Review: United Colors of Benetton Body Mist in Smoothing Orchid and Cheering Rose

Here's a review on United Colors of Benetton Body Mists in Smoothing Orchid and Cheering Rose

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Oh wow-it has been a long time since I wore body mists, so these new babies from Benetton are indeed a refreshing break from all that perfume opulence.

Anyway! I wanna talk about my picks from Benetton's body mist line, Cheering Rose and Smoothing Orchid. This is the brand's first foray into the cologne sector, by the way. Not bad for a first- timer because the scent array is quite impressive: You will find something that will get you in the mood whether you like it subtle, cheeky, fun, fresh, chic, alluring, adventurous, or romantic. Also, I had observed that UCB's body mist line combines the exotic and sexy appeal of Victoria's Secret, and the light- hearted and fresh appeal of Bath and Body Works.


The bottle is at 250ml, and I like how its atomizer can deliver a wide and fine mist, and cover a huge part of my body or clothes in one go.

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They say that Turkey is a place where Roses abound. The Turkish Rose is one of the most beautiful Rose types in the world, and Turkey is the leading producer of Rose Oil extracts. You all know that I have this serious affinity with the Rose flower, so I will definitely go there before I die and bask in the glory of the Rose fields!

Cheering Rose is a fresh, feminine, and pretty, sparkling pure Rose fragrance-a spritz takes me to a dreamy place where Roses grow and thrive. :)

What makes this one unique is its lightness-it's the only airy and non- perfume Rose fragrance I know, so that makes it a keeper for me!


I've never been to Thailand, and my mom said that it's a pretty modern city, yet they're still deeply rooted in their traditional beliefs-that's quite an interesting contrast, much like Smoothing Orchid. 

Smoothing Orchid is an exotic milky, floral scent with a warm and light appeal: It wows you with a burst of floral freshness, and then it mellows down into a lightly sweet and comforting scent.

Staying power is pretty okay for a cologne-it stays for a good 1- 1/2 hours on me. If you guys are used to Bath and Body Works or Victoria's Secret, I'm sure you will like this collection too. (And it's a little cheaper as well!)


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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Like your blog! Everytime I seem to do a search on bobbi brown products I seem to end up here!
    Im now following you - hope you'll drop by my blog too! Have a great day. :)

  2. you think this is comparable to that of gap's dream? parang its nice to have if one would want to go on a light scent :-)

  3. I WIll definitely try this once I've emptied my current mist!! I love body mist! :)))

    Thanks for this new found of mine Ms. Martha! ♥

  4. I would try the Cheering rose, ang cute ng packages nila very feminine.

  5. AB: Hi and welcome to TBJ! Glad you're loving it! Thank you and I'll check out your blog too! :)

    Ohms: Yup! And if I may add, the packaging has a fun vibe too. :)

    Sincere: Go ahead! Let me know how you like it. :)

    Marsied: Gap's body mists have this ethereal, powdery, soft scent, while UCB's mists are more energizing and sparkling. :) But body mists, in general, are light. :)

  6. I like body mists for everyday or for very casual events like meet-ups with old friends or coffee with bf. It's good to know that UCB ventured into this, the more choices the better. I want to try a VS fruity body mist first and when I finish a bottle, I'll look for a UCB one that will please me.


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