To see more of their stuff, please visit SHOPAHOLIC & HUBBY on Facebook, but they're more active on Instagram so please follow them there: shopaholicandhubby

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. the earrings and the peace sign bracelet catched my eyes

  2. very cute! kita ko to sa instagram mo, ang kyoot din ng icon sa baba hahaha

  3. Oh my God! Those Eiffel Tower earrings!!

  4. I adore the peace sign bracelet! ^_^

  5. ang cute very colorful and yet trendy!

  6. WOW ACCESSORIES!the stuffs that volumes fashion..hihi

  7. i love peace sign. i love that arm candy. :))

  8. ooh i like the cheering rose, very feminine,but the packaging like VS.

  9. id sure love to tey these during my younger years :-) medyo alanganin na now..my son might end up eating these..colors are very tempting to eat! :-D you may want to check out lava buys or a.g. cordshoppe in facebook theyve got real nice wearable pieces too :-)

  10. Thank you girls! Please check Shopaholic and Hubby. They have super cute and super nice accessories! :D

    Marsied: Thanks for sharing! I'll check them out now. :)


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