Review: Burt's Bees Lip Balm+OMG They have personalized a lip balm for me!

Here's a review on Burt's Bees Lipbalm (Classic)

Price: Around P250.00
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We're all familiar with Burt's Bees' products as the brand has been around for a long time now, so I think it needs no introduction. But I just want to share that their lipbalm is one of my classic favorites. (And I can't believe I haven't reviewed this in my blog--EVER! ACK!) Whenever I'm looking for a minty fresh lip balm with a semi- matte finish, I reach for it-always.

Anyway! I got a present from Burt's Bees courtesy of Beauty Bar last week. Initially, I thought it was a toner or a cleanser, judging from the shape and look of the box, but when I held it, it was extremely weightless so it wasn't any face product indeed.

When I've opened it, I was sooo happy to see my favorite lip balm inside. YAY! It was so timely because I've been meaning to get a tube for myself, but I keep on forgetting about it lol. :p

But wait a sec--Have I read it right? Does the tube say MARTHA'S BEES? Holy cow! Indeed, it says MARTHA'S BEES! That's me-MARTHA! It just said Martha's Bees!!! Oh my, I feel so happy and very privileged to have received a personalized Burt's Bees Lipbalm! (Another #LikeADonya feeling running through my veins right now. LOL! :D)


Okay, just to prove to myself that I'm not being delusional, I've searched online and tried to know whether Burt's Bees has opened their lip balms to customization or if this is a new line named after the mother, sister, wife, kid of the brand's founder or something like that. Nope, turned out this was exclusively made for me. Thank you, Beauty Bar for this very special gift! I will not use it! LOL! :D


I like analyzing stuff so I was thinking: "What's the connection between Martha's Bees and the message written on the carton, 100% Natural. Just like you?" It didn't make any huge sense at first, except for the fact that attitude- wise, I'm a natural, meaning what you see is what you get. But when I've read how Burt's Bees creates this lip balm, everything made a whole lotta sense.

It's just simple: Based on the ingredients, this lip balm is as natural as it can get: It's only made from ingredients that you and I know, and won't harm our lips.


FYI, this is currently the brand's best- seller, selling 100 lip balms every minute worldwide. Add to that, the Beeswax ingredient-the main product of Burt's Bees-is sustainable and responsibly processed. Here's how they do it:

In Eastern Africa: They gather fallen trees from the forest, split the logs lengthwise and hollow them out by hand. Then line the inside of the logs with sweet grass from the forest, which naturally attracts bees and provides a foundation for the honeycomb. The logs are raised into the treetops and hung vertically for two to three months while the bees produce honey and beeswax in this ideal environment. The collectors return once the logs are filled, and each log yields about 10 pounds of beeswax per log. The colony naturally leaves to find another log when one is filled.

 Interesting, isn't it?

A lot of people have complained about its waxy texture. (Credit that to our Petroleum- loving culture) Well, it's mainly Beeswax after all so that explains why! I do agree that its waxy texture can be a bit heavy, most especially if layered on the lips for a couple of times, but unlike Petroleum- based lip balms, this one does not slide around the lips nor go inside my mouth, and has better staying power. I'm sure you all know by now that Petroleum-most especially cheap ones-has some risky effects on our overall health, and this is why I appreciate this lip balm so much: It has natural Beeswax which is generally safe, although people who have known allergies to Honey should do a patch test with this product prior to purchasing!

Fun Fact: Beeswax has small amounts of antibacterial agents that may help with inflammation.

This lip balm takes time to melt on the lips too but when it does, it keeps lips naturally soft and smooth.

My Burt's Bees Lip Trick: I apply two layers on my lips, then I rub them together for a couple of times. The heat caused by rubbing will melt the product quickly onto the lips.


Since it's all- natural, it does fade and needs a little retouching during wear. Also, unlike Petroleum- based lip balms that provide quick relief to dry lips, this one takes time and does not remedy flaky lips during the first few applications, but when your lips have finally adjusted to it, it works great. I am super loving its fresh, peppermint taste and sensation, although I wish it stays longer and it had SPF.

I use this lip balm along with matte lipsticks, most especially if my lips are behaving badly. And if I just want to sport a very natural- looking lip, I use this along with lip tints as well as it does not yield a crazy glossy finish.


Please visit BEAUTY BAR PHILIPPINES for more information about this product.

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  1. It is awesome i love also the packaging!

  2. ive tried those with tint and a minty was so easy to wear..swipe it even without mirror and sure to get a very nice shade :-) didnt actually know they have colorless pala :-) probably look foe a beehive then name it after me lol..cheers ms martha!

  3. It makes me cringe to use petrolatum-containing lip balms. I don't use them unless I don't have an alternative on hand. I'm more comfy using beeswax lip balms.

  4. omg that IS so cool! Your name on it AHHH! I wonder if they would offer it to regular customers for a certain prize


  5. omg it's your name..hihi i love the packaging and it looks good on you.

  6. wow personalized! like a donya talga!
    i first knew this from a friend of mine and flash drive pa.haha.her flash drive is in lip balms case! cool! its from america. :(
    then i search this brand and it definitely have positive reviews as of.

  7. Ikaw na ang Queen Bee, Martha! Ahlaveet! :)

  8. Helen and ruru: Yup! Cute is the perfect word to describe it! :)

    Czjai: Hi dear! Tama! Mother Bee! :D

    Jenny: That's cool too! Lipbalm+usb=girly gadget. I like! :D

    Angel: Got news that it was just made for me. But I hope they'll open the lip balm for customization too! :)

    Michelle: LOL! That made me laugh! :D

    Aviva: Me too, especially the household type of petroleum jelly-blehk!

    Arya: Yup! Really cool of them to personalize one for me! :D

    Marsiedmartian: LOL! That's cute! I think I'll find a bee and name it martha too haha!

  9. thanks for the review, I've been wanting this lip balm^^


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